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Best and Worst of 2008 – Part 2

Let’s take a look at some of the figures we got this year…



Let’s get this out of the way right here and now.  King Hulk figure – probably one of the best Hulk figures ever made.  Ever!  Sure WWH might have been a let down in a few ways – but this figure rocked!  Not only is the sculpt class A but let’s not look past the accesories.  King Hulk comes with this huge battle ax and a huge sword ready to beat down any of your Iron Man or Reed Richards figures!

Best Companion:


Who doesn’t want to recreate your favorite comic covers with the awesome figures?  Marvel seems to be getting a bit smarter with this idea releasing a Silver Savage figure in the Target exclusive Red Hulk BAF line.  Silver Savage was one of the best unexpected moments of Planet Hulk and one that was so memorable that Sideshow decided to create a full diorama of it.  If you can’t afford the dio – no problem buy this and a Planet Hulk figure off ebay and you will be able to have you own diorama without spending the $300!  Sounds like a win-win to me! 



Poor Doc Samson, how he has fallen since issue 141.  Back then he was the guy who could take on the Hulk and get the girl in the end – now?  Who even knows – as is evident in Hulk #6 where long-haired Samson returned (unexplained), so who was that short haired GQ model who began the series?  Well, all we know is that we were given this crappy figure whose hair is in the way of the figure’s neck articulation.  Boo.


Marvel Legends Hulkhulk-stuff-6-272 

The Savage Grey and it’s variant the Classic Hulk has one of the best sculpts on the entire ML line.  Missing closed fists aside one of the amazing thing about this figure is that it does capture the look of the original Hulk in either color!  While the green variant still doesn’t command such an awesome price tag (I sold one for $51.00 – but since then you can find them for about $20.00) you still can’t deny the awesome look of this figure!



I spent all that time waiting for the Hulk 12″ – and this is what we got!?!  A cheap, lazy eyed Hulk that screams and has light up eyes?  My original post told you guys to forget this figure – that’s still my advice now.  Don’t bother with a figure thats scream gets annoting in the first minute that you hear it.



The best SHS 2-pack we got this year was a harder choice than you’d think.  Planet Hulk vs. Silver Savage was great – but ultimately with those two getting statues and full size figures these guys have been played out.  Another great one was the King Hulk/Black Bolt 2-pack – I mean, can you think of a more classic scene in WWH?  I didn’t think so.  So, what was the best 2-pack?  I have to go with Zzzax and Hulk.  Why?  Because we don’t get a lot of chances to see a Zzzax figure – especially a translucent one!



Worst SHS 2-pack wasn’t as hard to pick.  There were a couple of canidates such as the Samson/Hulk or the Movie Abomination/Hulk 2-pack.  How about the one with Skaar in it?  No… I went with the Wolverine/Grey Hulk 2-pack.  Why?  Well, let’s start with the horrible paint job that most of this series had – and let’s end with the fact that they chose to repaint the movie Hulk that’s holding a steel beam.  Did I miss something?  When did the Hulk use a big steel beam to fight the Wolverine?  All around lazy 2-pack.

Best Movie Figure:


The third wave of these figures had some real potential – and then we saw the paint job on the Grey Hulk.  Ugh.  But it wasn’t all a waste – we got the best figure in the whole series – Bi-Beast.  Yes, it could be bigger.  Yeas, it has the video game armor – but it’s the freakin’ Bi-Beast!  Thank you to Hasbro for making it!  And it’s a really decent sculpt and everything!

Worst Movie Figure:


I could easily say Abomination – but the figure looked a lot like the movie character – so you can’t blame them for that.  The Grey Hulk figure was a mess, sure, but it was the Grey Hulk!  No, the worst figure goes to a Hulk figure and that is the Mega-Clap Hulk.  Why?  Because once out of the package it was such a dissapointment.  I like action in my figures – but this figure, if not mega clapping, has his hands stuck out to the side like he’s trying to fly away or something!

Let me know what you think – Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Best and Worst of 2008! Part 1!

With the year coming to a close it’s the perfect time to reflect and discuss this year’s Hulk items!  What was a disappointment?  What was an unexpected winner of this year?  Let’s begin with some of this year’s Hulk toys!



Who else can admit that they loved the Hokey Pokey Hulk?  When it was first announced it was sure to be a hit!  Although the price was a bit steep, with the year closing you can now find these guys for a better price.  Everything about this original Hulk toy was unique.  The box design – cracked in half in the back – is just as important as the toy itself!  The Hulk bends, he punches in the air, he dances!  Screw that stupid dancing Elmo doll!  The Hulk sings the classic Hokey Pokey song – but wait!  What is this?  Right hand in?  Right hand out?  Then SMASH it all about?  Oh Hells yeah!  With the Hulk smash hands being the breakout hit of the 2003 movie – I thought this was sure to be the hit of this one!  Maybe “hit” is a strong word – but I really liked it!  Speaking of those Smash Hands…




In 2003 the Hulk smash hands hit the shelves and an amazing new toy was born!  Toys that you could punch your brother in the face with?  And he would only mildly get hurt?  Sweet!  Fast forward to 2008 and we start getting pictures of the NEW Hulk Smash Hands – and they look awesome!  Then they hit the shelves… and… well, they are cloth rather than that spongy material.  Strike one.  Only one of the hands actually makes Hulk sounds.  Strike two.  They are made for child’s hands – adults are having a hard time slipping their paws inside!  BIG strike three!  Uh-Oh… trouble on the horizon… these hands sat on the shelves.  People just weren’t happy.  People wanted the old Hulk hands back!  I was one of them.  But speaking of smash hands…


Abom hands

Well here’s something we haven’t seen!  Abomination Smash Hands!  Now they are still made of cloth, Boo.  But the coloring, the size, the Abomination sound clips!  This is a little more like it!  Can you imagine these puppies being made back when the first Smash Hands appeared?  I swear that they would have been the most highly sought after toys ever!  Even these, being Wal-Mart exclusives, were pretty hard to find.  The Wal-Mart near me didn’t even get these in yet.  If you were lucky enough you got a pair.



I know many people are fans of the Transformer series.  The whole idea of taking other properties and turning them into Transformers themselves seemed like a pretty great idea – but then you see them.  The Hulk turns into a tank?  A tank?  He spends his whole life running from the army – who uses tanks!  I guess you could look at it like it’s an ingenious plan really – hide amongst your enemies – but then you have to STAY with your enemies!  Logistics aside, the Transformer itself is very clumsy.  People have reported that it’s difficult enough to transform back and forth but the Hulk really doesn’t look too much like the Hulk when he does change.  This toy does get kudos for having the green and grey variant – with no red variant in sight – but that’s not enough to help this toy into the best category.



The Mighty Muggs came on the scene this year with a vengeance!  And early in the run we got our little green Goliath!  Thank goodness we got him early because the later series seem to have muscle detail on their bodies – which doesn’t fit with their little pot bellies.  These simply designed toys are extremely easy to customize – which is nice since we don’t get any paint variants with this series.  I’d love to see a Fixit customization – but all I have seen is the Red Hulk.  Boo.  Come-on people!  Pay tribute to what paved the way!

Tune in for Best and Worst Part 2 later this week!