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Boston Comic Con!


Had a blast again!  My only acquisitions were from the very generous and über nice guy George Perez and the quiet but very talented Aaron Lopresti of Planet Hulk fame!


Scans of the commissions coming soon – but for now enjoy pics of the con!


2011 Boston Comic Con (Part 1)

Hey guys – I haven’t forgot about you!  I know I have reviews to post and I still have Hulk items I have never posted – but I thought I would tell you what a blast I had at the comic con this year.  For a little while it was touch and go if I was going to make the trip, as some of you guys know from reading the last post, due to some major repairs, money is a little tight in the Ratchet household.  So, how do you go to the BCC and not spend a small fortune – but still enjoy yourself and come home with goodies?  Well, it’s a bit easier than you think!  Let me tell you all about it!

The people ahead of me...

I scrounged up a small amount of money to take to the con – and in order to save more of the money for the con I drove the streets of Boston in the wee early morn and found street parking where I could stay for the day.  Amazingly, I freakin’ did it – and it didn’t take very long to find.  I made it to the Hynes Convention Center at about 7:45 – and even though doors didn’t open until 10:00 – I wasn’t the first in line.  Granted – I was 5th – and that is still really good – but I was amazed that the first guy said he’d been in line since 5:00.

And... the MANY people behind me!

More and more people...

By the time the doors opened I managed to become the fourth in line.  It’s a long story.  Actually, that’s not true – it’s just not all that interesting of a story.  Unfortunately, there was no way around paying to get into the con but once the doors opened I followed the few in front of me right through the doors and into the con.  First thing I noticed is that a lot of the artists I wanted to see (J. Scott Cambell, Joe Kubert, Norman Lee, Dexter Vines, Frank Cho) were not there yet.  One reliable and talented artist was there at open – and remains to be one of the nicest, open and gracious artists I have talked to in all these cons.  That man being Tim Sale.

Remember this commission? Yeah, awesome, I know!

I have a whole lot to talk about with Tim Sale but part now and then more later.  First, I brought my Hulk: Gray deluxe HC for Tim to sign.  Also, I brought an idea.  I am about to tangent here for a moment so bear with me and try to follow along.  I was on SF yesterday (Statue Forum) and saw that one of the attendees asked some of the artists to do a quick head shot – something very quick – and collected them all on one page.  Sort of a collection of small sketches sometimes called a “jam piece”.  So, in addition to the sig, I asked Tim if he wouldn’t mind doing a small sketch of the Hulk to start a jam piece.  Without hesitation he agreed and drew a small, classic Sale Hulk in the corner of my pad.  I also reminded him of the Hulk commission he did for me 2 years ago that, to this day, is one of the best commissions I have had done.  Sale and his crew not only remembered the piece but also commented that they all agreed it was the best fast pass of that whole convention.  Wow!  What an honor!

Sale begins the "Jam Piece"

Alright, so let me give you an idea of what I am talking about with the jam piece.  It starts with a blank page and all it takes is one generous artist willing to give a minute of their time to doodle something anywhere on said page.  In this instance, as I just shared, it was Tim Sale:

The Jam Piece begins...

Now, the trick is trying to find another artist to do the next one.  For me, the next artist I wanted to talk to was Greg Capullo.  I really enjoyed taking the time talking to the artists this year – but Capullo stood out as one of the most genuine nice guys.  He looked everyone that came to his table in the eye, shook their hand and asked their name.  He would then start a dialog and after he signed whatever he signed he stood up, shook your hand again and said goodbye, using your name!  It was an impressive thing, it really was.  So, here’s the thing.  When I asked Sale to start the jam piece I was a bit nervous, mainly because if he said no I probably wouldn’t have the nerve to ask another artist, but because Sale was so agreeable to starting the jam piece I had a bit of confidence riding on over to Capullo.  Like I said, he was a real nice guy – and even if he had said no to adding to the jam piece – he’d still be a real nice guy.  Luckily, he didn’t say no.  He admitted it would be something real quick, which was more than fine to me!  Because here’s the thing about a jam piece – and keep this in mind if you decide to try one out – not only do the artists you ask NOT have to do anything – but if they agree – out of their own generosity – be happy with whatever they give you!

Greg Capullo Addition

Greg added to the piece and I was off to seek out another artist to add his personal touch to the piece!  I was so excited and riding high I figured it was all up hill from here… and I was wrong.  Not to leave you on a dramatic note – but come on back tomorrow to find out what happened at the BCC ’11.

The Page so far....

Boston Comic Con in the AM!

Heading to the Back Bay Convention center tomorrow!  Cannot wait to meet Herb Trimpe!  I will certainly be posting pictures and stuff – but, and I admit, I should have posted this last week – but anyone have any questions that you would like me to ask him?  I ave a whole bunch myself – but I thought I’d ask…  Anyways – you’ll see pics this week!

I will be there – will anyone else?

UPDATE: I went and got a few great Hulk items that I will be posting soon!  Stay tuned!