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Really Gentle Giant?!?!? I thought we were over this!

Ewww… WTF?

After the last successful Hulk bust – Gentle Giant is releasing a hideous new bust based on the Avengers movie.  I can honestly say I will not be in line for this one… ever.

Gentle Giant Hulk Bust (2012)

Gentle Giant Hulk Bust

Here’s a funny story – there is a Keown Hulk drawing out there that I am not a fan of… it’s so terrible looking that I refuse to post it here – so here is a link instead.  I know I may have people out there who thinks that the drawing is awesome – but you are wrong.  Sorry – but this is my site and I make the rules 🙂

Open hand – ready to bitch slap!

For me – the Hulk really depends on the face – and I think Keown really botched up the face on that drawing!  BUT – GG has created a 3-D version of this art which I actually love!  They toned the face down a bit, which really helps, and they sculpted the hell out of the torso!  I have not seen a bust that I have been this excited about since a Bowen!  The only issue I have is that the seam by the neck is a little too obvious.

Loving this sculpt more and more – every time I look at it!

Overall, getting into the collectibles market right now is a gamble.  The business itself is floundering – so, in order to make a splash right now, you have to really step up the game and bring out the big guns out of the gate – and that’s what GG has done with this NEW Marvel license.  If this Hulk is any indication, we are in for a lot of really Hulky goodness!

What? Isn’t everyone’s hands bigger than their heads?

With Sideshow pricing themselves out of the market more and more each day – and Bowen’s Hulks – as amazing as they are – starting to feel stale (the new BD Hulk will be the 5th revisit to the character he’s made) it’s good to see another company interested in creating more comic accurate pieces.  In fact, I am really looking forward to the Hulk bookend!

Over looking the Hulk

One of the best things about collecting the Hulk is that we have a great character with a simple classic look.  Green guy, purple pants!  Even though that sounds simple – too many don’t seem to get it right!  Gentle Giant’s first big release of the new Marvel license gets it right – and then some – I think a grey repaint would look fantastic!  I can’t be alone in that, right?  Let’s hope they don’t get ahead of themselves and start red-ding everything up…

The Back

Either way though – GG is off to a fantastic start and I can only tell everyone to go out and get this bust – because it is fantastic and for a very reasonable price!  Grade: A

Close Up

Coming Soon!

Gentle Giant is releasing a great pair of bookends – Hulk and Thing – here is the Hulk – coming in February – and it’s a must buy for me!

New GG Bust?

Gentle Giant has released a prototype of the new bust that will be coming out.  I think it has potential – based off a Keown drawing – not one of my favorites – but still, the bust looks decent enough!  I believe the apparent seams will be filled in – I am not too worried about that – but GG doing full torso busts?  Cool!