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Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Mystery Minis (2017)

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Just when you’ve reached the end of your rope with the Hulk pieces from Thor: Ragnarok all being exclusives and limited or even worse… really freakin’ expensive, we’re finally dealt a break by Funko in the form of the Mystery Mini.  Before we continue with the review here – will you take a look a the size of that first sentence?  Let’s move on.  Like I mentioned seeing the distribution of the characters it’s a relief to see that the Gladiator Hulk is actually one of the more readily available.  With a 1/6 chance to score this little guy it’s also a relief to know how easy he is to find IN the mystery box.

IMG_0775 (2)

If you lightly shake each box you’ll notice certain figures don’t move as easily as others.  Now, with a few larger figures you’d still be stuck getting figures you’re not trying to obtain if it weren’t for the fact that the Hulk’s not only one of the bigger figures but also the heavier!  With that 1-2 combo discovering the boxes that this guy is hidden in isn’t a challenge at all!

IMG_0777 (2)

IMG_0778 (2)

I had narrowed it down to 2 different boxes that could possibly the Hulk when I discovered my instincts were spot on!  With both boxes opened each one contained the Hulk I was looking for!  Can I just say, the sculpt on this figure is awesome!  I again wish that Funko was not locked into having to make these figures bobbleheads but it’s something I can live with when the pieces come out this cool!  I mean, look at his little oversized helmet and alien hammer!

IMG_0776 (2)

After discussing this with a good friend he informed me that Hot Topic also has a variant with the Hulk in his gladiator leisure wear. I was a little dejected thinking I spoke too soon with the Mystery Minis being an easy score but have no fear Hulk fans!  The Hot Topic exclusive is also has a 1/6 chance!  The weight and size of the figure still applies so with just a little patience you can narrow it down to the exact right box!

IMG_0795 (2)

IMG_0796 (2)

Again, I had it narrowed it down to 2 boxes it could be AND…: BOOM goes the dynamite!

IMG_0794 (2)


I Might Have a Problem…

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Whenever I see the Spider-Man Mystery Minis and I can tell there is a Venom in the box I feel as though I have no choice but to buy it!  I can’t stop myself!  I know exactly which boxes have the Venom figures so I buy it up!  I have now taken to buying both Venom AND Rhino!  It’s like a virus that I can’t shake!  I see the boxes and tell myself not to even go near them because I don’t need anymore Venoms.  Then, like I knew I would, my self-control fails me and I find myself in the toy aisle shaking these damn boxes again!  When I come to the Venom I tell myself I will not buy it.  Guess how that works out?

IMG_0780 (2)

If it happened once or twice I’d say it wasn’t a sickness – but look at this disaster that keeps spreading!  Count them!  This has happened 9 times!  I’m like an addict with no support group, man!  I have more Mystery Mini Venoms than I know what to do with!  The real kicker is knowing that the next time I find myself in the presence of these boxes I will definitely be shaking those damn boxes to pick out the Venom… and, most likely the Rhino.  At least the Rhino has a past with the Hulk – but Venom?  They’ve met and fought, what?  Once?  Ugh… someone help me!

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Thor: Ragnarok Pop Figures (2017)

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It seems as though even retailers know that the best part of the new Thor movie will be Hulk’s presence.  Almost every retailer has looked to the Gladiator Hulk as a variant to have in their stores.  The original Pop is cool enough with his massive helmet and large hammer type weapon – and easily available, although I hardly ever see it on the shelves!  It does not sit like the other figures from this series do.  But some of the variants available are from WalMart and Toys R Us.

IMG_0752 (2)

IMG_0753 (2)

IMG_0772 (2)

While it was a pretty easy variant I’m still glad they chose to do a Gladiator Hulk without helmet.  As an extra bonus they also have switched out his Hammer for an axe.  WalMart exclusives are pretty touch and go.  They are either abundant and in every store or the shelves are barren and you can’t find them anywhere.  The only real lucky turn was that the superstore also made this exclusive available on their website.  Go and order 1 or 2.

IMG_0771 (2)

IMG_0769 (2)

A Variant I was super surprised about was getting a Bruce Banner Pop – but thanks to Toys R Us we now have one!  Sure, it’s not perfect – it is a movie version rather than a comic version – but sometimes we take what we can get!  This exclusive was also available on the website but should not be too hard to find in stores as well.

IMG_0770 (2)

The only one I am missing – and easily the hardest Pop to obtain – will be the NYCC Exclusive Hulk Pop. Instead of the Gladiator get-up the Hulk is in the Ultimate Hulk rags – necklaces and all.  It’s super cool looking but good luck in snagging one before all the scalpers do.  Look for it to go for a pretty penny on the bay!


Funko Thursday!

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The tradition of Non-Hulk Thursday continues today as I show off a few Funko collectibles.  There is no doubt Funko has become a juggernaut in the toy and collectible space and my theory is that they purchased every conceivable license out there so that they could dominate the market place.  How else can you explain the explosion of such a unique and fast growing company.  If you collect ANYTHING at all to do with pop culture than odds are you have a Pop or Dorbz or even a Mystery Mini in your collection.  While I have most of the Hulk offerings I also picked up a few extras.  I nabbed a He-Man and Skeletor Dorbz because, growing up, there was nothing better than settling down to watch an episode of MOTU.

IMG_0627 (2)

IMG_0628 (2)

I also snagged a Ms Pac-Man (a superior game to the original Pac-Man) as this was a gae that has endeared itself to me even to this day.  I have to tell you, I am still in shock at just how far Funko’s grasp extends.  It is truly one of the most impressive companies, just in sheer scope, that has come down the pike.

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Hulk Pop! Ceramic Mug (2016)

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Funko has managed to take over the world of actions figures.  I can’t imagine any other company that rose as quickly and dominated the market as fast as Funko.  They’ve done so mainly with simply sculpted small figures in covered boxes.  The biggest selling pieces they offer are, of course, the POP figures.  They do branch out here are there with some other products including these mugs based on the heads of the POP figures.  Pretty cool and fun.

Funko Pop! Ceramic Mug (2015)

meme 90th 011

There is something adorable and awe inspiring about the reach of Funko’s licenses.  They have everything from John Hughes movies to horror classics to Star Wars and DC.  It’s staggering to see the TV series, video games and more all sculpted into little pieces of plastic.  They have been creating more and more – including this mug – based off their sculpts for the Marvel Pop figures.  While it is fun and unique they seemed to have a very poor paint application.  You can see sloppy brush strokes that are very distracting.  It’s not expensive (and I’m a sucker for Hulk Head mugs) but there are certainly better mugs to spend your money on.

meme 90th 010

Funko Jaws (2015)


I don’t buy many funko figures – you know the ones I am talking about – the retro, 3″ bland figures that cost $10?  I am not a fan of them and I think they are pretty boring.  There are hundreds of figures of every license you can think of – Karate Kid, Big Trouble in Little China, Pulp Fiction, Gremlins and more!  I never gave any of the series a thought until I saw the Jaws line.  I loved the Brody, Hopper and Quint figures – and the big guy himself, Jaws complete with an exploding (not actually exploding) compressed air tank!


That was still not enough for me to buy the figures though – as cool as they were – until I saw the 2015 Funko exclusive – bloody Jaws with eaten Quint figure!  There was no way I was going to pass by this beauty of a figure!  Rarely will companies have a brilliant execution of a classic series such as this.

If you weren’t able to get this piece when it hit the stores, unfortunately, you will have to pay a premium on the secondary.  But this is so worth every penny!