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Marvel Legends MCU 10th Anniversary Hulk vs Hulkbuster (2018)

IMG_1385 (2)

The day I heard this set was going to be released I knew I was going to set out to get one!  Unfortunately, the price point on, not just this set, but the entire line has been severely overvalued!  I will get into that in a minute – but first, let’s get into this sets positives!  First, we have to recognize the fact that the original Hulkbuster BAF, as great and bulky as it is, didn’t boast the most impressive paints.  Has the new set improved on that?  Well, sort of…

IMG_1392 (2)

Truth is, the biggest gripe came from the flat “golden” color they used ion the original.  The new, repainted Hulkbuster does provide a shinier, more golden color.  That and a deeper, less cherry, color red.  Overall, the new repaint looks much better!

IMG_1388 (2)

The Hulk has a new head sculpt and repainted a paler, more olive green.  The possessed, red eyes and screaming mouth are a nice touch and they at least give us repainted pants!  The Hulk is easily the biggest reason on why I bothered getting this set.  I have every ML Hulk ever made – I just couldn’t see letting this one get away!

IMG_1387 (2)

IMG_1389 (2)

As I mentioned above, the price point on this set is the biggest issue.  Someone, somewhere has seriously misestimated just how much people were willing to shell out for these figures.  Most are repaints, let’s just start with that fact, and the fact that they are $5-$15 more than the originals makes it look like a greedy cash grab both by Hasbro and Target.  This set is a whopping $70.  That’s $35 a figure!  With all the single figures in this line fetching a $25 price tag let’s say the Hulk should be about that – well that’s $45 for the Hulkbuster!  Either way, it’s not worth the price tag.  Sure, I paid it – but I’m a known idiot when it comes to the Hulk!

IMG_1386 (2)

Kotobukia ARTFX Hulk Statue (2015)

IMG_0977 (2)

As a huge Hulk fan you can easily go broke collecting all of the merchandise out there.  Usually collectors have to draw lines on what their collection will contain.  Personally, even though there are some amazing custom pieces, I choose to keep my collection focused on officially licensed merchandise.  That being said – there are times I see released pieces and still pass.  This was one of those times.

IMG_0978 (2)


I first laid eyes upon this piece my LCS had it in their display cabinet.  My first thought after seeing it was noticing just how little it was.  For the money, this piece was just too small for me to feel it was worth it.  The statues seams also were too noticeable – not only on the arms but on the neck as well.  This statue is so small it could have easily been released as one solid piece.

IMG_0979 (2)

This is the Entertainment Earth exclusive version with the red eyes so you know he’s been brainwashed by the Scarlet Witch.  While I think the regular version was a little bit better looking this one landed in my collection because the sale that Entertainment Earth had during Christmas.  This $150 piece was on sale for an astounding $15.

IMG_0981 (2)

IMG_0980 (2)

This version also isn’t as bright green as the regular – this version seems a bit washed out and a slightly greyer look.  The base, while sculpted nicely, look very cheap and plastic.  My initial thoughts on this statue has not changed – I was very disappointed.  Overall, if this wasn’t $15 it wouldn’t be in the collection – but for the price I paid for it I fell like it was worth it!

AoU Hulk Maquette (2016)


Is it just me or are these Sideshow Hulk statues getting worse and at the same time more and more pricey?  This Maquette sports some really tight spandex and an odd looking “mid-run” pose.  For anyone getting this $750 behemoth I only hope that you will get a perfect piece as SS has been having QC issues that are unforgivable with no real re-course if the pieces go bad.  Here’s to hoping!  Click the image to get more info.

Who is getting this one?  What do you think?

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulk Artist Mix Figure (2016)

antone 2 031

antone 2 032

I like unique figures.  Especially unique Hulk figures!  Touma, a Japanese toy designer came up with this little bad boy and I couldn’t be happier!  I do wish it had a bit of articulation and no bobble-head – but the figure is cool enough that it doesn’t bother me that much.

antone 2 033

antone 2 036

His exaggerated arms and tiny feet make for a funny looking sculpt but the oddness is also makes it very cool.  His boxy fingers and jagged, defined physique makes this figure eye catching and hilarious.  But this is a figure you could also keep in the box as the box design is as cool as the figure itself.

antone 2 035

Shop around on this figure.  While an LCS near me sported this piece the retail was $50 but a quick search on eBay and I was able to find this for a much lower price!  Overall, this is a great figure worth the pick-up and worthy of a corner in your man (or woman) cave to display.

antone 2 034

Avengers Hulk and Hulkbuster Iron Man (2015)

Antone 1 old 028

Antone 1 old 029

So, I was informed that the store that sold me the Avengers Hulk I showed off last week was not actually supposed to do that.  These had a street date of February 1st – I found this out when I saw this set at Toys R Us last Monday and tried to purchase it – but was stopped at the register saying that they aren’t allowed to sell them just yet.  How odd!  But I did go back and grab these on Sunday.  Of course, I would have liked to post this earlier but we here in MA were blasted with a ton of snow!

Antone 1 old 001

These figures are still the cheaper versions – and this set is part of the 2-packs (most of the figures in this series has a character and a vehicle) but of course, the Hulk/Hulkbuster set is the best!  It is the most common in the assortment and it’s obviously because they expect it to be the most popular.  The figures sculpts are really decent – but don’t expect too much out of them as far as articulation.  The IM has only two points (arms) – even his head is immobile.  The Hulk, on the other hand, boasts the 5 point articulation that the other inexpensive figure did.  The downside is the size.

Antone 1 old 005

This figure is tiny – but is obviously in size with the Hulkbuster – I don’t remember the Hulkbuster suit being that much bigger than the Hulk in the comics – but we’ll see how things transpire in the movies.  The Hulkbuster figure does open up so that you can slip the smaller Iron Man figure inside. It will be good to see the Hulkbuster in action in the movie rather than the little tease we were given back in Iron Man 3.  So, I guess the real question we’re left with is “Is this set worth it?”  Well, with the Marvel Legend figures on the way that will have a BAF Hulkbuster I don’t know if people, other than the real fanatics, need to pick this one up.  Grade: C

Antone 1 old 006

Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulk Figure (2015)

birds seals and hulk 037

I couldn’t believe my luck as I walked into a local shop where there was the new AoU figures!  They aren’t the “official” release ones – the figures I saw are the cheaper, more kid friendly, versions.  I was still excited to snag a Hulk or two.  They seemed to have really cut down on everything though as the blister card is smaller than any other releases thus far including MU, Marvel Infinite Series, Avengers and Avengers Assemble, even the dollar shop Marvel figures were on larger cards than these figures are on.

birds seals and hulk 038

birds seals and hulk 040

That’s not all that’s smaller – the figure is smaller!  I am putting him against the dollar shop Hulk and he is tiny in comparison!  A better sculpt though, reminiscent of the SS Avengers Hulk PF where you can see the veins and even separately sculpted teeth!  The colors really pop too – the lighter green is a decent choice.

birds seals and hulk 044

birds seals and hulk 045

The paint application is not so great.  I get it – these are the “cheap seats” figures – but the lazy eye look is always a bit off putting.  The figure is too skinny, IMO, and of course, this being a movie figure he is decked out in blue pants rather than purple.  It’s better than the tan pants though!  This being the less expensive Hulk we also get very limited articulation (5 points) so you’re pretty restricted with what poses this figures offer. Overall, I do still like this figure and think it’s certainly worth the $6.  Grade: B-

birds seals and hulk 047