Target Gladiator Hulk Ornament (2017)

So, Hallmark isn’t the only game in town making Gladiator Hulk ornaments.  Target has this little gem hanging on the pegs just waiting to adorn your Christmas Tree!  It’s true the Hallmark piece is bigger, better painted and has a more dynamic pose… but hey – at least the Target version is cheaper! Both areContinue reading “Target Gladiator Hulk Ornament (2017)”

NEW Hulk Christmas Ornament (2014)

What can I say – it’s a Agents of SMASH kind of week… and here is the new ornament you can get from the stores based on the Hulk from the animated series.  So you do not get confused there is a cute little H as his belt buckle to help both you and himContinue reading “NEW Hulk Christmas Ornament (2014)”