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Tales To Astonish (1963-1965)


These are the few Tales to Astonish I have.  I have #91 against the Abomination (#90 is when the Abomination first appeared)  #69 with the Leader.  Tales to Astonish was a shared Hulk book.  See, when Hulk was cancelled after issue 6 in ’62 Marvel gave him this book that he shared with Giant-Man and Sub-Mariner.  My favorite cover here is #77 where Rick Jones is telling Ross the Bruce Banner is the Hulk.  After issue #101 (which is up there) they gave the entire book to the Hulk and renamed it “The Incredible Hulk”.  Kinf of like what they are doing with Vol. 3 issue #112, giving it to Incredible Hercules.  It’s Karma – that’s what it is!