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Jason Vorhees Softs (2017)

IMG_1107 (2)

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th and the best slasher films that the 80’s had to offer has to go to the Friday the 13th series.  Jason Vorhees not only had the best back story but also the most inventive deaths.  Sure… as the series progressed to the 7th and 8th instalments they may have gotten a little “long in the tooth” but I loved Jason goes to Hell AND Jason X.  For me though, nothing compares to Part 4 – the incorrectly names Final Friday.  That is easily the best of the entire run!  For all the love I have for these movies I’ve picked up only a select few of my favorite pieces, including these two plushes.

IMG_1106 (2)

I know there are more softs out there but I just picked up these – the Fabrications was a must due to the ability to remove the mask and see the gruesome features underneath! Some of the softs have the mask attached or sewn on – big mistake in my opinion – one of the must haves for a cool figure is the grotesque face underneath the iconic mask!  How could you not?  Of all the memorabilia from the Friday series – these two might not be my favorite but they are certainly the most adorable!

IMG_1108 (2)


Funko Mystery Minis Miek Figure (2017)

IMG_1012 (2)

One thing I did not want to do was to have to pay scalper prices for something so tiny like this little guy here.  While I like having this character, since he debuted in the Planet Hulk storyline, I didn’t think it was all that important.  I mean $30-$45 for a tiny figure like this, I just wasn’t about to shell out the dough for it!

IMG_1014 (2)

Why is it so expensive?  Well, this is one of the rare 1/72 figures.  Luckily, it is also one of the heavier figures to seek out.  Snatching one up should be easy – it’s heavier than the most of the other characters but lighter than the Hulk.

IMG_1013 (2)

I do find the little guy a bit disturbing – check out his stomach and what looks like tiny nipples poking out.  Ugh, looking at it makes me feel like Luke in the latest Star Wars.  I feel like I should milk him and drink the green sludge just to freak people out.  I was psyched to find this guy though.

Stress Ball Hulk Dorbz (2017)

IMG_0919 (2)

One of my favorite little gems from the Marvel Collector Corps box was this little, squishy green Hulk that looks eerily similar to the original Hulk Dorbz.  I can only hope to get a hold of another one soon!  It is interesting – while being part of the MCC is usually a thrill itself, thanks to eBay you should be able to get a hold of anything you’d like.  You may be paying a premium for them though – and it seems like there are a whole slew of people who are just part of the subscription service to do just that.  Search out Hulk stress ball and you’ll find this little guy all over the place for anywhere between $6-$30.

Looking forward to the next box – Wolverine themed – but I know if I ever decide to drop this club I know I will be able to get a hold of anything I want from the ‘bay!

IMG_0922 (2)

First Appearance Hulk/Banner Pop! (2017)

IMG_0913 (2)

I haven’t even really been able to get into the Marvel Collector Corps box that was sent out in December – that’s how crazy last year was! Filled with so much great Hulk merchandise!  Going forward I’m really going to try to catch up – but keep in mind the way this blog works I usually post 1 or 2 items a week.  This works out well as I don’t get overwhelmed in blogging and I can keep an accurate record of everything I still need posting.

IMG_0914 (2)

As much as I enjoy getting deliveries of Hulk merch I’ve also become a little disillusioned by the MCC.  The Thor: Ragnarok box was supremely disappointing – fidget spinner and all – with very little Hulky goodness inside.  The only real exciting part was knowing that the next box was going to feature the greatest Marvel character ever conceived – the Hulk!  We were even given a little teaser letting us know the most anticipated part of the box would be the 2-pack Banner Hulk first appearance.

IMG_0915 (2)

Taken straight from the cover to the 1962 Incredible Hulk comic book we are served with a Banner Pop and an oversized Grey Hulk!  It’s been a very long time coming that we were to get a grey Hulk Pop.  I was sort of hoping for a Mr. Fixit – but seriously, this is splendid!  Finally getting a Hulk in his original drab color has been one of the biggest hopes of avid Hulk and Pop collectors, myself included!

