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Ego Dorbz (2017)

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Let’s just get this out of the way right now… Kurt Russell is a gosh-darn national treasure.  The guy is amazing in everything he does and he always seem to be having fun doing it.  When I learned he was going to Ego the Living Planet in the MCU I immediately thought “This is the best move Marvel has ever made”.  He didn’t disappoint either.  He was awesome.  I remember thinking that I would absolutely make sure to pick up anything commemorating this actor in this role.  Even in a line as identical as Dorbz I think Russell’s personality shines through.

Alien & Facehugger Dorbz (2018)

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The new TRU exclusive Dorbz is both awesome and unexpected!  I was pleasantly surprised when I found the clear “Bloody” Dorbz but they outdid themselves when I saw the Alien inspired Facehugger exclusive!  The character with the baby Xenomorph attached to his face is just so great – still one of the greatest scenes in cinematic history!  I also found a grown up Xenomorph.

IMG_1059 (2)

IMG_1060 (2)

It has to be said that these alien creatures had to be one of the coolest alien designs ever.  I love the original and the sequel – granted the follow ups have not been spectacular – but I love Prometheus and Covenant.  Either way, I am really glad they have been extending their horror and Sci-Fi in the Dorbz line.

IMG_1061 (2)

All they really had to do was add the features that make this character so original – the extending mouth, that whipping tail and the tubes on the back – needless to say – they nailed it!  The Facehugger gripped around the noggin of it’s victim looks so great.  TRU really kills it here with the exclusives!  The only other Xenomorph is a blood splattered one that is a Chase.  I’m not sure I need that but either way I am happy to have these!

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Weapon X Dorbz (2017)

IMG_1045 (2)

It’s funny how last year seemed to be the year of Wolverine as far as toys and collectibles go but he was MIA in the comics.  There was a rumor floating around – one that was somewhat substantiated later – that the Head of Marvel made the characters that weren’t under the MCU umbrella disappear from the comics.  One way or another.  The FF was put into another dimension.  Wolvie was “killed” off.  It was an obvious, albeit childish, reaction to not having some of their most popular characters not in their control on the big screen.

IMG_1048 (2)

Of course, I’m not sure exactly what happened but I do know that I was all too excited when they made Logan appear in his Weapon X gear in X-Men: Apocalypse.  I love the storyline of Logan hooked up to all the doohickeys and gadgets – his appearance something out of nightmares – completely out of his head and violent!  Even funnier is when they decided to make a Dorbz from that moment.  The pudgy little blob decked out in the gear Logan had to suffer through makes it both really sad and kind of hilarious!

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Compound Hulk Dorbz (2017)

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I was late to the party when I realized how great the Walgreens exclusives began surfacing.  I missed out on all sorts of Pops and Dorbz that I would love to purchase.  Venom, Carnage, Spider-Man 2099 are all Pops that kick butt!  I would rather not go to eBay so instead I do without. I was thinking I’d have to do without the exclusive Compound Hulk as well because I never bothered looking when it was all over the stores.  One Wednesday in February I was on the way to my LCS when I noticed an Iron Patriot Dorbz on the shelf.  I knew that the Iron Patriot was out about the same time as the Compound Hulk so I peeked at what was on the shelf behind him and saw… the Compound Hulk!  I was so surprised and excited I might have said “You’re kidding me!” in a voice much louder than acceptable.  I then hurriedly looked around to see if anyone heard me say that out loud.  Thankfully, I was alone.  Then I felt pretty embarrassed that I was talking to myself.

Either way, I was happy to stumble across this exclusive – while I have decided to really focus on the Hulk merchandise and not supporting players – I still have wanted this guy for quite a while.

IMG_1142 (2)

Predator Dorbz (2018)

IMG_1062 (2)

When I found the clear “bloody” variant I immediately thought that I wanted to seek out a regular Predator Dorbz.  Luckily, it didn’t take me too long to find one – although I only found one!  The Predator paint application is awesome!  The little skulls strapped to his pudgy little belly gives all who oppose him a warning that no one should take lightly!

IMG_1063 (2)

I can’t really express why I prefer the Dorbz over Pops but I’ve seen the Pop Predator and I wasn’t really impressed.  The Dorbz, however, I love!  I wish I could explain it – but I can’t!  What makes this little guy better than the larger and more popular toy?  I have no idea but I love it!

IMG_1064 (2)

Walgreens Exclusive Iron Spider Dorbz (2017)

IMG_0727 (2)

Walgreen’s has really been stepping it up as far as exclusives.  Their contract with Marvel was one of the best moves they could have possibly made.  The Funko and Hasbro figures are some of the most wanted figures you could ask for.  Venom, Carnage, Spider-Man 2099 and this – The Iron Spider!


Gladiator Hulk Exclusive Dorbz (2017)

IMG_0997 (2)

In the days before the internet you had to hope that any stores hosting exclusive figures (which first occurred to me in the 90’s with, of all things, Star Wars) was an easy car drive away.  Now. of course, with access a computer, everything is just a mouse click away.  Whenever I heard that Books a Million was going to have an exclusive Dorbz I had to just hope that it would be available online – and not “ebay” online – the secondary market be a blessing and a curse.  Sure, it helps to be able to sell things when you can – but it also gives an outlet to people who are greedy opportunists, selling the more sought after toys for triple the retail price.

IMG_0995 (2)

Luckily, I had the good fortune to come across some great deals where I was able to snag one – or two – of each.  I never even heard of Books a Million but they certainly are more popular after this past winter!  Having the exclusive that has the Hulk in his “off time” gear was a brilliant move.  It’s one thing to have the Gladiator Hulk in his action gear with or without a helmet but it’s a whole different animal to have the Hulk in new gear.  Especially when it’s the Hulk – who is not known for costume changes.

IMG_0985 (2)

I don’t want to take anything away from the Walgreens Exclusive Hulk – it’s a great piece!  Just slightly different from the regular (limited) Dorbz this figure has no helmet and a little axe – which I prefer over the alien hammer that the Hulk sported in the movie.  Both of these exclusives are different enough to be worth the separate purchases.

IMG_0986 (2)

Years ago, Funko released the second Pop figure of the Hulk and it literally was just a repaint of the first Hulk except he had tan pants.  I chose not to get that Hulk because it seemed redundant to me.  That was a mistake, of course, as that Hulk is now “retired” and really expensive.  I sort of regret not buying it – but I also don’t.  Again, it was just a simple repaint!  Thankfully, these figures are all so different it’s not like buying the same thing twice!

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