Tim Sale Fast Pass Sketch – ’09 Boston Comic Con

As soon as I learned that Tim Sale was going to be at the Boston Comic Con I went to his site and checked it out.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Hulk: Gray series – but it was not for the art – in fact, the art is what saved the series fromContinue reading “Tim Sale Fast Pass Sketch – ’09 Boston Comic Con”

Jeff Wamester Boston Comic Con Commission 2009

Alright kiddies!  I want you to checkout the cover above… I love this cover – but always wanted an Iron Man with a Hulk reflection – and something better then the Red Hulk on Hulk #2 – which I was not a fan of.  So I brought up this idea to Jeff Wamester at theContinue reading “Jeff Wamester Boston Comic Con Commission 2009”

Con Pics – A Few More!

I’m just posting a few more pics before I’ll be posting the art soon!  But tomorrow I’ll be getting reviews ready – Hulk #16 – or is #17?  Who cares really – all I now is it’s a safe bet it will suck and have a bunch of variants – including a new Deadpool 200:1 variant. Continue reading “Con Pics – A Few More!”

More Con Pics – and Some Sneaks at the Art!

Alright – we’re getting closer to me posting the art I got – but let’s take a look at more of the Con!  I am always amazed at the grail pieces I see at the cons.  In fact – I will tell you about one business that was there selling original art – He hadContinue reading “More Con Pics – and Some Sneaks at the Art!”