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Hulk #3 sells like hot cakes!

They have sold out of the first 2 issues and have done 2nd printings – now the 3rd issue has done the same.  A 2nd printing will hit the stands on May 28th.  Click on the image for the good news!


Hulk #3 (2008)

So – I hate to pick things apart so quickly – but Loeb is making it so easy!  What I write from THIS moment will contain SPOILERS!  S o stop reading if you don’t want to know what’s happened in the new Hulk comic…

So, we begin with Iron Man assessing the damage done to the 8 billion dollar Helicarrier – no casualties (how lucky!) – and we learn that Ross, Samson and Clay Quartermain are missing in action.  They also replay the video from the first issue when Samson and Ross went to go see Banner.  We learn that Banner whispered sweet somethings to Ross – but no one knows what (how convenient) – then we get a quick catch-up on the next page reminding us that the Red Hulk is about to fight A-Bomb (who is Rick Jones).  Did we really need this catch up?  No – because A-Bomb is constantly reminding us that he is Rick – or at least hates Rick because he keeps A-Bomb in a “dark place”.  Ummm… okay… reminds me of the 70’s Hulk.  Even talks like him. 

Anyways, Red Hulk and A-Bomb fight.  For a bunch of pages.  Red Hulk finds out that this Abomination is pretty indestructible.  He even finds out he’s bullet proof, cause he tries to shoot him, yes, Red Hulk uses a gun again.  The fight is so destructive it starts an earthquake that shakes the Earth to the core – deep enough to start shaking Banner’s underground cell.  As Banner gets worried the gas fills his cell to calm him down.  But Banner – being really smart – HOLDS HIS BREATH!  AND BECOMES THE HULK!  AND BREAKS OUT OF HIS CELL!  Wait, that all it took?  Banner hold his breath and Banner can just break out of his cell?  No contingency plan in case the gas didn’t work?  Apparently not.  Wow Loeb, you are genius!

At this point a bunch of robot Harpies that look just like Betty Talbot (Banner or Ross, however you want to remember her – but at the moment in Hulk history when Betty was turned into the Harpy she was still married to Glenn Talbot) start attacking the Red Hulk and A-Bomb.  They carry A-Bomb off only to have him tear it apart in the air and crash down into an explosive blaze.  Red Hulk pretty much tears apart the Harpies as well – but then turns around and finds – the pay off in the end here – the Green Hulk!  Setting up next issue for an all out brawl. 

But a pretty sloppy execution of a comic I’m really trying to love!  Loeb is lazy in his writing and forgetting about his Hulk history (for example – Samson’s strength is equal to his hair length – but here Samson is still strong with a crew cut!)  I’m still waiting for it to get better – and it still hasn’t.  C+

Hulk #3

I guess no one fell for the April Fool’s post – crap.  Guess I have to be a little more creative next year!  Well, here’s a pic for Hulk #3 due out April 23rd.  What happened to monthly comics?  What happened to March?  GET ON THE BALL JOEY Q!  You are supposed to make sure these books are coming out on time!  Well, should be a pretty entertaining issue.  And more clues to the fact that Doc Samson is the Red Hulk… I mean… who the Red Hulk is?