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Hot Toys Cosbaby Hulk (2016)


A while ago there was a Hot Toys release – Artist Mix Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulk – which was a stylized version of the Hulk that, while really fun and unique, was slightly ruined with the inclusion of the bobble head that all Marvel solid figures are required to have.  We’ve gone over this before but for anyone who isn’t aware Mighty Muggs made it impossible for any other company to produce a figure like this.  Every subsequent figure – including all the Funko mystery figures and the Pop figures – have had a bobblehead feature.  I wish that stipulation didn’t exist because some of these figures would be perfect without the bobbing head.


This figure is an interesting one and a bit different – it has a “baby” look to it – or more to the point, and what I think is more appropriate, an anime feel.  Mostly due to the absence of a nose and the oversized eyes.  The cartoony and gigantic hands are contrasted wonderfully with the short stubby legs and gives the figure a Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes) look.



The bobblehead feature on this figure is so subtle that you can’t really even notice it.  I think this figure is a step above the Artist Mix piece – but mainly because I love the figures that stand out in a huge collection.  Both are certainly worth it – but if you’re going to buy just one I would go for this one.