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Boston Comic Con – 2012! Part 4

If you have a chance to see McG - do it - all around nice guy who likes to laugh

Alright – last post about the BCC and then I will get back on track with reviewing the latest issues and posting Hulky goodness.  The final post here will feature a sort of “Best of Times, Worst of Times” theme.  Every year I try to visit artists who are not as well known – artists who may be up and coming real talents.  I am certain the name Jeff Wamester will soon be known very well!  Anyways, I will tell you up front, and I’m sure you can tell by the title pic, McGuiness finally did get to his table – and not only was he a pleasure to talk to and a jovial, down to Earth kind of guy, he was also sketching!  Quick sketches – and I was lucky enough to not have to wait in the long, long line to get this:

Wow! Love it!

Classic!  So, let’s move onto a mis-step in the journey of BCC.  I saw an artist – and I won’t bother with the name – but I saw a Captain America piece he was working on and thought it was a unique approach.  A little funky but cool looking – so I asked about a Planet Hulk.  Now, not only did the artist make a grave mistake by confusing a WWH with a Planet Hulk (note the tiara and “loin cloth”) but he also gave me something that looks like it took about 2 minutes.  What is the squiggle on his arm?  Anyways – here it is:

Ummm... WTF?

So – being a little bothered I didn’t want to leave the BCC on a down note.  I was trying to find an artist who would re-create a couple of famous Spiderman covers – but make them Hulk themed – and one of the artists agreed but asked if it would be okay for him to take it home and mail it to me.  I can’t wait to see the art completed – but I will keep it a secret on which cover it’s being based on.  There is another cover I wanted though – it’s the VERY FAMOUS McFarlane Spidey cover ( this one) but I wanted it to be reversed – I wanted the Hulk to be punching Spidey.  This is the most fun piece I took home this year:

Awww - YEAH!

The artist’s name that did this Rich Woodall and he knocked it out of the park!  I can’t even tell you how amazed I was when I came back to his table and he presented me with this!  Let me know what you guys think – I had a blast this year and I can’t wait for next year!

McGuinness coming to Boston Comic Con in April!

This is great news!  I will be working on doing quite a few things at the Comic Con this year – and as every year, would LOVE to meet up with some other people there – if you plan on going, let me know!

Hulk #30 (2011) – The Review

Hulk #30 - Compound Hulk!

Is it in McG’s contract that he only work on frivolous Hulk stories?  I mean, this isn’t as bad as Loeb’s stuff – but it sure was silly.  Well, I don’t know what else to expect when we see “Compound Hulk” on the cover!  But hey, at least there is some continuity in play here.  The story starts (and ends) with Impossible Man – you know when that character appears that what will come next can be explained in one word… ridiculous.

Woodgod - has seen better days

Hold on – let me start with the fact that the Red Hulk beats up Woodgod who tells his “Father”, none other than Xemnu, the original Hulk.  Xemnu is back to beat the Hulk – but is confronted with the Red Hulk instead.  Too bad Red’s not immune to Xemnu’s mind control – and with that Red begins to beat himself up.  Hulk shows up to save the day – except Xemnu has a whole slew of aliens ready to beat the Hulk up.

Xemnu is back... again...

Impossible Man is there to watch – but when Xemnu’s monsters begin beating the Hulks he decides to step in – mainly because he doesn’t want to see the Earth destroyed.  He pulls out a ray gun and shoots the Hulks and WHAMO!  Compound Hulk is born.  And yes, it’s as stupid as it sounds.  But not totally terrible either…

...but this time he is not alone...

The Hulks – even though they share the same body now – can’t seem to agree and continue to have trouble getting anything done.  Matters get worse when Xemnu releases his real secret weapon – a creation that is everything that he feels is good with the Hulk – and nothing left in that he loathes!  So, in other words, a grey, super smart, strong Hulk… only it’s called Kluh!  Get it?

Kluh... hopefully this is the last ime we see this character...

The Hulks finally start working together to defeat Kluh – and next, using Fin Fang Foom’s fiery breath (that’s him, right?  It’s sure looks like him if it’s not) to burn the hair off of Xemnu.  Impossible man says that was a lot of fun – and even suggests that they take the act on the road – but in the end the Hulks are separate and go their separate ways.

