40th Anniversary Hulk Bust (Green Version)(2003)

I have an affinity for a certain color and sculpt of my Hulk items.  Sometimes, just sometimes, a Hulk sculpt lends itself to both colors very well.  I have the grey version of this bust – I love it so much I made it a personal quest to acquire the green version.  Funny enough… theContinue reading “40th Anniversary Hulk Bust (Green Version)(2003)”

Mike Hill’s Dynamic Forces Hulk 1:1 Bust (2003)

    I could be wrong here – but I think it came out in 2003.  Anyways, It’s Friday and I’m all excited because I waited ’till the end of the week to show you this masterpiece (let you guys digest this awesomeness over the weekend).  Based on Alex Ross’ artwork (who I’ve heard isContinue reading “Mike Hill’s Dynamic Forces Hulk 1:1 Bust (2003)”

Dynamic Forces Green Hulk Bust (2003)

I did get the Graham Cracker exclusive variant of the “Gray” bust.  This version is actually better than I thought it would be.  The color is really bright and the sculpt look appropriate for the color in both.  I think these busts are the weakest of all the busts – but still, in person, theyContinue reading “Dynamic Forces Green Hulk Bust (2003)”

Abomination Bust (2003)

This controversial bust is a very unique vision of the Hulk’s 2nd best enemy -The Abomination.  The Abomination never really looked like this in the comics, and he seems to be scared of something.  Dynamic Forces produced 350 pieces (what was originally supposed to be 750) but maybe it just wasn’t popular enough.    ThisContinue reading “Abomination Bust (2003)”

Dynamic Forces Gray Hulk Bust (2003)

  This leaning Hulk bust came out in 2003.  His pecs seem to be shrinking.  The sculpt is a unique look at the Hulk – can’t say it’s the best – but it isn’t terrible.  Why is his shirt poking up like that though?  The bust is limited to just 1,963 (again, he came outContinue reading “Dynamic Forces Gray Hulk Bust (2003)”