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Trilogy turned Quadrilogy! Mighty World of Marvel #196-199

MWOM #196

Sure enough – true to my word – I made it my quest to find someone selling The Mighty World of Marvel #198 (The equivalent to The Incredible Hulk #181) without trying to over charge me.  It’s sort of too bad looking through ebay now. What used to be a site full of bargains – one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, after all – is now full of scalpers and flippers who are just out to take advantage of someone.  (Yes, I am looking at you “Stretch King”).

MWOM #197

Sure enough, with a little bit of time, I found a seller that charged a VERY decent price for this black and white reprint… with free shipping 🙂

MWOM #198

So, now I have all 4 parts, with my favorite cover being issue #197, of one of the better written Wendigo stories.  Such a classic Hulk villain corrupted by that hack Loeb… will Wendigo ever be able to live down the embarrassment of his appearance in the truly forgettable Jeph Loeb series?  Hopefully!  Unfortunately, Pak certainly didn’t do much to help things in his swan song – but we do have the re-boot to look forward to!

MWOM #199

Marvel Universe Hulk vs Wolverine (2012)

Hulk vs Wolverine 2-Pack

The new Hulk sculpt has seen many, many releases already.  The first to hit the shelves was Wal-Mart’s exclusive.  People were speculating if the single carded figure was going to be different – but as I showed yesterday – it was not.  Well, thankfully, Hasbro did not make that mistake twice.  The Hulk in the new 2-pack is a lighter, and better, shade of green.  That is fantastic since this is one of the better Hulk figures made.

I like how they are placed right in front of their images on the cover!

The other very distinct difference is that they gave this repaint eyebrows.  I think it makes the Hulk look even better – angrier.  I think the changes are made to better match the Hulk in the comic provided – the often re-printed Incredible Hulk #181.

1st Appearance Wolverine!

The Wolverine figure, as the other half in this 2-pack, is pretty much the same kitten whiskered, bright yellow Wolvie figure that was single packed in Wave 13.  There are not any significant changes that I can see.  That’s alright though – because, packaged, this figure makes way more sense!  The single carded figure is fine – but since this is the ONLY time Wolverine had this costume – it only makes sense to have him packed with a character that will actually sell!

The better painted Hulk!

Let’s turn the tables here for a second – let’s stop with the love fest and talk about price point again.  I know, I covered this yesterday – but these 2-packs went from $15 to $19 in one jump!  $19?  That’s a whole crap load of mu-lah to be handing over for two freakin’ 3 inch figures!  Not to mention, when these first hit the shelves I think they were somewhere in the $12-$13 range!  How in the hell did the leap to $20 happen so fast?

But listen, if you want to pay $20 for a couple of figures, no one’s going to stop you… well, no one stopped me.  It’s just upsetting that Hasbro has increased the prices on these little guys so fast.  I would usually buy a double to open – but at this point I don’t ever see that happening again!


That being said – the 2-pack is phenomenal!  An absolute must have for Hulk fans!  Pick it up now!  If you don’t mind being financially raped… Grade: A+ 

Marvel Universe First Appearance Wolverine (2011)

1st Appearance Wolverine

It’s pretty much downright boring out there on the toy shelves right now for Hulk fans.  The latest wave of MU figures does have a first appearance Wolverine – and yes, I picked it up – because I am that awesome and dedicated!  And I had a coupon.  Coupons are the key!

I might be in the minority – but I think Wolvie should use this costume more – let’s bring it back!  Maybe he could defeat his opponents by making them laugh to death!  This outfit would do it!

I'm the best at what I do - and what I do is dress like a lemon kitty in blue underwear

The Mighty World of Marvel #197 (1972)

The Mighty World of Marvel #197

Speaking of Wolverine… overseas they released what they called the Mighty World of Marvel – and what that was were black and white reprints.  I have not been able to track down #198 – the reprint of Wolvie’s first (really second) appearance.  I did get this one though – #197, Wolverine’s cameo (first real appearance).  The cover is absolutely bad ass!  Wendigo is one of the best Hulk villains ever – and this is true Trimpe style!

Wendigo vs Hulk - one of the best fights ever!

While #198 is basically the same as the cover to #181 – #197 looks nothing like #180.  That’s because #196 does!  That’s right – the trilogy is actually spread out between 4 different issues in this series.  #196-#199.  I have every issue on its way… except #198.  Damn Wolverine.

The Money Shot!

