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Avengers: Endgame Hulk Funko Pop #451 (2019)

hulk 2019 041 (2)

I would love to display this merchandise proudly – it’s too bad that the movie really did our Green Goliath an injustice and I’m truly not a fan of the “space suit” that he dons in this movie.  Overall though, it is the Hulk and I did get this guy to add to the collection.

hulk 2019 040 (2)

Funko Hulkbuster Iron Man vs Hulk Pop (2018)

christmas hulk 014 (2)

All I say is “Wow!”  with all of the Hulk related Pops that were produced on 2018.  This is easily one of the most sought after.  One of the only real memorable moments from Avengers: Age of Ultron was the awesome Hulk vs Hulkbuster fight.  The Hulk, with his mind taken over by Scarlet Witch, is on a rampage and the only one to stop him is Tony with “Veronica” or, as we all know it, the Hulkbuster suit!  These scene Pops are a really fun idea although they take up a crazy amount of space!

christmas hulk 016 (2)

christmas hulk 017 (2)

I do like the 10th Anniversary products but they are charging quite the premium for them!  This was a Fall Convention exclusive but also offered through the Walgreen’s website.  These were also originally priced at $39.99 – which also adds to my complaint about the pricing of these 10th Anniversary MCU items.  If you head over to Walgreen’s website now you will find these for the much better price of $29.99.  I’ve heard a lot of these have come damaged – but thankfully mine came perfect!

christmas hulk 018 (2)

Funko Pop! Bruce Banner Turning Green (2018)

christmas hulk 001 (2)

Say what you will about 2018 – it was a mess of a year – but let’s be thankful for the small things, such as the amount of Hulk related Pops we were served!  The list is pretty large – especially considering the fact that we weren’t given a Hulk movie or even a Hulk moment!  Getting beaten by Thanos does not count as a Hulk moment.  At this point we are blessed with two Bruce Banner Pops and both, I think, are essential in any Hulk collection!  This one is pretty abundant now – but for the longest time it was a nail-biter as to see if and when we were going to get it!  I found this Gamestop quite a while ago – if you are following my FB for this blog then you would know exactly when I bought it.  If you’re not following it – then what are you waiting for?

christmas hulk 002 (2)

Funko Pop! Groot with Stormbreaker (2018)

christmas hulk 005 (2)

This year it seems that Funko really stepped up their game with their most popular line – the Funko Pops.  This excellent representation of teenage Groot making the move to be the hero and supplying the handle to Stormbreaker.  One of the cooler moments in the latest Avengers movie which had practically every hero that the MCU offers – it’s hard to make every character stand out.  With Groot, this definitely gave the prepubescent twig a moment to shine!

christmas hulk 004 (2)

The real gems are the details littering the characters.  The mossy green top and the almost translucent axe that makes the deadly end of Stormbreaker made this Pop a must have!  Groot Pops, in my opinion, are hit or miss with this and the recent Holiday Groot are fantastic additions to any Funko collection!

christmas hulk 003 (2)

Carnage Exclusive Pop! Figures (2018)

hulkyhulk 023 (2)

I loved the latest round of Venom Pop! figures that Funko released.  The Pop! that has Eddie Brock’s face show while the symbiote is covering him is a thing of beauty!  Same with the Cletus Cassidy figure – but the bigger excitement is the exclusives that are being offered of this character!  The Carnage Pop! coloring is straight out of the comics – even with the exaggerated, over-sized head doesn’t take away from the brilliance of the sculpt of the new Carnage figure.

hulkyhulk 027 (2)

hulkyhulk 026 (2)

The Fall Convention Exclusive boasts some tendrils shooting from his body and arms and look awesome.  This is a big year for Carnage as he not only has these new Pop!s but also he had the cameo in the Venom movie as well as the fantastic Marvel Legends line!  Much like the new ML figure that has Carnage with an axe hand FYE released a Pop! boasting the same appendage.  It’s pretty great.  As usualy, my only complaint lies with the fact that all of the Marvel Pop! figures have to be bobble heads – it’s still not enough to dissuade me from picking these pieces up!

hulkyhulk 024 (2)

hulkyhulk 025 (2)

Tom and Jerry POP! Figures (2018)

walgreens hulk 016 (2)

A huge part of my childhood included these two frenemies battling it out on a daily basis.  I loved the dynamic between these two with Jerry edging out as my favorite by the slimmest of margins!  Jerry holds a piece of cheese while Tom wields a huge cleaver ready to chop Jerry into bits!  There are a couple of variants to look out for including a 2-pack that is completely flocked!  While I would love to get my hands on those I’m still pretty happy to have these!

walgreens hulk 017 (2)

Chrome (Gold) Hulk POP! (2018)

new hulk 002 (2)

I know that these variants are easy ways for companies to make money just simply repainting an already used sculpt but I have to say – I love the shiny new look!  The “chrome” aspect is absolutely fantastic and I could not wait to find one!  A local LCS has been getting these pieces in and charging an absolute premium on them at a whopping $20!  But venturing into a Gamestop one night and asking for this piece the clerk called over to his “sister” store at a nearby mall.  Well, my luck must have been working overtime that day as the store in the mall had just ONE left!  I rushed to the mall and the bought this hard to photograph guy for just $11!

new hulk 001 (2)