Bowen Designs Savage Hulk Statue (2012)

I know this statue is old news by now but I’ve had it since it first came out and I never blogged about it.  I never shared it on this blog – which is weird since I did blog about the variant (which is easily one of my favorite statues ever produced) and this oneContinue reading “Bowen Designs Savage Hulk Statue (2012)”

Hulk Room Saturday!

I was lucky enough to get one – ONE – detolf before IKEA took them out of their inventory – and then put them back on at a slightly higher price.  I was given this as a present for my birthday from my sister.  Still one of the best gifts ever!  I figured I wouldContinue reading “Hulk Room Saturday!”

Not Sick Anymore, Acquisition Thursday!

There is someone out there, right now, looking at this blog, who was thinking to him or herself that they wish for the days that Bowen busts were all the rage.  Personally, I like them – but I never got caught up in the “completest” movement.  Well, actually, that’s not true.  I just never feltContinue reading “Not Sick Anymore, Acquisition Thursday!”

Acquisition Monday!

Granted, there are things that I should probably posting before this – but I cannot keep this amazing statue under wraps!  For years Bowen Designs has been the top producer of comic memorabilia and one of the reasons, I think, is because Bowen produces pieces that look like they have jumped right off the comicContinue reading “Acquisition Monday!”

Bowen Design’s Dormammu Bust (2011)

Last year I picked up one of Bowen’s best busts – admittedly it is not the Hulk so I have yet to show it – but Dormammu is one of Dr. Strange’s (and the Defenders) best villains.  His look, though, is one that some thought to be pretty impossible to capture in 3 dimensions.  But BowenContinue reading “Bowen Design’s Dormammu Bust (2011)”

Bowen Designs Wendigo Statue (2011)

I have to tell you – I was dead set against picking this up – not because I don’t like the character or was disappointed in the way it came out but more because of the sheer size of this mother!  True to the character, this massive statue is bigger than any of the HulkContinue reading “Bowen Designs Wendigo Statue (2011)”

Planet Hulk Bust (2011)

The Good: There is a great 1:1 bust done as a commission – and some of them pop up on ebay from time to time.  This sculpt is so impressive that Bowen took notice and decided – with a few tweaks – to make it into a Bowen bust.  Man, am I glad he did –Continue reading “Planet Hulk Bust (2011)”

BD’s Smackdown Hulk (Grey Version)(2007)

I wasn’t as interested in picking this one up as I was the green version – I mean, the green is just too beautiful!  They grey is nice too, it’s just that, this sculpt is absolutely perfect in green!  It practically has popped right out of the pages of the comics!  This isn’t to sayContinue reading “BD’s Smackdown Hulk (Grey Version)(2007)”

Bowen Designs Retro Green Hulk (2009)

This is the new Hulk piece from Bowen designs… and I am a huge fan of Bowen – but this piece, and others I have seen, have a few paint flaws which is very disappointing.  The wash that they used is a bit sloppy and darker than the regular paint – so it’s pretty noticeable. Continue reading “Bowen Designs Retro Green Hulk (2009)”

Ringmaster Bust (2009)

I will be honest – if this guy didn’t make his first appearance in the Hulk comics then I wouldn’t have bothered getting it.  Not because of how it looks – because it’s a beautifully sculpted bust!  Looks just like him!  I won’t even insult you readers by asking when he first appeared – becauseContinue reading “Ringmaster Bust (2009)”

Absorbing Man Bust (2005)

How appropriate to end this week with a Bowen masterpiece of the spotlight character!  I know this is late – I didn’t think I was going to be able to even post tonight.  But this piece was one of the only Hulk’s foes that I was missing from Bowen’s busts –  I never picked itContinue reading “Absorbing Man Bust (2005)”