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Bowen Designs Savage Hulk Statue (2012)

memories1 019

I know this statue is old news by now but I’ve had it since it first came out and I never blogged about it.  I never shared it on this blog – which is weird since I did blog about the variant (which is easily one of my favorite statues ever produced) and this one has remained on my shelf unblogged about.  It’s actually a little sad if you think about it.  But here it goes: The Savage Hulk Statue from Bowen!

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When producing statues these days you can either create the thing and then sneak teases to get people all into a tizzy – and then release the full image only to have people give you a tepid reception – OR – you can keep asking your customer base to give you input all along the creation process.  The latter is how Bowen does things.  That may be a good or bad thing – but overall, it seems to have served him well.  I know what you may be asking yourself – wait, I can maybe have an effect on the product served to me?  How?  Where?  Who? When? Was?  Well, maybe not the last one…

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Actually, it’s pretty simple, sign up for Statue Marvels and you too can be part of the process!  As far as I know, that’s how we ended up with the 2 versions of these statues.  The alternate head (or variant, if you’re more comfortable with that) was one of two choices for the head of the new Hulk statue.  since the votes were pretty split and there were many suggestions to do both as FS Randy finally decided to do just that.  Originally I was going to pick up neither – and then I saw the variant and knew that my hard earned cash was going to be spent!  And then, seeing in hand pics of this behemoth and the very Buscema-esque face I told myself not to think twice.  It really captures the Hulk from the 80’s in the comics – and it’s different enough from the variant, including the color, that it dodn’t seem like a waste picking up this beautiful piece form the innovator of comic style high end collectibles.

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Mine is #394 out of 1900.  My friend tells me that the statue market is pretty dead.  From what I’ve seen out there I can tell you that the market isn’t what it used to be.  I still love the statues but my statue buying days might be behind me.  My LCS told me that they have the Planet Hulk statue from SS in.  I looked at it – and am still considering it – it’s just so expensive and… well, space is a consideration.  Never mind the fact that just because something is bigger doesn’t mean it’s better.  But hey, You buy what you like, right?  And I really love this green goliath!

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Hulk Room Saturday!

now or never 001

I was lucky enough to get one – ONE – detolf before IKEA took them out of their inventory – and then put them back on at a slightly higher price.  I was given this as a present for my birthday from my sister.  Still one of the best gifts ever!  I figured I would give you a shelf by shelf look… mostly.  This image above is the Hulk foes shelf – Bowen has given us the widest range of characters I think any high end collectible company will give us.  I would drop down from shock to see anyone else give us a Bi-Beast – never mind a mind-blowing fantastic sculpt like the one we were given!  Just to lay it out you see here:

  • Bi-Beast
  • Absorbing Man
  • Wendigo
  • Doc Samson
  • Ring Master
  • Constrictor
  • and Dormammu

now or never 002

Second self is dedicated to one of the best Bowen statues to be released ever (yeah – I went there).  One of the most underrated pieces for sure – the Abomination is one of the truest representations of the Gamma-Spawned monster ever to be done.  Behind him is the now defunct Blockbuster Video’s exclusive print of the first cover appearance of the Abomination that was released with the 2008 movie.  Also, a reprint of Silver Surfer #12 under the title Fantasy Masterpieces.

now or never 003

Third shelf is my ode to the best two Hulk villains – the Abomination and the Leader.  You see both character busts from Bowen – and also the Dynamic Forces Leader bust (another underrated piece).  Also a custom Leader Mego figure.  The last piece is the Keown inspired Dynamic Forces Hulk statue – while small is stature a great piece!

Last level just has the Marvel Legos so I didn’t take a shot – but I hope you enjoyed the view!

Not Sick Anymore, Acquisition Thursday!

variant 009

There is someone out there, right now, looking at this blog, who was thinking to him or herself that they wish for the days that Bowen busts were all the rage.  Personally, I like them – but I never got caught up in the “completest” movement.  Well, actually, that’s not true.  I just never felt like I wanted to collect comic paraphernalia when there were so many comics out there that I wanted to read!  I will say this though… Bowen, even after all these years, is still the best.

variant 009 - Copy

He proves it again with the Maestro Bust (2012, $79.99) which I was originally not going to bother getting – mainly because having the Full statue was enough for me!  Then I saw pics.  Thanks to the many people who take fantastic photos on Statue Forum and Statue Marvels I could not deny how amazing the Maestro bust looked.  He needed to be displayed with the other Hulk villain busts!

