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Planet Hulk Bust (2011)

Bowen Hulk Bust

The Good: There is a great 1:1 bust done as a commission – and some of them pop up on ebay from time to time.  This sculpt is so impressive that Bowen took notice and decided – with a few tweaks – to make it into a Bowen bust.  Man, am I glad he did – the 1:1 is over a grand – where the Bowen one is a little more affordable.  Also, the way the market is right now works out perfectly because an A-list character like this that usually has run into the 1000s has a bit more of a conservative run of 800.

PH #2

The paint application is fantastic on mine – and I love the color they used for the metal.  The damage they put on the shoulder plate is a fantastic detail from the storyline.  I have heard some pieces are a bit sloppy with the paint at the base – but luckily mine is not one of them.  The detail that Bowen went to with this bust is exceptional – even adding in the veins around obedience disc.

Love the detail in this piece! Just awesome!

The expression on his face is perfect - a smug mug!

Let’s talk about the base for a moment – the cracked column is very cool – but I would have liked to see something a little more wild and distinct to the storyline – like the base for the FS.  Maybe add in a little weaponry – Hulk’s big ol’e axe or something!  But like I stated before the base is still very cool and fits nicely with the character.

There are the eyes!

The Negative: The sculpting seems a little “soft” around the mouth – there is not enough of a distinction where his lips are.  Also, there is no scar – he is the Green Scar – and both the FS and this bust are scar-less!  This helmet is pretty much the same design, although this one is colored better – but the feathers at the top are closer together on the bust – and therefore when the paint was applied it looks a bit chunky – although it does look more comic accurate.

Bust with Comic

The Conclusion:  I had very few negatives to discuss as I was extremely happy with the way the bust came out – not only that it’s pretty damn large!  It might be a bit bigger than the 2008 busts that came out – but I forgot to compare.  But ultimately this is a must have for any Hulk fan – and even more so for fans of the storyline!  Grade: A

The PH Shelf in the Hulk room

I really hope this happens!

Yup - Fixit FS

Bowen has posted some pics on his facebook account of a digital mock-up – an early version – of a FIXIT FS!  That’s right!  A Fixit FS!  How did we get so lucky to actually have a chance to get a Fixit FS!  The colored version below was obviously not done by a Hulk fan because for some reason they colored him Green… and not Grey…

Colored version

Constrictor Bust (2010)

Constrictor Bust

This Bust was picked up on my last trip to NJ – I had planned on picking this guy up eventually – but I was even more excited seeing it at Zapp Comics – where any self respecting New Jersian(… is that right?  New Jersey-an?) goes to buy their comic goodness week after week.  And if you visit the one in Wayne NJ make sure you ask if Corry is there – and if so tell him how much you like the Hulk – or even better – tell him your favorite Hulk story!  Then hug him.  He’ll love it – trust me.


By the way – Constrictor is a villain that first appeared in issue #212 of the Incredible Hulk.  Most of the MU have run into the Constrictor at one time or another.  His famous weapon is the Vibranium cables he uses to choke and electrocute his opponents.  The Hulk did find a way to beat him though and as he made his way through the Marvel Universe he’s somewhat important enough to garner a bust, a MU figure (which I already posted) but why couldn’t that have happened to a better character – like Aquon!

Top Notch Sculpt!

BD’s Smackdown Hulk (Grey Version)(2007)

Bowen Grey "Smashing" Hulk

A Face of RAGE, Baby!

I wasn’t as interested in picking this one up as I was the green version – I mean, the green is just too beautiful!  They grey is nice too, it’s just that, this sculpt is absolutely perfect in green!  It practically has popped right out of the pages of the comics!  This isn’t to say the grey is not worth getting…

If the Hulk were real and you're looking at this face... it's already too late

The Foot!

In fact, I love this sculpt so much, I would even get it in red!  I know, crazy, right?  But this is Bowen’s best Hulk statue – even better than any of the Hulk’s released in 2010!  I like those Hulks, the sculpt is great, but the smackdown Hulk is just the Hulk to a tee!  Now the grey variant was limited to only 500 – making it Bowen’s rarest Hulk statue – besides the faux bronze (350) and the real bronze(100).

Uh-Oh - Stark's in Trouble!

You don't have a chance Stark!

The only Bowen Hulk statues I am missing are the ones mentioned above and the green version of the 2003 statue.  I’ve seen that one go for pretty cheap on ebay and will eventually get it – but for now I have a very special Hulk purchase to make.  One that I know Sean is snatching up as well.  I am sure JG and even Steve are picking it up as well.  When I finally post it you will see what I am talking about – it’s gorgeous!

"And your back! It's worse then your front!"

Anyways – back to this statue – I picked this one up from another poster on Statue Marvels.  If you haven’t checked out that forum, you should!  It’s a great place to see all the upcoming Bowen sculpts as well as interact with Bowen himself!

Bowen Designs Retro Green Hulk (2009)

Retro Hulk!

Coming out of the box!

