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A Month of the Leader – Day 16

I owe a post… but here, on this cover – it shows no other comic character has a better porn-stache than the Leader!

Hulk #1 Variants (2008)

Turner Variant

Turner Variant

Let’s be honest – Loeb sucks at writing the Hulk – but the MF knows how to sell books… or does he? Let’s see – the idea of the Red Hulk was said to be Marvel’s idea, not Loeb’s, Loeb just said he could write it. Most people, when asked, admit that they buy the book for the art – not for the story, personally, I buy the book out of loyalty. When you buy a comic for over 15 years month after month you don’t just stop. At least I don’t. Yes, for a few months Hulk was the best selling on-going Marvel title. But if you look here:


You would see that the Hulk went from selling 133,895 comics in Jan. of 2008 to 87,774 in December. While 87,000 comics is still huge in this market – it’s also a difference of 46,121 comics. In fact, most of the sales are highly inflated – mainly because of variant covers. I have said that I’m not a huge fan of variants – and I’m not – for two reasons mainly. First off – they sell for inflated prices that never hold up. Secondly, it’s just a way to pad sales. So, why is it I have these variants? Well, I went to a few comic shows and they were there – that’s one. And another is my friend Corry will call me up and say – “Hey, I have that Hulk variant #9, do you want it?” – And all I hear is… “I have something Hulk that you don’t have yet so you better buy it” And I do. That’s how it came to me acquiring these two variants. The Keown Hulk cover and the Turner Hulk cover. Keown has it hands down if you ask me – but Turner will be sorely missed and he had such a great style.

Keown Variant

Keown Variant

Keown Hulk Shirt – Shirt #20

Hulk Shirt #20

Hulk Shirt #20

This is also the cover to Incredible Hulk #377 – the comic that has the first appearence of the merged Hulk.  The cover is better than #379 which shows the Hulk’s face – people love that cover, but this one is freakin’ sweet!  I bought this shirt at a comic shop… somewhere.  It was a while ago.  I can’t remember – so sue me – but it was a choice between getting this shirt or one of the Red Hulk.  Exactly, there was no choice – obviously the only reason to get a Red Hulk shirt is to burn it.

Hulk it up Y’all

Marvel donated 100 Hulk #1 comics to the Hero Initiative.  Each cover was drawn by a different artist.  After seeing the Dale Keown I just have one question… How is a guy this talented even human?  He’s some sort of robot, I swear to God.  It was just a sketch on a white comic cover and this is how his came out.  If he were alive in the 1800’s they would’ve thought he was a witch with special drawing powers and burned him alive.  Check out the rest of the covers by clicking on the cover above.

Hulk Visionaries:Peter David – Volume 5 (2008)


This great collection may be hitting a speedbump.  I would be crushed.  It’s like discovering Peter David all over again!  But, back to that speedbump, this collection, which is volume 5, was supposed to be out at the end of January.  Than it was pushed back 2 weeks.  No big deal – except that I still couldn’t find it anywhere once it was out!  How are people expected to buy it if they can’t find it!  I had to special order this book from Borders.  It just came today – which is great – but I’m worried that I won’t see a Volume 6 or 7 or… Oh, *shudder* I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

The Incredible Hulk #372 & 376


There was no better time for a Hulk fan than the early 90’s.  Peter David was just hitting a creative stride, Hulk was selling better than ever, and Dale Keown had never made the Hulk look better.  I prefer the illustrations of this time period – (recent drawings seem to highlight a bunch of veins branching out every where) these seem almost simplistic now.  #372 is the comic where the Green Hulk literally comes ripping out of Bruce Banner’s skin!  Might I be so bold to say – best reappearance of a character ever!  You knew the Hulk wasn’t going to stay Grey forever – but to have the Green Hulk come back so violently was just so poetic!  These 2 covers are some of my favorites of the Keown Hulk era.  The all too short Keown Hulk era.

Red Hulk #1 – Keown Variant

variant red hulk 

NEW Hulk #1 variant by Dale Keown.  Right now Dynamic Forces is selling this book signed by the man himself for $15.00.  Click on the image to get to the link.  Get it if you like variants – get it if you love Hulk.

Update: If you didn’t get it when I told you about it you now have to pay double what it was – it’s still selling, luckily, bit it’s now $29.99.  But it looks damn good!