variant 024

I guess my only complaint is the fact that the base on this is rather dull.  I mean, one of the reasons the FS is so epic is because the “fallen heroes” base.  Even putting a few pieces on the base of the bust would have catapulted this bust into the “must have” category for every collector.  Alas, we are left with this:

variant 009 - Copy (2)

Not too pretty… but it’s a base.  I do think Bowen missed the boat to make this bust a must have – just like the Wendigo bust.  The Wendigo himself is decent – but the fact he’s resting on a pile of human skulls makes that bust one of my favorites!  That is not to say that the sculpt, size and over all presence of this bust is not still imposing!  It’s a monster all on its own!  I still say it’s a must buy!

variant 022

Acquisition Monday!

variant 005

variant 014

Granted, there are things that I should probably posting before this – but I cannot keep this amazing statue under wraps!  For years Bowen Designs has been the top producer of comic memorabilia and one of the reasons, I think, is because Bowen produces pieces that look like they have jumped right off the comic page.

The feathers are the only thing making PH a taller statue - but comparing the Hulks - the new one takes the top prize!

The feathers are the only thing making PH a taller statue – but comparing the Hulks – the new one takes the top prize!

variant 013

The first Hulk, done by the Shiflett’s, is great is in own right, an amazing representation of a classic looking Hulk, but the new one is better!  The second Hulk, the Smackdown Hulk as it is affectionately called, is pretty much the top of the heap, for me, it’s the Hulk that I grew up with with all the rage displayed in a perfect “Hulk smash!” pose, but the new one is better!  When Bowen released the army of Hulks I was skeptical about picking up them all – but finally did because of how well they came out!  Every Hulk was unique and excellent in quality – the standouts being Maestro, Planet Hulk and my personal favorite, the Grey Hulk.  But the new one is better!

variant 015

Hulk, you know... Hulk

Hulk, you know… Hulk

variant 020

Don't sass your elders, boy!

Don’t sass your elders, boy!

How can this new one be so great?  It’s easy… All those other Hulks, as amazing as each of them are, when displayed with other statues it never had the presence that this Hulk does.  He’s truly massive monster!  The Incredible Hulk Variant Statue (Bowen Designs, 2013, $280) is truly Bowen at his best.  Granted – the body is a digital sculpt – but Bowen made use of the unused “screaming” head he had for the Retro Hulk pieces and put it with this fantastic classic looking Hulk body.  The result is a statue so large (by Bowen standards) that we now finally have a Hulk that is worth displaying with the other characters and he dwarfs them all!  Well, except the obvious one… Wendigo.  But Hulk is not supposed to be taller than that monster!

variant 010

Will you do something with those nails?!?  Your cuticles are atrocious!

Will you do something with those nails?!? Your cuticles are atrocious!

And this is why Bowen is truly the best statue producer out there – all these details do not go unnoticed!  Sure, there may have been some blunders along the way – but when it comes to the Hulk and Hulk related characters – I cannot think of one, ONE, mind you, character that has been a disappointment.  I have even forgiven him for jumping on the bandwagon and creating a Red Hulk statue.  That says a lot!  Grade for this bad boy: A+ Worth the pick up!

variant 026

variant 030

Retro Green Hulk Bust (2011)

Retro Hulk Bust

Yes, I finally got it.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to so early – I thought I would be waiting a year for the prices on these to drown – but I was able to talk an ebay seller, who was selling the busts he had at an already ridiculously low price, down another $10 to a price I was happy to pay.  It’s not that this is a bad piece at all – but it is not, IMO, worth the retail price of $95.

The Full Pic

The Positive: The sculpt is classic.  I am not sure how many times Bowen can sculpt Hulk and come out with something amazing – but I have a feeling this is not the last time we will see it!  The ripped shirt adds on a bit of substance to the top – which is WAY better than Red’s bust – but in comparison to the original Hulk bust – this one tops it.  While the original is still exciting because it is the piece that started it all, every piece since has been somewhat better – from intricate bases to larger pieces to adding arms and almost the full torso – the original piece looks archaic.  But it seems like, with this new release, we’re going backward – which brings us to:

Pssst... Hulk... behind you

The Negative: I think these were experiments – something Bowen was trying to see might catch on.  Consider this experiment failed because I don’t think these pieces have moved very well at all.  My LCS is still holding on to both pieces with no end in sight.  The problem?  Well, like I stated before, it’s not the sculpt.  The issue is the base.  The fact that it is at least 80% of the whole piece makes this look like a chess piece rather than a bust.  The more unfortunate thing is that the base is nothing to scream at.  It’s a very plain, very ordinary base.  But overall, the busts are somewhat unique – if not for the price – I think these would have sold very well!

