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Aquon Forever!


My good friend Dave sent me a link a while back to an ebay action for the art pictured above.  If you are a fan of this blog at all than you know my fondness for the Hulk foe Aquon and his premiere issue The Incredible Hulk #165.  This page features the work of the celebrated artist Herb Trimpe – whose recent passing has made his original art even more expensive.  This was a curious page as I was interested but knew it would reach, at the very least, a grand.  Amazingly enough, this is the second time he posted this page as the first time the auction ended just south of $1,600.  Apparenty, the auction winner has second thoughts and did not pay.  With that the owner of the art has to relist it and this time the auction ended just over $1,000.

That’s still just slightly over what I would have paid for it – so congrats to the new owner – but the price is still pretty impressive if you consider this: The art doesn’t feature any heroes!  Well, sure, that’s the back of the Hulk’s head – but you can’t see much of the jade giant at all – and that’s the very cool Captain Omen – but again, his presence in the MU these days is negligible.  Still, you can’t deny owning Hulk art from Trimpe is amazing in itself.  As for me, don’t feel too bad about me missing out on this art.  Truth is, I already own a original Trimpe Aquon drawing.  You can see it here: 165 Review


Hulk Window Cling (2008)

Hulk Window Cling

Hulk Window Cling

Here is why ebay is so great.  I would never have been able to snatch this Japanese import up if ebay wasn’t around.  Tis’ true – ebay as of late is pretty sparse of any real deals to be had – seems like the only auctions on there right now are from ebay stores.  Or they are just plain crazy, like this guy, but this seller not only offered this for a cheap price but also offered Free Shipping!  Woo-Hoo!  Who remembers the when those stuffed Garfield window clings were all the rage?  Man, I hate that stupid orange cat.  But back to this item.  If you look at the head it looks exactly like the first ML Hulk’s head.  But this is a midget Hulk – can you imagine is they created the Hulk as a midget?  Man, that would have been kind of cool!  Maybe not…

Side View

Side View

Hulk Back Issues 171-174


These are a small lot I got off ebay.  I hate picking up back issues off ebay – but if there is a lot of comics that I need – and they are a good price – then I fold like a chair.  As I start narrowing the numbers that I need it is harder to find said comics, so ebay may be my only real shot.  This small lot was great and it nearly finished off the 170’s that I need.  I love the cover with The Juggernaught.  Classic.

Someone’s Lucky Day…


This is the oppurtunity for someone – who is not me – to own almost an entire run of Hulk comics!  I don’t post for other people very often – but this is a great oppurtunity for most Hulk fans that don’t have a large collection of back issues.  On ebay, right now, is a lot of 308 Hulk back issues!  From 102 – 400!  Not including a few #’s like 103, 112, 120, 150, and 181 (first Wolverine)  Take a look for yourself – I have too many of these issues for it to be worth it for me to partake in this auction (boy do I wish I had an opportunity like this when I was younger) but I thought it was still worth mentioning to anyone out there who is on a quest like me.  Click on the picture for the link. Good Luck!

UPDATE: This auction is now over – it went for an impressive $1,225.20.  Nice.

Stretch Hulk!!!!!!! For Sale!!!!!!!

This is the rarest Hulk toy out there – and no, I do not own one – I would love to though – but I don’t have enough scratch to pay for one yet.  They go for thousands of dollars.  And one is up for sale on ebay right now!!!!  Go here for the link.

UPDATE: The auction is over – and this nice item went for an impressive $710! (Won by the Stretch King himself, visit his website, link on the side of the page)