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Hulk Room Saturday!

now or never 001

I was lucky enough to get one – ONE – detolf before IKEA took them out of their inventory – and then put them back on at a slightly higher price.  I was given this as a present for my birthday from my sister.  Still one of the best gifts ever!  I figured I would give you a shelf by shelf look… mostly.  This image above is the Hulk foes shelf – Bowen has given us the widest range of characters I think any high end collectible company will give us.  I would drop down from shock to see anyone else give us a Bi-Beast – never mind a mind-blowing fantastic sculpt like the one we were given!  Just to lay it out you see here:

  • Bi-Beast
  • Absorbing Man
  • Wendigo
  • Doc Samson
  • Ring Master
  • Constrictor
  • and Dormammu

now or never 002

Second self is dedicated to one of the best Bowen statues to be released ever (yeah – I went there).  One of the most underrated pieces for sure – the Abomination is one of the truest representations of the Gamma-Spawned monster ever to be done.  Behind him is the now defunct Blockbuster Video’s exclusive print of the first cover appearance of the Abomination that was released with the 2008 movie.  Also, a reprint of Silver Surfer #12 under the title Fantasy Masterpieces.

now or never 003

Third shelf is my ode to the best two Hulk villains – the Abomination and the Leader.  You see both character busts from Bowen – and also the Dynamic Forces Leader bust (another underrated piece).  Also a custom Leader Mego figure.  The last piece is the Keown inspired Dynamic Forces Hulk statue – while small is stature a great piece!

Last level just has the Marvel Legos so I didn’t take a shot – but I hope you enjoyed the view!

Bowen Designs Bi-Beast Bust (2009)

Bi-Beast Bust

I needed to take a break from reviewing comics – although it’s hard this month with so much coming out! But I also wanted to show you a few new pieces I’ve collected. This piece has a bit of history from the Statue Forum – there is another poster there who’s favorite character happens to be the Bi-Beast.  He actually sculpted this beauty and Bowen picked it up to release!  Personally, I love the character!  I was psyched when Bowen said there was a bust forth coming!  So, congrats Alex de Souza Moraes on creating something so impressive Bowen even took notice!   And luckily, with these being so limited, I was able to snag one with the help of my friend Corry and Zapp Comics!

The Back - and his leopard spots!

This bust is HUGE!  As it should be compared to the Hulk – I know there was a smaller version of the Bi-Beast that appeared later – the one that fought over the She-Hulk and appeared in the early 400’s – but you’ll forgive me if, when I think of the Bi-Beast, it’s the larger than life bad-ass that appeared early on in the Hulk’s run.  And with this bust being limited to just 500, you should consider yourself lucky if you do get one!  I am still shocked with the beauty of the paint application, the sculpt itself and the sheer size of it!

He towers over the original Hulk bust! Holy Smokes!

Bowen has met both praise and criticism for his array of obscure characters that he produces.  I for one am both amazed and thankful for the amount of characters Bowen puts out – who else would spend the time to release a Doc Samson Bust?  How about a Full Size Abomination?  No one!  No one else!  How about a Ring Master bust?  Yeah – no one would touch that character – no one, except Bowen!  So thank you Mr. Randy Bowen for not only creating such beautiful renditions of the classic, popular characters – but also taking the chance on B-Characters such as the ever cool Bi-Beast!

#116 out of 500

Rob Reilly Commissions – Part 2 (2009)

Joe Fixit - Shooting Up the Place!

Joe Fixit - Shooting Up the Place!

Here’s the second set of commissions.  Yes, I’m sure you’ve guessed – that’s fixit above there.  If you click on Fixit above you will be taken to Rob’s web site.  He’s always interested in commissions – so if you like what you see – the guy seems to be able to do any character.  Now I saved some of my favorite pieces for this post – mainly because it has some solid villians including,

The Leader:

The Leader - Who Can Tell Where the Quote is From?

The Leader - Who Can Tell Where the Quote is From?





A Very Graphic Wendigo!  One of the best commissions ever!

A Very Graphic Wendigo! One of the best commissions ever!

And I chose to get one of the most important, driving forces in the Hulk comics – one Miss Betty Ross:

Betty Ross Banner

Betty Ross Banner

And now a shot of all 10 commissions!

Can't wait to get a frame for these!

Can't wait to get a frame for these!

UPDATE: I just brought these to see what a frame would cost – they quoted me $485.00 – needless to say I passed on the framing.  I’ll see what I can do about maybe finding a cheaper way to display them.

Bi-Beast Sneak Peek!

Bi-Beast Sneak Peek

Bi-Beast Sneak Peek

So, I’ve decided Tuesday will be the day when I post the pics or any interesting news I find.  Of course, I will post any big news the moment I find it – but I did want to post this here last week and I waited until today.  So over on The Statue Forum there is a talented guy called Alex over there who sculpted this piece.  He sent it to Randy who loved it and will be releasing it soon!  The base will be different – bust the bust itself is going to be coming out and I have to say – what great timing!  With the video game that features the Bi-Beast released more people than ever are aware of this great character!  Looks good – I personally can’t wait for this – and congrats to Alex!

Bi-Beast Figure (2008)

Bi-Beast Figure (in all his glory)

Bi-Beast Figure (in all his glory)

A lot of people have said that they are going to wait for a BAF Marvel Legends Bi-Beast – but since Marvel hasn’t announced any Bi-Beast BAF this is what we’ve got – and I have to say, it’s not that bad!  It’s not in scale with the Marvel Legends figures of course – and it does have the armor that the Bi-Beast wears in the video game and most people would like Bi-Beast without the armor – but still!  Look at that face – er… faces!  I think this is till the most sought after figure of the third wave.  They were selling on ebay for about $30.00 when they first surfaced but are still available to order on hasbrotoys.com for retail.

Close up of Bi Beast's mug - ummm - mugs.
Close up of Bi Beast
It looks as though he’s wearing some eye shadow here.  That’s almost as embarrassing as his appearance in Incredible Hulk #412 where the faces argued over She-Hulk’s love.  Pretty bad – and that was written by Peter David.  If you want a good read then pick up Incredible Hulk # 169.  There!  Now you have the assignment – go to it!

Toy Updates!

new hulk toys

My friend Corry – as well as a constant commentor on this site, Paul – have sent me links to the new Hulk toys that appeared at the New York Comic Con.  Click on the image to see the rest of the toys, including a RED HULK, a Savage Silver Surfer from Planet Hulk, and a BI-BEAST!!!!  Although these toys aren’t going to hit shelves for months (due out this fall) no worries, the Hulk movie figures should be out in just a short while!  Thanks to Corry and Paul!