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Custom Mego Leader (2010)

Custom Mego Leader

I don’t buy a lot of customs – usually I don’t see any that I like for the prices they ask.  The best ones come from a great guy named Sean – but unfortunately he’s on the other side of the globe and shipping is outrageous!  I particularly love his Planet Hulk customs.  His re-paints are HUGE improvements over the originals.

Close Up

I did see this figure on ebay – I have thought many, many times I wish that Mego did more Hulk villains – and this was so cheap I snagged it up.  It’s the perfect representation of the old-school, classic Leader – the only issue I have is that it is actually taller than the actual Hulk figure.

Leader and the Hulk

Leader and Roto Hulk

Red Hulk Figures – Custom Made!

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There are a few Red Hulk figures up for sale on ebay right now. Go here for the link. Some are really well done – others are… really not.