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Matt Fletcher and Chris Uminga BCC Commission (2014)

hulk art not shown 002 - Copy

Here’s the thing – I had the idea for this commission about 3 or 4 years ago.  I hadn’t seen this done yet by anyone and wanted to try to put this together by two talented artists.  But, unfortunately, as I only attend Comic Cons on the least busy day (meaning Sunday) the two artists who I wanted to tackle this idea – Matt Fletcher and Chris Uminga – their commission lists were usually already filled to capacity.  It took me years of asking and then finally compromise to let them take it home and bring this vision to life.  What I wanted what a simple but fantastic homage to one of the greatest comic strip ever – The Peanuts – with Hulk characters.

hulk art not shown 002

Four years ago when I had thought of this idea – I hadn’t seen this done yet.  Since then I have seen a few – but this is my favorite.  Well, of course it is, because this one is mine!  Matt Fletcher handled the task of drawing Doc Samson while Uminga drew the Hulk.  Doc Samson’s look is priceless and Doc’s booth is just perfect!  I was so psyched to get this piece finally – it took a little while but when the final product looks like this – the wait is always worth it!

hulk art not shown 002 - Copy - Copy

Boston Comic Con – 2012! Part 3

Uminga is the tops!

I told you about my great experience with Trimpe – and now onto another great couple of guys – Matt Fletcher and Chris Uminga!  Both of these guys have such unique styles it’s hard to imagine getting a piece from them and not being impressed!  So far, to date, I have a Planet Hulk bust, another Planet Hulk piece on a 5×17 (both are posted on the ART page) but I never had a classic Hulk done – so this was the year!

With Matt – whose style is fantastically unique (how these guys don’t have a regular gig at one of the big two is beyond me) gave me a classic Hulk last year – and this year I asked for Fixit.  He knocked it out of the park!  Right down to the pin stripes and fedora!

Fletcher's Fixit

2011 Boston Comic Con (The Final Post!)

Dexter Vines adds to the Hulk jam!

So here we are – I was off to Dexter Vines table looking to see if he was able to add to the jam piece.  I have been having such a blast at the con this year talking to the artists that I don’t think this day could let me down.  Vines was drawing on a cover – Old Man Logan – and he was finishing up.  I began to flip through the pages he had with him and asked him if when blacking out space (the Hulk pages are heavy in shadows) did he just color in with a marker.  He smiled and said “No, man – I use a Q-Tip.  A Q-Tip can hold a whole lot of ink.”  The artists on either side of him perked up.  “Did you just say you used a Q-Tip?” 

He went on to explain that he has been figuring out all sorts of little tricks to make the inking process faster.  That’s why he is one of the fastest (and best, IMO) in the business.  I turned to another page and asked how he did the stars.  He went on to tell me that he used to block off the images and then do the toothbrush trick – so he came up with a new one.  Before he inked anything he would splatter a somewhat “liquid rubber” onto the page – then he would ink the page and take a Q-Tip to the sky.  Once it was dry he rubbed his fingers over the black – and everywhere the liquid rubber was would just peel right off.  Vines was a fascinating, talented artist – my only regret is not having more time to just chat with him.

Wow - Page almost full!

He added his piece to the page and I went to see Norman Lee.  I asked Norman if he would add to it as well – he asked what charity it was for… this was quite the surprise as no one asked me this before – not to mention – it was not for a charity!  I let him know it was just for a huge fan, myself, and he seemed a little less enthusiastic about adding to it – but he said give him a little while and he will do his thing.

