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Tom and Jerry POP! Figures (2018)

walgreens hulk 016 (2)

A huge part of my childhood included these two frenemies battling it out on a daily basis.  I loved the dynamic between these two with Jerry edging out as my favorite by the slimmest of margins!  Jerry holds a piece of cheese while Tom wields a huge cleaver ready to chop Jerry into bits!  There are a couple of variants to look out for including a 2-pack that is completely flocked!  While I would love to get my hands on those I’m still pretty happy to have these!

walgreens hulk 017 (2)


Chrome (Gold) Hulk POP! (2018)

new hulk 002 (2)

I know that these variants are easy ways for companies to make money just simply repainting an already used sculpt but I have to say – I love the shiny new look!  The “chrome” aspect is absolutely fantastic and I could not wait to find one!  A local LCS has been getting these pieces in and charging an absolute premium on them at a whopping $20!  But venturing into a Gamestop one night and asking for this piece the clerk called over to his “sister” store at a nearby mall.  Well, my luck must have been working overtime that day as the store in the mall had just ONE left!  I rushed to the mall and the bought this hard to photograph guy for just $11!

new hulk 001 (2)

Spider-Ham Pop! (2018)

walgreens hulk 006 (3)

Walgreen’s keeps on churning out the amazing exclusives!  Spider-Ham is not that memorable of a charcter with most people probably not remembering these issues even occuring.  The day I went into the store to see if they had the Spider-Hulk the woman came out with this little guy instead.  I was psyched to see it as I didn’t even know they were making him.  Just like the recent ML figures seeing this in person made me want to purchase him.

walgreens hulk 010 (2)

walgreens hulk 008 (2)

I even think I might enjoy this little guy more than the Spider-Hulk!  Actually, who am I fooling – nothing compares to anything Hulk themed!  This is still a classic and unique Pop.  I am a sucker for the unique pieces.  I missed out on the first offerings that Walgreen’s had like Venom and Spider-Man 2099 but I was glad to realize and take advantage of this series of Pops!

walgreens hulk 006 (2)

Hulk vs Loki Pop (2018)

walgreens hulk 011 (2)

In another instance when asking gave me a piece that wasn’t on the shelf, the following day after I found the Spider-Hulk I went back in and asked about he Hulk vs Loki.  The gentleman working the floor very happily told me that he had them in the back.  I couldn’t believe my ears as I literally JUST found the Spider-Hulk there!  When he came out of the back I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I didn’t squeal this time like I did when the woman brought out the Spider-Hulk Pop but I was just as excited!  They also had the Spider-Man in buggy Pop but I didn’t want to pick that one up.

walgreens hulk 014 (2)

walgreens hulk 015 (2)

This piece, of course, depicts the moment in the Avengers when the Hulk slammed Loki repeatedly into the ground at the top of Stark Tower.  It was one of the best Hulk moments in the entire MCU and I’m really glad they commemmorated it in plastic!  It was a little more expensive than I thought it would be but since it’s a whole diorama I think the $25 is worth it.

walgreens hulk 012 (2)

Spider-Hulk Pop (2018)

walgreens hulk 001 (2)

I’m not sure how or why my Walgreen’s happens to get the new items so quickly – but I am extrmemly happy!  I walked in on the 1st of October and, my whole mantra is “kill them with kindness”, asked one of the clerks putting items out if they happen to get the new Spider-Hulk Pop.  This sweet woman said she would go in the back and take a look.  When she arrived back in the aisle she was holding… Spider-Ham.  I actually got excited though – the Spider-Ham figure is really cool!  It will have it’s own post later.

walgreens hulk 006 (2)

The woman went into the back once again and when she came out she had the Spider-Hulk in hand!  I might have gotten very excited – a little too excited perhaps – as I squealed out “It’s an oversized Pop!”  See, I was not aware that it was one of the larger Pops so it took me off gaurd.  In a really good way, of course!

walgreens hulk 003 (2)

walgreens hulk 004 (2)

This is still one of my favorite moments in comics and also one of the best figures to be released in the Spider-Man Classics line I was psyched to see that Funko was making this piece!  I know that there are a lot of Hulk Pops being released and this was one of the ones I was nervous would be difficult to find.  Thankfully, having a worker willing to go that extra step made my shopping trips successful!  My advice: If you have yet to find this in the store, make sure you ask if they are in the back!

walgreens hulk 002 (2)

Christmas Hulk Pop! (2018)

hulk new stuff 001 (2)

I swear that 2018 may go down in Hulk history as the year that Funko finally went Hulk crazy!  Including this guy we are getting a transforming Banner, a gold Hulk, a Spider-Hulk, a Hulk vs Loki Pop set and this little bad ass Pop right here!  Yes, there are three different Christmas Pops you can choose from including Spidey in a Christmas sweater, a baby Groot feeling festive and this Hulk obviously disappointed by his loot!

hulk new stuff 004 (2)

hulk new stuff 005 (2)

Santa seemed to be good to the jade giant but the look on his face says everything you need to know!  Maybe he asked for a Red Rider B.B. Gun and he can tell that square box doesn’t contain the rifle he so desperately wanted!

hulk new stuff 006 (2)

hulk new stuff 007 (2)

I was able to snag this guy at a random Gamestop I was at on my travels around my beautiful state.  I was in luck that morning as the guy behind the counter said he just got them in and had just put them out.  I did decide to pick up two of them because, let’s be honest here, how can you not use one of them as a decoration?

hulk new stuff 003 (2)

Avengers: Infinity War Mystery Minis Box (2018)

IMG_1303 (2)

No lie – whenever I can snag a box like this I make sure to.  It’s pretty fantastic when you’re able to get something as an added bonus – most of the time stores won’t be bothered at all if you take the box since they would usually just throw it out anyways.  I wouldn’t have picked it up if the Hulk wasn’t on the box – but he was I a snagged it.

IMG_1302 (2)

I do love the Hulk and Hulkbuster being side by side on the side of the box – and the fact that they even included the Hulk was a bonus since he was in a total of less than 5 minutes in the whole movie.  I have check but I know there are a few missing minis from the entire collection.  A glow in the dark chase and metallic versions exist that I don’t have.  Maybe someday.

IMG_1304 (2)