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Randy Bowen at JerseyFest!


I’m pretty sure, even though the man has stopped making statues at the moment, if you said Randy Bowen to any statue collector it would bring a sense of enjoyment to their faces.  Even if they had moved on to collecting bigger and fancier Bowen SHOULD mean something to every collector.  He’s the reason we have such a variety of choices these days.  Every collectible business out there now should have a debt of gratitude to the man himself – and here is your chance to meet him!  He will be at Jerseyfest this year!  Some are hoping to hear an announcement of some sort – one about a return to greatness with a new Marvel License, or maybe a DC License?  Either way – it will be good to see the man out and about with his fans – an added plus – he’s doing a tutorial on creating your own Hulk bust!


Bowen Designs Doc Samson (2013)

hulk stuff oct 006

This is the latest Bowen Statue I picked up.  If you read my blog at all then you know I am a bargain shopper and I was able to talk the owner of one of my LCS into trading this to me for some unwanted pieces in my own collection – and a little extra.  So, in other words, I got this for a song.

lots 003

Bowen has been making Marvel collectibles for over two decades.  His pieces are easily the most accurate and amazing portrayals of the comic characters we all love.  The busts and statues look as though they have just straight off the pages of our favorite funny books and a 3-D version landed right on our shelves.  I proudly have every Hulk related Bowen piece – but could not believe my eyes when he announced that he was creating a FS (that’s Full Statue for the non-collector) of one of Hulk’s oldest frenemies.  Doc Samson started out in the comics in The Incredible Hulk #141 as a man who created a cure for the Hulk – and even helped Banner be rid of the Hulk once and for all.  But Samson’s ego proved too fragile as he had to expose himself to gamma rays to see if he could turn himself into a super-strong version of himself.  Banner could not take the attention that Betty was showing to the new and improved Samson – so after another quick dose of gamma – a battle of the ages was born.  If you’re interested, read the full synopsis here.

The great thing about Bowen Designs is that you really get to see unique and rare characters that most other collectible companies would never take the time to produce.  There are a few other collectors out there that know how this Samson statue came to be.  It started on a forum called the Statue Forum where one of the people on the forum called Al begged and pleaded for a Samson statue.  When things went south on the boards between Bowen and the people in charge (and some of the regulars) Al created a new forum for statue collectors – a site called Statue Marvels.  A while later, maybe even as a thank you (and because there seemed to be a bit of interest from other collectors) Bowen finally announced he would be doing a Samson FS.  I know I was one of the people ecstatic over the news.  I mean, we had a mini-bust – but a full sized statue?  I never thought I’d see the day!

lots 004

As usual Bowen didn’t disappoint. Samson, and his long green locks, are on full display on this statue masterpiece.  Every detail, including the lightning bolt shirt, the yellow boots and the tough-guy mugging. As usual, the base is very similar to the other Hulk statues – that way displaying the characters together makes it look better – more aesthetically pleasing.  I feel as though this is one of the things that really sets Bowen Designs apart from the other collectible companies – of which there are many now – and mostly due to Bowen getting the ball rolling.  It seems as though a lot of forethought goes into the design and idea of how these statues may be displayed.  This is certainly one for the ages!  Pick it up today! Grade A-

Good News Sunday! Bowen Hulk Statue… on it’s way!


The exclusive (mouth open) has been making the rounds in everyone’s billing cycles – meaning this bad boy is on it’s way!  I, for one, cannot wait!

Bowen Designs Mr Fixit (2012)

BD does Fixit!

I am really going to try to get things back on track here!  I will start with my review of the Mr. Fixit statue served to us by Bowen Designs.  As of late BD has been facing some terrible set-backs.  Paint flaws and weight issues seem to plague the statue company.  First, the Thanos on throne statue was riddled with unfortunate, sloppy paint applications (some of the better ones subsequently were put onto ebay for triple + the money) and then the new Thing statue came in weighing next to nothing.  Even the re-paints like the Faux Bronze Thanos were noticeably lighter.


