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Hulk Pop! Ceramic Mug (2016)

IMG_0559 (2)

Funko has managed to take over the world of actions figures.  I can’t imagine any other company that rose as quickly and dominated the market as fast as Funko.  They’ve done so mainly with simply sculpted small figures in covered boxes.  The biggest selling pieces they offer are, of course, the POP figures.  They do branch out here are there with some other products including these mugs based on the heads of the POP figures.  Pretty cool and fun.

Funko Pop! Ceramic Mug (2015)

meme 90th 011

There is something adorable and awe inspiring about the reach of Funko’s licenses.  They have everything from John Hughes movies to horror classics to Star Wars and DC.  It’s staggering to see the TV series, video games and more all sculpted into little pieces of plastic.  They have been creating more and more – including this mug – based off their sculpts for the Marvel Pop figures.  While it is fun and unique they seemed to have a very poor paint application.  You can see sloppy brush strokes that are very distracting.  It’s not expensive (and I’m a sucker for Hulk Head mugs) but there are certainly better mugs to spend your money on.

meme 90th 010

Funko Jaws (2015)


I don’t buy many funko figures – you know the ones I am talking about – the retro, 3″ bland figures that cost $10?  I am not a fan of them and I think they are pretty boring.  There are hundreds of figures of every license you can think of – Karate Kid, Big Trouble in Little China, Pulp Fiction, Gremlins and more!  I never gave any of the series a thought until I saw the Jaws line.  I loved the Brody, Hopper and Quint figures – and the big guy himself, Jaws complete with an exploding (not actually exploding) compressed air tank!


That was still not enough for me to buy the figures though – as cool as they were – until I saw the 2015 Funko exclusive – bloody Jaws with eaten Quint figure!  There was no way I was going to pass by this beauty of a figure!  Rarely will companies have a brilliant execution of a classic series such as this.

If you weren’t able to get this piece when it hit the stores, unfortunately, you will have to pay a premium on the secondary.  But this is so worth every penny!

Funko Pop Hulk Key Chain (2015)

lex play 032

I enjoy this companies many offerings.  I don’t feel compelled to make sure I get every piece they release but I pick up what I can.  This was a quick pick up at a comic shop – something that is both adorable and helpful.  Let’s face it – you have this on your keys there is no way you are losing them!

lex play 029

Storm Glitter Hulk… If you’re into that sort of thing.


If you follow Funko on Twitter they offer chances to win limited edition figures if you retweet them.  I didn’t win this figure – titled Storm Glitter Hulk – while I don’t “get” this variant, I mean, what is a storm glitter anything? It is limited to 1100 pieces.  So it has that going for it.  If you’re a fan of this company, and let’s face it, who isn’t?, then follow these guy on Twitter.  The next limited variant might be a punk elephant underwear Hulk!  Who doesn’t want one of those?

Hulk Bobble Head (2008)

hulkbobbleon dash

This toy is, as you can tell, sitting on my dashboard.  I bought it when I went into Newbury Comics and they had nothing else Hulk in the whole shop – so, you see, I had to buy it!  I think it fits really well on my dasboard.  This is called a Wacky Wobbler and made by Funko it is supposed to represent the Movie Hulk.  I think it looks pretty good and like how the movie Hulk was very similar to what you see in the comics.  I personally like a lighter shade of green – and they have a Comic-Con Exclusive that is more of the neon green – but I don’t think I will be getting that one.  Of course, if you read this blog regularly, then you will know that I said I wasn’t going to buy this toy either! 

Man, I lie like a dog, Huh?  I seriously have NO willpower when it comes to Hulk merchandise!