The art inside is all the same – just no color – and there are some pin ups, like the one below.  This is a pretty great series to have – if you want to -but if you HAVE to choose to get the US series and this – absolutely get the US series!

Hulk/Leader pin up!

Hallmark Hulk/Wolverine Ornament (2010)

2010 #181 Hulk Hallmark Ornament

The 3-D portion of the ornament!

The new set of Hallmark ornaments have hit the stores – I first saw them back in early October – and I was going to wait to display it but then I thought better.  I figures if people didn’t know about this then showcasing it now would be for the best.  It’s actually an amazing little ornament – I mean it even opens up to display part of the story from #181!

Comic comes to life!

The battle rages on!

It is inevitable that this issue will forever be remembered – I mean, in the pages of the Hulk they introduced one of the most popular characters of all time!  And not to mention Wolverine too!  Ha!  See what I did there?  The best part of this story is that Wolverine comes to take down two enormous beasts – and doesn’t do much… yet he still becomes this wildly popular character!

And... the Wolverine Falls!

Even these days, even after Logan has survived beheadings, being at ground zero of a nuclear explosion, being eaten alive… he still has a hard time facing the Hulk.  In fact, if you go to the great site Leader’s Lair he chronicles each of their fights.  Amazingly, even the 1 win Wolverine has is not so much due to Logan himself.

Here's Logan!

So, the best part of this ornament is the 3-D style they made the cover in.  Wolvie’s claws are poking out of the cover as Hulk’s arm is jutting out after swiping at him!

The Box

Wow! This is what I call an auction!

The last time I checked this beautiful copy of 181, graded at 9.8 is at $11,100!  $11,100 is a lot of scratch!  That’s an amazing piece of history – and it’s not even finished yet!  As I was talking to Herb Trimpe in Boston this past Saturday he told me that in the past 3 to 4 months he has had more requests to draw Wolverine than any other character.  More than Hulk!  More then Godzilla!  That makes me a bit sad… I mean, let’s look at the facts here – Herb drew Wolverine’s first appearance – but he did not create that character – he didn’t even design him!  He said it himself – someone asked him if he was upset that they never credit him with the creation of the character – he said “No – it doesn’t bother me!  I mean, I just drew him.  They showed me what to draw and I did it.”  It’s not a character that Herb basically DEFINED for an entire generation!  Yet- this is what people want to see from him as of late… oh well such is life.

The best thing about this book – it’s not even about Wolverine.  It’s about the Wendigo!  And I know too many people who own this book who have never even bothered to read the story!  What is up with that?  You pay enough for a copy of a book – you should know the story front to back!  Just my opinion – but I can’t imagine it being way off base!

Wolverine #50 (2006) – The Review

Wolverine #50

Wolverine #50

Within this comic is 2 stories – and the one I’m focusing on is called “Puny Little Man” – brought to us by the team on the regular Hulk book, Loeb and McGuinness.  While that may be a deterrent for some others may be enticed to check this issue out.  It was released almost 2 years before the utterly horrible “Hulk” title and showcasing the Wolverine’s first appearance in the comics.  Loeb’s pencils are flat out amazing in this issue and his regular inker Vines makes his images pop – while the coloring was done in an old school way – dare I call it pixilating – if my memory serves… I could be wrong though.

Look at how gorgeous that is!

Look at how gorgeous that is!

I would love to track this art down

I would love to track this art down

The story is quite simple, The Wolverine just remembers what that first fight with the Hulk was like.  He wonders why he talked the way he did, why he was working for the Canadian Government, why he was wearing such a ridiculous costume, and why he even thought he could take on the Hulk and Wendigo – although they really don’t mention or even show Wendigo in this story (SHOCKER!  Loeb is leaving out obvious and important plot points in a story!) but the fight with Hulk is great to look at.

When will Wolvie learn?  He's no match for the Hulk!

When will Wolvie learn? He's no match for the Hulk!

Wolverine slashes over and over until the Hulk finally gets a hold of him and then rips him apart – and Loeb takes on the now classic art of Hulk tearing Wolverine in half – man, I would LOVE to own this piece of art! – but the end of the rather quick story has Wolverine waking up and thinking it was all a dream.

I wish I had this much talent in my pinkie toe...

I wish I had this much talent in my pinkie toe...

All in all – not too bad – but a very quick and fun story that packs in so much beautiful art it’s worth picking up.  Grade B+