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A Week of Cobalt Man – Wednesday (TIH #174)


I wanted to make sure that I at least finished off this cover gallery this week of Cobalt Man – but tune in next week, even though it’s a shorter one I will showcase a Major Hulk villain!

A Week of Coblat Man – Tuesday (Incredible Hulk #173)

The only thing better than a metal suit of armor is a BLUE metal suit of armor!  And coblat is the best shade of blue – it’s true!  Hulk vs. Blue Iron Man

A Week of Cobalt-Man! – Monday (Defenders #43)

cobalt hulk 013

This will actually be a short week since I am in my Brother-in-law’s wedding this Friday.  So it will be a short Mon-Wed week – but it’s perfect to showcase a great character that I love!  Cobalt man!  I’m already switching things up here – not only is this NOT Cobalt man’s first appearance – but this isn’t even the first time CM (That’s what I call him – y’know, cause we’re good friends and all) and the Hulk even met!  I love this issue though so check it out!  Next up will be Hulk’s first scuffle with the blue guy!