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Civil War 10th Best Movie of the Year?


Entertainment Weekly has given Captain America: Civil War a slot in the top ten best movies of the year.  Actually, they eek it just in at #10.  That’s not too shabby but let’s remember this is also the mag that has continuously praised the Ghostbusters remake no matter how hard audiences reject it.  Still, it’s good to see quality get appreciated when just a decade of so ago these movies were thought of as men in tights punching each other!

Entertainment Weekly Ranks Superheroes!


Hulk apparently only ranks #8 but they did not grade “powerful” in the same way Wizard used to mean powerful.  They factored in things like Bankability, Design, Originality and Personality.  Hulk still only ranked #8.


A sidebar also gives us a silly ranking of which superheroes would be the worst roommates.  Hulk excelled at that:


Entertainment Weekly… right now

The recent Entertainmant Weekly has updates on the Hulk movie, like – for example – it confirms the Tony Stark (Downey Jr.) will make an appearence!  That’s pretty cool.  A nice article appears – as well as a Superhero stat page where it basically says the Hulk would “whup” the other superheroes with ease!  Okay, it didn’t say that exactly – but they imply it!  In my mind they do anyways…