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If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say…

ed norton

Ed Norton still takes no responsibility for his being replaced in the MCU  Click the image for the article.


Incredible Hulk Movie Card Set (2008)

2008 Hulk Movie Set

This here is just a 6 card set that has all of the actors in their roles and a Hulk and Abomination card.  The set is very limited to only 999 – I found this set at New England Comics in Quincy.  I was bummed that they didn’t make a full set movie cards for this movie – but this is at least something!  Each card has the actor’s name on the back and who they played in the movie.  I’ve never seen this set anywhere else and I am not really sure where it comes from – but if anyone knows I would be thankful for the info!

Come on back tomorrow!  I will be taking a break from the all the cards and reviewing… oh – that would be cheating – you have to come back tomorrow!

Entertainment Weekly… right now

The recent Entertainmant Weekly has updates on the Hulk movie, like – for example – it confirms the Tony Stark (Downey Jr.) will make an appearence!  That’s pretty cool.  A nice article appears – as well as a Superhero stat page where it basically says the Hulk would “whup” the other superheroes with ease!  Okay, it didn’t say that exactly – but they imply it!  In my mind they do anyways…

Ed Norton isn’t talking… (UPDATE)

So, according to G4, Marvel Studios won in the battle of the final cut of the film against Ed Norton (Marvel wanted a trimmer, faster paced film – Norton wanted the longer, more detailed story).  Now Ed Norton won’t be found on the publicity tour for the new movie.  Norton’s camp is insisting that it’s not because of his anger of losing the battle but because “The film speaks for itself.” 

I’m sorry, speaks for itself?  How can anyone NOT want to talk about the Hulk film?  Now, I think Norton is a very talented actor – and I don’t know the real story (maybe the feud was blown out of proportion, the way Norton said it was) but if we heard the true story, then Norton needs to trust the people he works with in making the right decisions for the film the way they trusted him to be the best person for the role of Bruce Banner.  Now go see Letterman ya frikkin’ baby!

UPDATE: Read Norton’s press release here.  I like the part where he says how he wrote the script.  He wrote it.  No mention of anyone writing any drafts before him – this is his brain child! – He wrote, produced, edited, he’s a one man movie making machine he is!  I don’t think this press release does much for his ego-maniac depiction.

New Hulk Movie Poster

new hulk movie poster

Is it me or does Ed Norton look a little Bill Bixby-esque on the poster?  Rumors are abound with Norton putting up a stink about the final cut of the film and threatening to not do publicity.  I hope that’s not true.  I hope it’s all been blown way out of proportion.  I hope everyone received puppies for all the great work they’ve done on the film.  Even the CGI Hulk.  Puppies and Lollipops.