IMG_0916 (2)

If I had a chance to add in just one little wrinkle to this magnificent 2-pack, I would have loved the Hulk to have the yellow shirt rather than the grey shirt drawn on the cover.  Much like depicted on the description page in the box.  Banner, who is an impressive little twerp of a Pop even sports some thick lenses for his glasses!  It’s truly an achievement for Funko delivering such a fantastic duo to us – especially since the Thor box offered what felt like a retread of helmeted Loki.

IMG_0918 (2)

The Hulk and Banner will easily be sought after for years to come – it’s already being snatched up for double to price on eBay.  If you have the chance to snag this set then really – do so!  The whole box is awesome – you will see as I post more from it.


Spider-Man Pint Size Heroes (2016)

IMG_0648 (2)

Being a huge Venom and Spider-Man 2099 fan I just wanted to get these two… except every single figures feels so similar to the other that it’s impossible to tell who is who in the package.  Having a free afternoon and a few extra bucks in my pocket I decided to roll the dice and see if I can score the characters I wanted.  I don’t recommend this practice as it never usually ends quickly or the way you want.

IMG_0649 (2)

I grabbed a bunch of packages and walked up to the register.  I told the lady I was going to buy one at a time and open each right there at the register until I get the one that I want.  I of course let other customers through when they had one – but if not it was all me just sitting there opening package after package looking for Spidey 2099 or Venom!

IMG_0650 (2)

If you’re familiar with this blog then you’ll know this is not an uncommon practice – I’ve done this before and usually the employees get into the whole experience with me. So, if you do the simple equation I snagged a Spider-Man, Black Cat, Gwenpool (mask and no mask), Parker, Goblin and 2 Spidey 2099 before I was able to snag a Venom.

Target Exclusive X-Large Gladiator Hulk (2017)

IMG_0902 (2)

I have been extremely impressed with Target when it comes to exclusives this past year.  I am also extremely impressed with my wife who found this humongous and impressive beast! She regaled a story of how she called every Target in the area until she found this big guy in stock.  She packed up my stuffy little son – who was staying home from preschool that day – and drove about an hour away to snag this monster!  She wrapped it up and stashed it under the Christmas tree.

IMG_0905 (2)

IMG_0906 (2)

The crazy part is yet to come though… I told Olivia that I had heard many times that these huge Pop figures are arriving to Target with busted hammers.  If she were to come across a broken hammer Pop to snag it anyways and I will gladly glue the hell out of it.  She then drove the hour commute BACK to the Target the following day and found one with a broken hammer.  She was able to get it for a discounted price and when I arrived home that day she surprised me with it!

IMG_0991 (2)

IMG_0992 (2)

These Pops are absolutely stunning and the perfect character to release in the over-sized ________.  Target released a 10″ Groot before this which was very cool and regularly sells for twice the retail.  I feel like the Hulk could possibly appreciate in the years to come – especially since there are quite a few showing up to the stores damaged.  If you’re a savvy shopper these guys should still be in the stores – but desperate people can find them on the bay just be prepared to pay $40-$60.

IMG_0904 (2)

So needless to say, my wife won major points this Christmas.  Not only did she find me a couple of 10″ Hulks (that sounds a little dirty) but she went the extra mile to get them.  Collecting all the Hulks from Thor: Ragnarok seemed a little daunting when everything was announced but ultimately I had fun tracking all the great stuff this time around.

IMG_0987 (2)

Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive Pops (2017)

IMG_0765 (2)

I’ll admit up front that these Pops aren’t in my collection anymore.  While I enjoy the subscription service I don’t usually need – or want – every Pop they offer.  I sold off most of them but these little guys ended up at my LCS.  I still like the service – although, I will tell you, if this next box doesn’t impress as much as the Hulk one does I will probably quit it.  Are any of the readers out there subscribers as well?  What do you guys think of it?  These Pops weren’t that bad – just did not fit into my theme at all.

IMG_0766 (2)

IMG_0767 (2)