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Hulk Glass (2016)


The Marvel tumblers they release are certainly plentiful – I hate to admit that I am such a sucker for these things I snag every new one I see. Marvel seems to be getting smarter though as they are printing two different characters on one cup.  This one features the Hulk and Cap – which is perfect – me and my daughters favorite characters sharing one cup!  Even better the Hulk is a Sal Buscema!  Who doesn’t love the sound effect ZUNG?  Does anyone else try to make the sounds when presented in the issues?  Only me?  Well this is awkward…


Hulk Magnet 3 – or 4 or… I forget (2008)

Another Hulk Magnet. yeah... I know... friggin sweet right?

Another Hulk Magnet. yeah... I know... friggin sweet right?

I had this from way back when I went to N.Y.  Got it at Mid-Town Comics.  I liked this magnet best because it has three images.  The Buscema Hulk is faded in the back – and an even fainter Bruce Banner pic behind that – can anyone even see it in the pic?  It’s there – I swear!  The Hulk out front in not Buscema – I don’t recognize the artist and there is too much on T.V. tonight for me to spend time trying to figure it out.  If anyone knows please let me know – otherwise it will have to be a mystery.  Much like the identity of the Rulk. 🙂 See you on Monday.  Have a Hulky weekend.

It’s starting already…


Since I was working in Walpole today I stopped by New England Comics in Norwood again today to pick up a few more back issues.  To my utter disappointment, I picked up exactly 4 because that’s all they had that I needed.  The comic shops around me are starting to run out of back issues I need.  That means I will either have to travel a lot further or start relying solely on ebay.  God, I don’t want to do that.  I did manage to pick up…

#207 (Buscema) – Dave Cockrum Cover
#236 (Buscema) – Milgrom Cover
#271 (Buscema) – Milgrom Cover
#295 (Buscema) – Sienkiewicz Cover

That leaves roughly about 132 comics that I need to finish off this Hulk run.  Not bad – I’m not getting frustrated yet… I’m not lying to myself… I’m not talking to myself, hugging myself and rocking in the corner right now… really…