Hulk Room Saturday!

I was lucky enough to get one – ONE – detolf before IKEA took them out of their inventory – and then put them back on at a slightly higher price.  I was given this as a present for my birthday from my sister.  Still one of the best gifts ever!  I figured I wouldContinue reading “Hulk Room Saturday!”

Marvel Legends Returns! Constrictor (2012)

You can say I am lucky – you can say I have a real knack for finding newly released figures – either way I was more than ecstatic to find the new line of ML at a local TRU today!  No one was more surprised than me to see the pegs filled with these figures!  ThorContinue reading “Marvel Legends Returns! Constrictor (2012)”

Marvel Universe Constrictor (2010)

This figure was brought out in the same wave as Thanos – and for some reason I hid not posted it yet!  I had 2 of them – but then Steve Yarish – of the best website ever – needed one and I hooked him up with my extra – because that’s what Hulk fans do. Continue reading “Marvel Universe Constrictor (2010)”