Xemnu is mostly robotic... like Darth Vader

Maybe it’s still coming off of the Loeb run – but this story was a just bit too out there.  There’s funny – and then there’s this… which was chuckle worthy a few times – but overall… I feel like I wasted $4.  Grade: C-

The Hulks refuse to stay together

Hulk #10 Page #19 (2009)

Hulk #10 Page 19

Hulk #10 Page 19

Did I need another McGuiness page?  No.  In fact there’s probably only one other page I would get – but it’s a little out of my price range right now… But I did pick this page up for one reason – it displays the Defenders.  Sure it had the Defenders from one of the worst Hulk writers ever – but the pics are so pretty!  Also, this is the page that we discover it’s the Grandmaster’s Brother – The Collector – who is playing a game to get the team back together.

The Defenders are Back!  Kickin' it old school!

The Defenders are Back! Kickin' it old school!

I love the look of the Surfer in this shot.  Looking over his shoulder and seeing the Grand Master he almost seems bored.  With good reason of course – he does work for Galactus.  But it’s the shot of the Hulk in a rage at the bottom of the page that I freakin’ LOVE!  It’s the kind of shot that they make posters out of!  I remember when Adam Kubert was drawing the Hulk and he drew a close up of the Hulk’s face for the cover of Wizard – that was such a great piece – and this reminds me of that.

Hulk Freakin' Smash Beeyotch!

Hulk Freakin' Smash Beeyotch!

UPADATE: I sold this page in April of 2010 – mainly because I had 3 Hulk pages and I kept the one I liked the most – but I got myself the Bowen Smackdown Hulk – the grey version – with the sale of this page.  I wanted that statue for so long!  Now I have it!

Hulk #4 Page #21 (2008)

Hulk#4 Page #21

Hulk#4 Page #21

While picking up a couple pages from the new series I picked up both pages 20 and 21 – this page features the Red Hulk tossing the green Hulk off the bridge.  If anything – Mcguinness can make a page gorgeous.  The three long panels on the page – each of them span the entire length of the page – the first has the Rulk pushing Hulk off the bridge – the second has the green Hulk tumbling down practically through the bridge – and the last panel has the Rulk celebrating “King Kong” at the top.  We all know what came next of course… Thor shows up.  I have been thinking that I should’ve gotten one of those pages instead – but hey, I want them all.

Rulk Kong!

Rulk Kong!

 UPDATE: So, I sold this page in April of 2010 – for a really nice chunk of change – much more than I paid for it – and it will be going toward a great page from an artist I don’t have!  In fact, the only McG page I kept was the page before this one – Page #20.

Hulk #4 Page #20

Hulk #4 Page #21

Hulk #4 Page #20

Let’s start the year off with a HUGE Hulk bang!  How about original art from McGuinness?

It’s the truth – the horrible horrible truth… even though the story is crap – the art is AMAZING!  So how can you pass up picking up original art from the new series?  Especially when there was a great sale on it.  Take a look at this page here.  You might remember this scene – the green Hulk bites right through the gun that the Rulk is threatening him with.  Then he knees the nemesis in the nether regions.  Great stuff – this is the scene right before Thor shows up – actually there is another page – which I have!  Which I will show a little later… stay tuned in!

My friend and I remember going to Comic Cons a few years back.  McGuinness was always sitting by himself without a crowd.  Who knew?  Then came his run on Superman – all of a sudden you couldn’t get anywhere near him!  That goes to show you – try to search out the new talent – the undiscovered masters.  Having art from the masters is always exciting – well could you imagine getting art from George Perez or John Byrne BEFORE they blew up?

Hulk... Eating Lead

Hulk... Eating Lead

Wizard Posters 3 (2004)


These are more Wizard posters.  I think it’s appropriate to show these now – the new Hulk artist has a poster in this lot – the upper right hand corner is his handy work.  The painting with Thor is better – but my favorite is obviously the close up of the eye – that is why it’s front and center.