So I took off again, without my jam piece this time, just wandering the con.  I saw an artist, Randy “Rantz” Kintz – but whose stlye I was fantastic and I asked about getting something.  I did not have much funds left – but he was running a “bust” special – so I asked for the Hulk – and this is what he delivered:

Rantz Hulk bust

So yeah – really riding high now!  With the con day coming closer to an end I went back to Lee’s table and he was deep in conversation with another patron.  He spied me walking up and grabbed the pad, handed it back to me and said “I didn’t have time to ink it up, I hope that’s alright.”  I graciously took the jam piece back and – while I would have preferred a more uniform look with inks – I could not complain about Lee’s addition:

Norman Lee Hulk

So, with about 30 minutes left of the whole con I went back to Uminga/Fletcher’s table.  Fletcher was doing the other Hulk commission I asked for, my last one – and while he was still working on it I decided to strike up a conversation with Uminga.  I saw the prints he brought and as I flipped through there was one print I could not help but get – for my daughter – it was of the Hulk of course – and it’s perfect for her room:

Uminga Hulk Print

After I got that I showed Uminga the jam piece.  Since there wasn’t much room left on the page I doubted anyone could fit anything on the remaining open space – but Uminga was up to the challenge and said “I’ll throw something on there”  Sure enough, a few minutes later he handed the pad back and the jam piece was complete:

YES! Uminga Hulk is the last to be on the jam!

I can’t thank each artist enough for generously adding what they did to it – I was ecstatic to watch this page from the very first to the last!

The full Hulk Jam Piece! Yes - it's in the process of being framed!

2011 Boston Comic Con (Part 3)

Batman - your cowl is crooked

Now we’re getting down to the wire here – the jam piece is almost done and the stakes are getting higher!  Last post I told you I went to go see Cho – Frank Cho.  A long shot I know – but I just had to try.  Well, I got to his table and saw he had a small line forming as he just showed up (it was 12:45 by the way).  I joined the line and starting building up the confidence to ask for him to contribute to the jam piece.  The guy at the front of the line pulled out some Liberty Meadows books.  He asked if Cho would consider doing a small ske-

That’s as far as he got because Cho interrupted with “I am not drawing today.”  Not even “I’m not sketching” – no, it was a flat out “I am not drawing today.”  So that was that.  I slunk out of line and turned to see Ryan Ottley right behind me.  Ottley – for anyone who isn’t aware – is the very talented artist who pencils Invincible.  I walked up and introduced myself.  We talked a bit and I asked about the jam piece.  He was interested!  He, like Vines needed some time to get settled, as he just arrived as well, and told me to come back in a few hours.  No problem!  I needed to kill time – and that’s when the loudspeaker announced that the Sale panel was about to start.  Perfect!

Sale Panel

Let me just say – I have never been to a panel before and I wouldn’t have gone to one here either, but the combination of it being Sale and the fact that I was seeking out something to do – I checked it out.  Man, am I glad I did!  Sale, who turned 55 on Sunday (they brought out a cake toward the end – it was pretty great) was suffering from a bit from a loss of voice.  He didn’t let it stop him though as he answered all the questions asked.  He informed the crowd that, yes, Captain America: White is coming out.  That’s all he could say about that.  He also said he’d like to stray away from doing Superheroes for a while and do more of a visually prominent noir story.  It was a fantastic hour and I am really glad I went.  I left the panel and swung by the Fletcher/Uminga table.  Uminga had my Planet Hulk piece ready.  I was floored when he handed it to me:

Uminga Planet Hulk

After getting that I went back to Ottley.  He was more than ready to throw something into the mix.  I decided to bring up the Burning Man incident to which he laughed about.  “Writers do it all the time – it’s a cathartic thing – but none of them were dumb enough to post it on the web.”  Anyways, we laughed about it and he presented me with this:

Ottley Hulk

The jam piece was coming together nicely – now I was worried about getting a Hulk sketch on the page that I didn’t like.  I was so worried, in fact, that I almost decided to call it quits right there – but then I remembered that Dexter Vines agreed to add something on as well – and I really like that guy – so off to his table I went.  Alright, come on back tomorrow to hear about what happened.  Everything will be revealed tomorrow – including the finished jam piece – let me know what you think so far!

5 Hulks down... 5 HULKS DOWN!