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Grey Transformation Statue (1998)

Transformation Statue

Transformation Statue

Classic Yellow Shirt?  Check!

Classic Yellow Shirt? Check!

This is more like a diorama rather than just a statue.  Showing Banner slowly turn into Hulk.  I have the green version of this statue – it was actually the very first statue I ever bought… on layaway.  When I actually got to take it home it was already worthless. 🙂  I have no worries though – it’s not like I would try to sell it anyways.  But now, onto this statue.  Sometimes ebay actually has a good deal or two – and this was one of those times. 

3 Profiles - One Statue

3 Profiles - One Statue

I saw this auction starting at $24.99 – and I waited… no one seemed to be bidding.  I waited the auction down to the last few minutes and finally set in my higest bid – at $25.00.  That’s right, I wasn’t going two pennies over the starting price.  Luckily, no one else was either.  Most people wouldn’t bother with this statue – and I agree that there are much better representations of the Hulk, but this staue is unique.  It’s one of the only ones that show the transformation – and it has sentimental value to me 🙂 They made 250 of these and mine is #213.

Green Transformation - Grey Transformation

Green Transformation - Grey Transformation

Plastic Hulk Cup (1997)

plastic cup

Another Applause product from ’97.  I think I actually used this once or twice.  It’s a fun piece – and out of all the mugs/glasses/cups that I have it is one of the better representations of the Hulk. 

Vinyl Hulk Figure (1997)

Vinyl Hulk Figure

The same company that made the Transformation Statue made this figure.  He has a huge humpback – makes him look like Quasimodo.  There’s a comic starring the Hulk and Quasimodo that I have – when I find it I will post it.  Applause made a few Hulk things this year that I will be posting – luckily, this is the ugliest.  I took this to camp with me one year.  I was the counsellor and I made the Hulk our mascot.  True story.  Another true story is at that camp counsellors had to make a camp wide speech to the campers highlighting one of the camp ideals.  My speech was about loyalty and my example was Betty Banner.  I may be obsessed. 

Tranformations Statue (1997)


This big mutha of a statue is the very first statue I bought.  It took me months of putting $10 here and $20 there to Bill, the guy behind the register at New England Comics in Brockton, to finally get this guy out of hock – but it was worth it. This is # 652 out of 1500 There is a grey version but I chose to get the green because it was my first statue.  My sister once dropped this down the stairs – and the resin bastard survived without a scratch.  Truly one of my favorite pieces.