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A while ago Amazon released an exclusive set that included a Mark Ruffalo Bruce Banner.  It was a while coming since both Eric Bana and Edward Norton both had their own figures.  Bruce has even appeared in a few 2 packs back in the day with a “Transforming Hulk”.  Let’s take a look through the figures, shall we?  We can begin with the latest and the best looking of all of them – the Marvel Legends Bruce Banner:


It is very well sculpted under the likeness of Ruffalo and it isn’t a slouch on the other departments either.  The articulation is top notch!  It boasts an impressive 16 joints!  Too bad all that Banner really ever did was run.  Run from the Army, run from the cops, run in those snazzy dress shoes that look fresh from the shoe shine.  How does he keep himself looking so debonair when every time he throws a tantrum he rips everything to shreds?  Oh that’s right – he’s always angry.  Anyways, this figure is not a pricey or difficult figure to find – and if you’re a Hulk fan there certainly is no reason NOT to get him!



The Edward Norton figure, on the other hand, is an easy figure to forget and not consider picking up.  I love all my figures – but if I had to pick one celebrity figure who played Bruce Banner to drop it would not be a hard decision.  The Edward Norton figure is a 3&3/4 figure (think GI JOE size) in comparison to the 6″ figures that the 2008 Hulk figures stood at.  Banner doesn’t reflect Norton as much as just a standard figure – in fact out of the package I doubt anyone would be able to recognize where this guy came from at all!  I do enjoy the fact that all the “Transforming Hulk” figures all have one thing in common – they all somehow slip Banner inside of the figure.


Eric Bana Banner (say that 3 times fast) on the other hand is actually a step back in the right direction!  Sporting his nerdy slick hair do from the 2003 mistake Hulk movie this figure is detailed and actually looks like the actor who played him!  While certainly not up to the standards of the Marvel Legends Banner this figure is still leaps and bounds better than the 2008 version that came after it.



Of course, one of my favorites, a figure that could never be mistaken for anything BUT Banner, is the 1996 Transformations line Bruce.  This figure is everything you think of when you think of Banner – ripped clothes, wild, bewildered look on his face and barefoot!  It also has the honor of being packaged with what is arguably the ugliest Hulk figure ever:


No, seriously… look at this thing:


While I do like this Banner the most the one major thing it lacks is size.  It’s the smallest Banner in this whole list!  That – and the joints drive me nuts.  They are so obvious.


This Banner does rank as one of my favorites considering the last Banner is confusing at best.  It has an anime, feminine quality to it that is an interesting choice.  Of course, it’s the only Banner figure that sports a lab coat – so that’s something:


You can’t fault Toy Biz too much as they remember to add the purple pants on this figure – I just can’t get over the face – is he wearing lipstick?  Maybe it’s just a bit of lip gloss to bring out those dreamy emerald eyes.  He looks like he should be fronting a boy band!


Of course I am aware that there is a Bruce Banner Hot Toys figure – and no I did not pick it up – while I agree it looks fantastic I think my money is better spent else where rather than a super-detailed action figure.  Anyways, what does everyone out there think?  What’s the best Banner figure?  Which tops the charts for you?


It’s Never the Answer: A Year Worth of Cringe-Worthy Hulk Moments: Week 12

Let’s have a little fun and discuss some of the more graphic, violent, sad, or just plain awkward moments that have plastered the Hulk history.  Be it a passing meeting between spouses of a gruesome scene that nobody saw coming – this year I’ll have you squirming in your seat!


Before the 2008 Hulk movie was released onto DVD the fair weather comic fans (you know, the ones who watch all the movies, play the video games, claim to love the characters but have never read a comic) had no idea how much guilt Banner carries with him over the destruction that the Hulk creates.  The billions dollars of damage and not to mention the countless millions of people that are put into the face of danger when the Hulk goes berserk.  In the Avengers, Banner mentions it once again.  He says he tired to eat a bullet and the “other guy” spit out.


Of course, we Hulk fans know this scene all to well because writer Brian Azzarello wrote it into his 4 part mini series.  It never made it easier to digest.  This brilliant man, a man who unleashed a monster, could not think of any other way to destroy the monster inside then to destroy himself.  And, Hulk’s face says it all when he realizes what Banner tried to do:



Bruce Banner Hulk Movie Figure (2003)

new hulk yup 001

In a way, the most memorable thing from the 2003 Hulk movie might just be the inventive figures they released.  This figure is both hilarious in nature and very creative.  They tube with the translucent, half Hulk is the best part of this package deal.  Nothing against the Eric Bana inspired Bruce Banner figure – but, by nature, Bruce Banner figures aren’t very exciting.  This Banner, sans any kind of lab coat or ripped pants (although he does sport a nifty security badge and lanyard), is better dressed than most of the figures of this character.  It at least shows he has some fashion sense matching his belt to his pants – and even the undershirt!  His haphazardly parted coif shows he knew what was cool back in 2003.  He had sort of a Jimmy Fallon (when he was funny) kind of look!

new hulk yup 002

Hulk Movie Mini-Mates Hulk/Banner (2008)

Hulk / Banner Mini-Mates

Hulk / Banner Mini-Mates

They finally released the Hulk movie Mini-Mates, well, about a month ago now, but I’ve had other stuff to show you so…  this is the first of 4.  3 of the 4 come with a Hulk mini-mate and this is the regular Hulk.  Banner’s looking all suave and debonair not like the nerdy scientist we’ve all come to love – shirt buttoned only so high – the t-shirt poking out, he’s ready to clubbing for sure!  And where’s his glasses?  By the way, I never put these in the figure section at top they always go into the toy section because, let’s face it, these are tiny little toys!  I’d like to discuss these further – but there’s nothing else to say really and Monday/Tuesday posts were like friggin’ novels.  Tune in tomorrow for something I should have posted 2 weeks ago!  Woo Hoo!  I’m a rebel!

Banner has the Luke Perry stubble

Banner has the Luke Perry stubble