What the heck are you looking at?

The Conclusion:  If you can get this bust for a really great price – then do it – I don’t see this piece ever really catching on but it’s a really great sculpt.  But whatever you do – DON’T pay retail on this – it’s just not worth the price.  Check ebay – some sellers are giving decent deals already.  Grade: C+

Yikes! Hulk - that's some serious plaque build up!

P.S. – As you noticed, I did not post yesterday – I was still mourning the Pats loss in the SB – and this may the only post this week – sorry – but I am getting a very big delivery for the Hulk room (not Hulk related) and yes, I will post pics when the dust settles.  If I can find time to post, I will, but if not – no fear – I will be back next week!

#605 in the house!

One more shot – a comparison!

It's bigger than the 2008 Hulk - that's for sure - but is it better?

Bowen Design’s Dormammu Bust (2011)

Dormammu Bust

Last year I picked up one of Bowen’s best busts – admittedly it is not the Hulk so I have yet to show it – but Dormammu is one of Dr. Strange’s (and the Defenders) best villains.  His look, though, is one that some thought to be pretty impossible to capture in 3 dimensions.  But Bowen was up to the challenge – and he delivered a likeness so amazing – the only thing that could top it would be sitting this amazing bust on a phenomenal base.  Bowen, once again, delivered!

The head is the hardest part to capture - and Lloyd did it with flying colors!

Whenever a sculpture is trying to display fire it is a bit tricky – the only way to do it right is to make it look as real as possible.  You can’t just, for example, sculpt some fire and paint it orange!  This was the challenge that BD and Jeremy Lloyd, the sculptor, was facing and they solved the problem by having a translucent plastic surrounding the head.

Back View

This Ditko based sculpt is one of my favorite I own – the base, like I mentioned before, has a heavy Asian feel to it which is perfect for the character with the magical energies that encompass him.  One of the better Defenders stories is the mini-series called Indefensible and if you have not read it, you should.  It really captures everything that makes the Defenders so great!  And of course D-Man here is a HUGE part of it!

From top to bottom!

Bowen Designs Wendigo Statue (2011)

Wasn't this Hulk Hogan's pose first?

I have to tell you – I was dead set against picking this up – not because I don’t like the character or was disappointed in the way it came out but more because of the sheer size of this mother!  True to the character, this massive statue is bigger than any of the Hulk statues that Bowen has released.  Even better – it’s obviously Byrne inspired from Uncanny X-Men #140.

ManiPedi? Wendigo deserves the best...

Classic cover and now classic statue!  It’s amazing how some sculpts made in 3-D can work so well, and that’s one of the things that Bowen does better than anyone else.  You would be hard pressed to find another company who can make statues of our favorite comic characters that look as though they’ve popped off the page!

It's the whole she-bang!

Now, I told you I was pretty much resigned to not picking this up but I walked into Comically Speaking in Reading, MA and I was floored when seeing it in person.  Not only did I pick it up but when I got home I instantly got busy making the perfect display.  I’ve always thought that Bowen’s 1st appearance action Wolverine went well with the Smack-Down Hulk – but without Wendigo in the mix the display is missing something.

A Mug only a Mother could love... too bad he would probably eat his mother

Just like the Wendigo bust (which has the greatest base ever!) the FS base is scattered with skulls.  While the bust was certainly Trimpe inspired – Bowen went another direction this time, as I mentioned before, with a Byrne inspiration.  But this time we at least get a peek at that HUGE tail!  The tail and the mane (which was Byrne’s real contribution to this character) are probably my favorite parts of this statue.

I am not an animal!

I mentioned how large this piece is – but unless you can see it you will never fully realize what I mean.  Factor in the frailty of the tail and claws – you are seeing a very rare piece.  I know Bowen only released 450 of these (and when I say 450 I don’t mean 450 regular with another 450 exclusive – for all of you math illiterate people out there it means there are actually 900 statues out there, yeah – BD doesn’t play that way) and if that seems low to you – it is.  If you have a chance to snatch one of these up – DO IT!

Who thinks these two should be a comic team?

So, in closing, we are very lucky to have a company like BD doing comic statues like these and for as long as he has – because we are getting characters that I never dreamed of seeing as busts and FS.  Who else thought we’d see a Ring Master bust?  Not I!  And a Wendigo FS!?!?  So, let’s support BD – if this is not you’re cup of tea – that’s fine, you’re nuts, but that’s fine – BD has something for everyone.  Check it out for yourself!

Together - they still don't stand a chance!

Now for a shot of the display:

My Desk - how do I ever get any work done?