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Grab Zags Hulk Sticky Slingers (2013)

princess party 048

These came out some time last year – I am really trying to find some solid time to post regularly again – but life is so busy that it is just hard.  I do have the next review almost ready – and I will really try to post it before issue #3 comes out!  I have lots of things to post – the Hulk room is a disasturous mess right now – in an awesome way because there is just a ton of stuff to put someplace.  I also posted a new video on YouTube – if you’ve subscribed to my channel than you probably already know.  I usually post a link here – but I forgot because I am living life and enjoying my kid’s lives.  It’s all good, guys.  Life is good.

By the way – these are sticky Hulk figure things that you can sling at the wall, a car… or your sister’s hair.  Whatever floats your boat.

princess party 048 - Copy

Avengers Grab Zags (2012)

Grab Zags Avengers Set

Wow – Avengers is ON FIRE!  It certainly deserves all the accolades because it is a hilarious and violent popcorn movie – perfect way to start off the Summer movie season!  Another great way to celebrate this momentous occasion for Marvel is to go out and pick up some Avengers merchandise!

The Avengers Hulk is a more Olive color… and with those ugly tan pants

I showed off a Grab Zags Hulk before – the one that comes in the blind package – but this time they have the Avengers themed figures!  Even better, the figures are easy to feel out in the package as the other items are a skateboard and a disc launcher of sorts.  When I bought a few figures I quickly realized that each box comes with one complete Avengers set!  I liked them so much I bought the rest of the figures so I could have them all.

I love the “glowing” hammer – makes it even better!

Amazingly, the FIRST figure I got was… THE HULK!  That’s right, I was able to snag the Hulk on my first try!  I liked the other figures I opened (Nick Fury and Cap) and realized that there were only 5 figures left in the box – and I had bought three – and there was only 8 in the whole set… so I put two and two together, not only that but I kind of wanted the Thor figure, and collected the rest!  I like these things a lot – the unique Manga feel to them makes them worth picking up!

Grab Zags Hulk (2012)

I was so upset to see that these little blind packages of Marvel figures came in… I HATE the blind package method!  But HA!  I had it beat – I stayed in TRU for at least 30 minutes feeling each package!  I figured out which ones contained the stupid light projectors – which ones had the pens – and which ones contained the figures!

I wanted the Hulk figure!  I can’t even tell you why exactly!  It’s not very cool – wait – reverse – it’s actually EXTREMELY COOL!  I love this little guy!  Now, my method did come with a small price.  I could tell which packages contained the figures – but I was not sure which figure was the Hulk.  So I took my best 5 guesses – and here is what I got:

The Whole Crew

One of my favorites is Cyclops!  His eye beam is down right adorable!  Let’s not over look the fact that I was able to obtain the BLACK SPIDERMAN!  The package said it was super rare – and I snatched one up!  I have no real reason to care about that – but I do!

What you can get...

Look!  #181 recreation!

Where is Wendigo?

Anyways, I landed a Hulk and a Wolverine – both of which are very cool!  I am glad I snagged these relatively easily!  I don’t think I could have handled another round of trying to figure out where the Hulk is!  These sort of remind me of the Superhero Squad figures – but with an Asian feel – making them somewhat cooler!

"I need to get new minions"