Marvel Retro 80th Anniversary Grey Hulk (2019)

I can’t tell you what a rollercoaster this figure was!  First, Hasbro releases the green version of this figure at SDCC and immediately people want to know if we are getting a grey version.  Well, it turns out that we were!  except the journey to figuring out how and where we could purchase this figureContinue reading “Marvel Retro 80th Anniversary Grey Hulk (2019)”

PX Gallery Exclusive Grey Hulk Diorama (2018)

I have been enjoying the Diamond “statues” or dioramas for what they are. More affordable and often because the paint applications or sculpts aren’t as detailed as some of their counterparts, some collectors aren’t very impressed with these pieces.  I can’t say I blame them, but for me, they are a really alternative to the supremelyContinue reading “PX Gallery Exclusive Grey Hulk Diorama (2018)”

Toy Box Grey Hulk Figure (2018)

Last year or so we were gifted a new Hulk figure from The Disney Store.  An exclusive, stylized figure that was a really nice surprise.  Now we are given another surprise that hits all the right marks!  It is the new Toy Box Hulk – this time a ceremonial Grey Hulk – that sports aContinue reading “Toy Box Grey Hulk Figure (2018)”

McFarlane Speaks!

I don’t hear McFarlane talk about his days drawing the Hulk – here is a small story he told on Facebook: I told my editor ” The Incredible Hulk should be…um…HULKISH!” It seemed fairly obvious to me. Years ago when I was working/drawing for Marvel Comics, i was given the job of penciling the INCREDIBLE HULK comic. It was reallyContinue reading “McFarlane Speaks!”

Marvel Universe Grey Hulk (2009)

First off – I can’t find the freakin’ green Hulk everywhere!  I will eventually track it down – but I’ll tell you right now… this line is doomed to fail.  Why?  The price point.  $8.00 for a 3″ figure?  ML were way bigger and $2.00 more!  Do your selves a favor – don’t buy these. Continue reading “Marvel Universe Grey Hulk (2009)”

Comically Speaking’s Grey Bruiser!

I think the statue is far better than any of these pictures show!  This is not in my collection – the owner did not want to sell it, but I still had to show it!  I emailed the owner about the details – he hasn’t gotten back to me though so I will tell you whatContinue reading “Comically Speaking’s Grey Bruiser!”

Hulk Maquette Grey Re-Paint (2005)

I would love to have every variation of every Hulk statue there is out there – in fact, there isn’t too many I don’t have – but when I saw this re-paint I just had to get it!  I was impressed with how nicely this sculpt lent itself to the grey Hulk.  I’m extremely pleasedContinue reading “Hulk Maquette Grey Re-Paint (2005)”

Gray Hulk Video Game Figure (2008)

I did promise you 2 posts today – so here is a very new – very rare figure out there.  That’s right, I have some of the wave 3 Movie Hulk Figures.  Let me tell you – they were not easy to find – nor are they cheap.  Each of the figures are based onContinue reading “Gray Hulk Video Game Figure (2008)”

Mini Bowen Statue (Grey Version)(2002)

I’ve wanted this version for so long!  Now I finally got it to go with it’s counterpart.  The sculpt really fits nicely with either colored Hulk (maybe now they will release a new Red version as well).  Some statues only look appropriate for one kind of Hulk (see Hard Hero & the new Bowen) – butContinue reading “Mini Bowen Statue (Grey Version)(2002)”

Figure Factory (Grey Version) (2005)

I finally got around to getting this figure – and although it was accompanied my one of the very rare BAD experiences I’ve had on ebay – I’m really glad I got it.  It’s the same as the green version – except for the new head sculpt (which I love when they do that).  TheContinue reading “Figure Factory (Grey Version) (2005)”