This is the new Hulk piece from Bowen designs… and I am a huge fan of Bowen – but this piece, and others I have seen, have a few paint flaws which is very disappointing.  The wash that they used is a bit sloppy and darker than the regular paint – so it’s pretty noticeable.  Still awaiting a response from Randy addressing this situation – I’ll keep you posted.   Alright, with that out of the way let’s get on with the good stuff!  Overall – you can’t deny how amazing this new Hulk looks!  Bowen is releasing 4 new Hulk statues – there is this one and the retro grey – also the upcoming Planet Hulk and Maestro.  Yup, that’s it – just 4 new Hulk statues.  No other Hulk statues being released from Bowen in this phase 🙂

I love the sculpt! It's like looking at perfection!

Side View

The other side!

Alright, now this Hulk has a fantastic new sculpt – and you all know how much I love my Smackdown Hulk – but this captures the early art of the Hulk really well.  This serves well as a museum sculpt – and it’s freakin’ HUGE!  It tops out at a whopping 17 inches – this guy actually just stands over the Smackdown Hulk’s arms!  A few things of course… He’s so big that matching him against the Abomination doesn’t work out to well because it looks like he’s staring right over him. 

Abomination is in trouble!

Back off Buddy!

A Match up for the ages!

This is the Hulk to pick up if you want to set-up team displays – because he towers over pretty much every Bowen ever made!  I wish I had a place to put him right now – but with all of the construction going on I basically took him out for pictures and then packed him away again.  It’s the saddest feeling in the world… but I should only look forward to setting the room back up when everything is done.

The "dirty" Look on the Hulk's feet is classic!

Bowen's signature on the Hulk's foot - SWEET!

The Man... The Monster

So, let me know if you picked this guy up – how your paint job looks – how you set him up… EVERYTHING!  I know some of you out there looking for the perfect Hulk statue are going to ask – which one should you pick up?  I, still, say the Smackdown is the best there is – but this piece is right at the tops.  I can’t wait for Planet Hulk – which is scheduled to be out next!  Can’t freakin’ wait for that one!

Smackdown and Retro Hulk

The Face Off! Who's taking bets?

Ringmaster Bust (2009)

The Ringmaster

The Ringmaster

I will be honest – if this guy didn’t make his first appearance in the Hulk comics then I wouldn’t have bothered getting it.  Not because of how it looks – because it’s a beautifully sculpted bust!  Looks just like him!  I won’t even insult you readers by asking when he first appeared – because everyone knows it was TIH #3 – even dressed the Hulk up like a clown.  How insulting.  Even worse – he made him juggle elephants.  That’s just wrong… but I would totally pay to see that!

I know an orthadondist who can fix that overbite!

I know an orthodontist who can fix that overbite!

The base showcases the Ringmaster “pitching” a tent – HA! – you guys can totally use that – It’s okay – but yeah, the base is a circus tent.  As you might remember the Ring Master – he’s the one responsible for the merged Hulk – most commonly called the “Modern Hulk” – but that title makes absolutely no sense – the modern Hulk?  Modern means now – and most people mean the “Smart” or “Merged” Hulk – I prefer Merged mainly because it explains that Hulk persona perfectly.  Now I’m just waiting to see a Merged Hulk from Bowen… anytime now.

Talk to the Hand!

Talk to the Hand!

Speaking of Bowen – I cannot wait for the Planet Hulk and Maestro statues to come out – but man oh man – they are taking their sweet time, huh?  I predict that the Planet Hulk statue will be the statue of the year – no matter what year it comes out!

#325 out of 1000

#325 out of 1000

Absorbing Man Bust (2005)

Absorbing Man Bust

Absorbing Man Bust

How appropriate to end this week with a Bowen masterpiece of the spotlight character!  I know this is late – I didn’t think I was going to be able to even post tonight.  But this piece was one of the only Hulk’s foes that I was missing from Bowen’s busts –  I never picked it up four years ago and couldn’t find it for a good price.  The only set-back to picking things up off ebay is that you have to add in shipping to the final price that you paid for something – and I just wasn’t willing to shell out what people were asking… so I went without.

Profile View

Profile View

Backside - I mean his back - not... you know...

Backside - I mean his back - not... you know...

That is until I took a trip to NJ this weekend and popped into a store selling this bust for %50 off.  Snagged it!  This really is amazing – and I have to say that a talented guy named Jim Maddox sculpted this – not Bowen himself – but man, oh man, I can’t see Bowen doing any better of a job with it!  My favorite part is the real chain connecting his ball – let’s not forget that Absorbing Man was a prisoner when Loki granted him with his powers of absorption!

Close your mouth man!  You gathering flies!

Close your mouth man! You gathering flies!

The expression on his face is even more impressive when you consider that I was actually used for this model!  Alright, that’s a lie – but it does kind of look like me.  Except that I am not half made of rock.  Yet.  Anyways, the great this about the Absorbing Man is, after the first battle, Absorbing Man never beat Hulk again.  Yet he keeps on trying…  why?  Just give it up bro!