Handful of Heroes – the Update! (2010)

I know this doesn’t really go along with my Ultra-Rare month – but people have asked so… I’ve found the rest of these Hulk figues – and all of the variants.  I am psyched Marvel released these – because we have so many freakin’ Hulks!  Hulk’s they would never make action figures out of!  Dark Hulk? Awesome!  IContinue reading “Handful of Heroes – the Update! (2010)”

Marvel’s Handful of Heroes (2009) – Part 2 – The Hulk Foes!

A few of the Hulk villains were also made into these little plastic figures!  Check it out!  Most notably the Abomination is in there – I only got the sparkly (or cosmic) Abomination right now – but there’s also Absorbing Man, Rhino, and Iron Clad. They’ve made some heroes – that are also some ofContinue reading “Marvel’s Handful of Heroes (2009) – Part 2 – The Hulk Foes!”

Marvel’s Handful of Heroes (2009) – Part 1

I was supposed to post some of these Friday – but I didn’t have time – and I’m kind of glad I didn’t because I was able to score some more of these Saturday.  They have been popping up in select K-Marts and Wal-Marts – it’s strange how very few seem to have them inContinue reading “Marvel’s Handful of Heroes (2009) – Part 1”