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Best and Worst of 2012 – Variant Edition!

Marvel knows that, financially, variants make sense.  The rarer the better – as collector’s mouths froth over having something only a few others might have the opportunity to acquire.  Of course – I shouldn’t get too ahead of myself.

Best: Original Idea Covers

This is actually one of the coolest variants ever!

This is actually one of the coolest variants ever!

It’s not often when new artists come out with a style so original they take everyone  by storm!  Skottie Young and C.P. Wilson III are two of the artists that have made this year of variant covers one to look forward to!

Worst: The “sketch” and rare covers.

The ultra rare 1:150 Colorless Quesada Cover... wish they did this for the Skottie Young cover instead...

The ultra rare 1:150 Colorless Quesada Cover… wish they did this for the Skottie Young cover instead…

I am not sure if it’s just ego driving Quesada to make his illustrations the ones that adorn the rarest collectible covers.  I know quite a few collectors out there – but I do not know any clamoring for Quesada art.  There are die-hard McFarlane, Jim Lee, Sam Kieth, even Rob Liefeld (although those people are ripe for ridicule)  collectors – but I have not met one person who gets excited for a new Quesada cover.  Not to mention, Marvel is still pulling the “sketch cover” scam.  By that I mean a regularly printed comic cover without the color.  That is one of the laziest ideas.  Jeers to Marvel for keeping up that tradition for another year.

Best and Worst of 2012 – Comics!

Is this going to come as a shock to anyone?

Worst: Jason Aaron’s Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk #12

“Logan?  How did you get talked into starring in this disaster?”

We were served with an utter disaster for an entire year – Jason Aaron did not respect Hulk fans, readers, or even his own fans who expected Aaron to re-write Hulk history with an all new take on the relationship between Banner and Hulk.  Instead, we were given a story of a separated (for realsies this time, guys!), demented Banner desperately trying to re-create the events that created the Hulk – only to get what he wants and be infused with Hulk again – only to torture the green brute by creating a serum that could get rid of the Hulk forever.  Did you follow that?  Banner just wants to be back with the Hulk – gets what he wants – and then makes a potion that would just take the Hulk from him again… WTF?  In just 15 issues Aaron was able to contradict himself on the major plot point that his whole series was based around.  Congratulations, you have no idea what you are doing.  Marvel gave Aaron the axe when they decided to copy DC’s very successful relaunch of their entire universe and gave us Mark Waid – hopefully he does not disappoint!  It only took me 2 issues to see that Aaron was a train wreck – and I am waiting to see how well Waid’s series will hold up in the second outing!

Best: The Incredible Hulk: Season 1

Hulk: Season 1

Thankfully, 2012 also gave us a real re-imagining of the Hulk’s origin with Season 1.  A much more gritty, violent and heartbreaking look at a man who has created and unleashed a monster that he cannot control.  This time around we see Rick Jones as a scumbag doper, Betty is following in her Dad’s footsteps and kicking ass and the Gremlin is a shorter version of Shredder.  Throw in a gaggle of medical experimental children and blob monster and you have one of the better reads of the past year!

Best and Worst of 2012 – 12″ Figures

We’re going to see very similar results as the last post – but here is the discussion of the best and worst of the larger figures!

The Best: Marvel Select Avengers Hulk

Marvel Select Avengers Hulk

Marvel Select Avengers Hulk

Better Pic

Better Pic

This is easily the best Hulk of the entire Marvel Select series.  I love the Marvel Select line because they give solid, heavy, detailed figures and charge what seems to be a very affordable price.  I mean – these guys are three times the size of the Marvel Universe figures but only double the price.  The Avengers figure is an amazing representation of the Ruffalo Hulk we see in the movie!

Worst: Avengers 12″ Hulk

Come at me, bro!

Come at me, bro!

Hello Mar,,, I mean Hulk

Hello Mar,,, I mean Hulk

But, oddly, in comparison, the Avengers Hulk figure is pretty much lacking in detail and likeness.  Also, the talking feature, which is instituted by squeezing his legs together, is a little awkward.  I do love when the Hulk says “Hulk smash Thor!” but it’s not enough to save the figure from the worst list.  At least his eyes do not glow this time around!

Best and Worst of 2012 – 3″ Action Figure Edition

With December upon us, and the end of yet another year, it’s always a great time to look back at the past year and pick out our favorites… and our least favorite Hulk items of the year.  First up:  3″ Action Figures!

The Best: Marvel Universe

Best of the Year!

Best of the Year!

What started out as a smaller, more expensive and least impressive substitution to Marvel Legends, this line has grown leaps and bounds since the first wave.  This year they released a new Hulk – the best yet – which is saying a lot since it’s just a stripped down version of the WWH they released in 2011.  Hasbro has certainly made the most of this sculpt too – releasing two green versions (a single carded and a 2-pack with Original Wolverine) and a Red Hulk in a Heroic Ages boxed set.

The Worst: The Avengers

Worst of the Year...

Worst of the Year…

Sure enough, what arguably saved the Hulk movie franchise is the amazing part he had in Joss Whedon’s Avengers.  Everyone was talking about how “incredible” and memorable the Hulk made the end scenes.  But even with all the  hype Hasbro gave us the short end of the stick with the Hulk figure.  Just one figure (in two waves) to pick up – which featured a very “soft” looking Hulk sporting an unflattering tan pants.