All of these factors were making me nervous about the Fixit release.  Now, in the past, I would have recommended becoming a collectors club member – but I never took the plunge – always preferring to support my local LCS and buying from them – as long as I could SEE it in person first – then make my decision.  But my LCS has slowed down on ordering BD products – they didn’t get either of the new releases in.

Fixit needs a tailor – STAT!

I was pretty much figuring to go ebay – but then I walked into Friendly Neighborhood Comics in Franklin and I was ecstatic to see they had him!  Now, I am not saying this was a no-brainer pick up – there were certainly things to factor in – such as: Fixit, although not feather light, is still a step in the wrong direction as far as weight is concerned.  It has a substantial feeling to it – but earlier releases are leaps and bounds heavier!  If weight is not a concern – then good on you – as the statue itself is pretty top-notch.

Spit shine!

The only other minor complaint I have is that the base is so small – tiny in fact – and I am not sure what it’s supposed to represent?  A casino floor?  How great would it have been to have Fixit standing on a pile of poker chips?  At least something with a little pizazz!

A comparison Shot

Now, the sculpt is pretty perfect – taking inspiration from the cover to Wolverine #8 – this is the Fixit straight off the cover!  I do hope BD decides to make a Patch companion piece!  More impressive is the little details like the ripping suit jacket.  I think a pin-striped suit would have worked well, if not better, but since you know where this version is based from – I don’t think it takes away from the overall greatness of this piece.

In his new home!

BD really out did themselves with the sculpt – now if only they can work out the other issues with the production of these pieces.  If they come out like Fixit did – then they should be okay – but with the 2 other Hulk scuplts heading our way (the Savage Hulk – and the website exclusive variant) I am hoping BD works out the kinks.

A face only a mother could love!

Custom Painted Red Hulk Bust (2012)

Red Hulk Bust

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, this is a Red Hulk bust in my collection!  First off – it was super cheap – and secondly, I love this sculpt.  The fact that someone took the Grey Hulk version and painted it red was too cool to pass on.  Although – the green would have been my first choice to customize (no shirt) but, as any of you painters out there know, red is a really hard color to get to cling to anything.  If you are painting anything red be prepared to do about 6 or more coats – sometimes even WITH a well primed wall.

Your facing the wrong way Dummy...

Primer is usually a muted grey color – which is why it make sense to customize the grey Hulk bust – the issue comes when you have to decide what to do with the shirt.  The Red Hulk doesn’t wear a shirt… let alone a black one – but I guess the painter thought he would take the cue from the color of his pants.

That is That

Having the 3 busts all together does make it look really cool – but let’s get crazy thinking that this means I will be adding a whole bunch of Red Hulk crap to my Hulk room!  Listen, he would have been a great Hulk villain – had Marvel not screwed that up – and I do like the idea behind the character – but… let’s put it this way – you won’t be seeing any Sideshow Comiquette of the character in my collection.  Or any SS Hulk Comiquette for that matter… man, that is one ugly piece!

Red Light! Green Light!

The Hulk Room Pics

Bowen Mania!

Last week I was asked about showing pics of the entire Hulk room.  I said I would – and here it is – in all its glory!  Now a few things to keep in mind while you scroll through these beauties:

The couch has been taken over by green!

#1) There is no order in the Hulk room… I mean, there is SOME sort of order – but it’s MY order.  I like chaos – I thrive in chaos.  The Hulk room also seconds as my office so a lot of times, when I purchase something new, I usually find a place for it short-term and then get back to it when I can.  Many times these items will just be stuck up on the wall or put on a shelf until I get to it later.

The Action Figure Wall... pretty much every Hulk figure is on this one wall!

This is mainly for two reasons – the first being that back in the day I used to get stuff so fast and furious I would not have the opportunity to really think about where to put a piece before more boxes and comics came rolling in.  That’s not really the case so much anymore – and that’s because, the second reason, I am planning a HUGE renovation on the Hulk room.  I have an enormous display case in the works – I am knocking down a wall and expanding, just slightly, the whole room.

Shelf #1 - with the "Planet Hulk Shelf" at the top!

