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Disney Exclusive Marvel Select Planet Hulk (2017)

IMG_0801 (2)

I have to say, I was expecting a bit more diversity in facial expressions in all the Planet Hulk figures we’ve gotten from the new Thor movie.  This is more comic accurate though – not movie accurate at all. You know why?  The freakin’ OBEIDIENCE DISC!  How hard would it be to… no, nope.  I will not get into this again.  I will just focus on the fact that we have a great representation of the Planet Hulk storyline!  The Marvel Legends is still a fun and great figure but horrendously inaccurate.  The brown pants, the exclusion of the obedience disc, the missing sandals – it just wasn’t a perfect representation of the Hulk from the last classic Hulk story in the past decade.

IMG_0802 (2)

Like I mentioned, I would of liked to se amore rage filled face, a snarky scowl or something – but we get another Hulk with a slightly annoyed face.  He looks more like he has to watch his little sister’s dance recital than he’s being forced to fight for his life in an arena against alien beings.  I don’t have an open one yet so I can’t speak of it’s poseability, articulation or even a complete paint app because the shield covers his armored arm but from what I can see it looks pretty darn impressive!

Anyone out there buy this and open it?  What do you think?

Incredible Hulk Tsum-Tsum (2016)

more stuff 011

My daughter absolutely loves these things!  When purchasing a Black Widow Tsum-Tsum at Target I wondered if they had a Hulk.  A trip to The Disney Store confirmed my suspicion seeing not only a mini Tsum-Tsum but also a super-sized, asprin shaped, stuffed Hulk!  I picked up both but I had to pick up an extra for my son. Yes, the boy is fully talking now and says Hulk regularly.  It might have to do with the Hulk posters I have put in his room – but I like to think it’s just karma for me allowing my daughter to love Captain America over the jade giant.

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I’m not so sure that these little stuffed sausages are everyone’s taste.  They seem like a flash in the pan – much like Mighty Muggs was – but for the meantime they are worth a gander.  If you do choose to pick one up pick up the larger one – it’s cooler and less available.

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Disney Exclusive Marvel Figurine Set (2012)

The Whole Set

I keep running into the issue of having been backed up for so long – and having a whole slew of Hulk items to show off that I can’t remember what I posted and what I have not.  I don’t THINK I posted this – but if I did… sorry.  Anyways, this was a Disney Store exclusive.  I am pretty sure they aren’t selling it anymore but I think they are all over ebay – and the Hulk is certainly a decent sculpt.  Worth picking up!  Come on back tomorrow when I post my review of the Hulk #14.

The Best Part of the Whole Set!