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Figure Factory (Grey Version) (2005)


I finally got around to getting this figure – and although it was accompanied my one of the very rare BAD experiences I’ve had on ebay – I’m really glad I got it.  It’s the same as the green version – except for the new head sculpt (which I love when they do that).  The new head looks a lot more characteristically correct for the big grey lummox.  Just plain perfect.  I like the green highlights in his hair and his big green lip too.

Wait – what is that displayed behind him?  I bet some of you know… will post it soon.

Figure Factory (2005)

FF Hulk

There is a grey version that I don’t have.  Seems pretty easy to get on ebay but – I haveother items I would like first before this.  The idea is cool – you get a box full of broken figurine and you put him together.  When you are done you take him apart again and put him back in box.  Ta-dah!