Also, since I had an addition on the side of my house built – and the addition was designed with a crawl space in mind – and the only place to put the entrance was to cut a hole in the wall/concrete foundation of my house – the only real space it would fit was… yup, you guessed it – right in the middle of the Hulk room wall.  I have left out pics showing the crawl space entrance mainly because it is an eyesore – but also because it’s nothing but a big square hole in a wall.  Part of the renovations I am planning is to build a small wall with closet doors to hide said hole.

Display Case #1 - this hold most of the Bowen and Mego goodness!

Now #2) You may notice there are some items in the pics of things that I have not posted – please don’t ask me to post them – I will get to it as soon as I can.  There are also items that I have posted that you do not see – there are a few reasons for that.  The first is that about a third (maybe more) of the collection is in storage.  Things that have no real rhyme or reason to put somewhere – for example, the Hulk backpacks, toothbrushes, coloring books and more.

I still have to get the green version of this Bowen Hulk statue

This is where I handle most of my work load every day:

Desk - MU across the top - and a recreation of #181 Bowen Style there too!

Next, there are certain items that are no longer in my collection.  The first thing that comes to mind is the Hulk PF.  While it was extremely hard to let that piece go I couldn’t just watch as a piece like that was climbing and climbing in value and not take advantage of it (especially when I had a few repairs to do to my house).  I could have saved and made the repairs – OR – sell one statue that could never survive the current value it was at.  I chose the latter.  I have no regrets – and am pretty certain that further down the line I will be able to pick it up again when the value has dropped.  I mean, come on – it’s inevitable that these collectibles will drop… anyone who thinks otherwise – I have just three words for you: Beanie Babies anyone?

It just keeps going...

There are a few pieces I have let go – like the Grey Hulk Hard Hero statue.  I wasn’t really a fan so I had no problem selling it – and with the funds I was able to purchase more Hulk items that I wanted.  I’ve sold some comics – mostly doubles – as well as some art.  Lastly, there is something Hulk in EVERY room of my house.  When I say every – I mean EVERY.  I put at least ONE Hulk thing in each room.  So, there are some action figures in the kitchen, pictures in the hallway… the Hulk is ever-present.  But never more so than in my bedroom where the Dynamic Forces Life Size Hulk Head sits.  Also, my entire comic collection sits right outside of the Hulk room door – and my Marvel Masterpieces and Omnibus collection is snuggly placed in the bookshelf in my living room.

Rogues Gallery

And #3 – You may notice that not everything in the Hulk room is… well, Hulk.  I do have the Galactus Bust from BD, as well as the Surfer and my 2nd favorite Marvel character, Thanos!  While it would be nice to think that I could just limit myself to Hulk – I do love me some classic Thanos!

I have another re-paint of somehting in shipping... hopefully will be here soon

Top of that cabinet:

Original Hulk Fists! The Best!

So, tell me what you think of the Hulk room – do you have a similar set-up?  Let me know!  And please, ask any questions you would like to know (except asking me WHEN I will be posting stuff) including how my wife feels about it – if you’re curious.

Thanks again Gammapup!

By the way, my daughter IS allowed in the room under strict supervision. 🙂 Just until she is old enough to understand that she can’t open or play with any of Daddy’s toys.  Not to worry though – she has plenty of her own Hulk toys to play with – as you guys saw when I posted a pic of her last week with her Hulks in a baby carriage.

Green and Grey... gotta love it!

And of course – the best shot:

My prized possesion - The Incredible Hulk #1 - the only thing I am pretty damn sure won't plummet in value in my lifetime.



Which Green is the Best? Most Accurate?

I have to ask here – this is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while – my sister was down in the Hulk Room the other day and commented on the fact that almost every Hulk statue out there is a different color green.  I looked and agreed and thought it was a bit funny.  So – here’s the question – which statue do you think has the best color green for the Hulk?

Bowen 2007:


Hard Hero:

Diamond Select:

Bowen 2010:

SS Dio:

Vote Below!  I will tell you my thoughts next week after I people have had a chance to vote.