Hulk #1 (2014) – The Review

Let’s put it all on the table, shall we?  Loeb’s very successful but ridiculous and terrible Red Hulk series set off a very difficult time in Hulk history.  The over-hyped series did more damage than any kind of good to the Hulk mythos and it has been a rough voyage since.  The only shining beaconContinue reading “Hulk #1 (2014) – The Review”

Hulk #1 Variants (2008)

Let’s be honest – Loeb sucks at writing the Hulk – but the MF knows how to sell books… or does he? Let’s see – the idea of the Red Hulk was said to be Marvel’s idea, not Loeb’s, Loeb just said he could write it. Most people, when asked, admit that they buy theContinue reading “Hulk #1 Variants (2008)”