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Marvel Legends Avengers: Endgame Wave 2 Hulk BAF (2019)

IMG_1778 (2)

Here is THE most controversial Hulk figure that hit the stands this past year.  A Hulk-less Wave 1 hit the stands and I was okay with that.  When wave 2 was announced I immediately dreaded hearing that there would be a BAF Hulk.  We all knew it would be a movie version Hulk – but would he be in his Quantum Realm suit?  Thankfully no – but then why did we get a classic Hulk body with such a goofy Ruffalo Hulk face?

IMG_1780 (2)

So you must pick up the whole wave to get the Hulk – but the Beta Ray Bill figure comes with 2 alternative heads .  So there will be the option to display this Hulk with a drab face or a nasty smirk.  Neither choice is all that pleasing.  We are getting a gauntlet in the later wave to place on to this Hulk’s hand but it still doesn’t explain the ripped purple pants body with the professor Hulk head.

IMG_1779 (2)

Thor: Ragnarok 12″ Gladiator Hulk (2017)

IMG_0694 (2)

Every Marvel movie has released electronic figures that can interact with each other.  Most of the time I grab a Hulk for the Hulk Room and leave the rest.  Of course, seeing this figure this past Thursday made me leap for joy!  I spent at least 20 minutes in the aisle having the Thor and Hulk figures talk back and forth.  It was so fantastic!

IMG_0695 (2)


This is not on the level of the ML 14″ Hulk that has just graced the collection – but it’s super impressive!  the button to make him talk  is incorporated into the straps that go across his chest – a much better scene than the Avengers Hulk which sported the button in the middle of his bare chest.  I also enjoy the accessories that this figure sports!  The helmet (a must) and the huge hammer type weapon complete this Hulk to make it a must have!  The price is on the more expensive side but I still feel it’s worth the pick up!

IMG_0697 (2)


New Hulk… Coming Soon!


Neca has a reputation for delivering some cool action figures – so the good news is that this figure is up for order!  This screaming Hulk is 2-feet tall and completely bad-ass!  Check out the paint up below – and click the image for the link to order it.  Click on the above image for more info.  Not too sure if this will go into the collection just yet – the price is a bit… pricey and the pants look a bit silly.  But we will see!


Avengers Hulk and Hulkbuster Iron Man (2015)

Antone 1 old 028

Antone 1 old 029

So, I was informed that the store that sold me the Avengers Hulk I showed off last week was not actually supposed to do that.  These had a street date of February 1st – I found this out when I saw this set at Toys R Us last Monday and tried to purchase it – but was stopped at the register saying that they aren’t allowed to sell them just yet.  How odd!  But I did go back and grab these on Sunday.  Of course, I would have liked to post this earlier but we here in MA were blasted with a ton of snow!

Antone 1 old 001

These figures are still the cheaper versions – and this set is part of the 2-packs (most of the figures in this series has a character and a vehicle) but of course, the Hulk/Hulkbuster set is the best!  It is the most common in the assortment and it’s obviously because they expect it to be the most popular.  The figures sculpts are really decent – but don’t expect too much out of them as far as articulation.  The IM has only two points (arms) – even his head is immobile.  The Hulk, on the other hand, boasts the 5 point articulation that the other inexpensive figure did.  The downside is the size.

Antone 1 old 005

This figure is tiny – but is obviously in size with the Hulkbuster – I don’t remember the Hulkbuster suit being that much bigger than the Hulk in the comics – but we’ll see how things transpire in the movies.  The Hulkbuster figure does open up so that you can slip the smaller Iron Man figure inside. It will be good to see the Hulkbuster in action in the movie rather than the little tease we were given back in Iron Man 3.  So, I guess the real question we’re left with is “Is this set worth it?”  Well, with the Marvel Legend figures on the way that will have a BAF Hulkbuster I don’t know if people, other than the real fanatics, need to pick this one up.  Grade: C

Antone 1 old 006

Shake and Smash Hulk (2014)

dance recital and New Hampshire 023

I guess I should just admit it now that I am still watching Hulk and the Agents of SMASH.  I am not totally proud of it – but not completely ashamed either.  The show is far from good – but the truth, as much as it hurts sometimes, is that my daughter loves it and we watch it together.  She asks me questions about the characters on the show and I have a grand time answering.  Fin Fang Foom?  Yeah – my daughter knows who that is now… all due to this terrible cartoon.  So, I don’t totally hate it.  Either way though, this new Hulk figure came out with hollow, rubbery arms.  When you shake him he says “No one shakes the Hulk!” even though you literally just shook the hell out of him.  This figure was found at a Target near me – but have not seen anything else from this show on the shelves here.

dance recital and New Hampshire 024

Acquisition Monday!

christmas '13 039

Still showing off pieces that I got for Christmas from my very loving wife and child! Even thought he figures were at the $10 price point, Target released this: the Target Exclusive Avengers 8-Pack (2012, $49.99).  Everyone is there – Cap, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Fury!  Oh yeah… Loki is there too.  How he snuck in I will never know.  This is a great alternative for all those people who could not spend the clams to get the entire line up of Avengers but still wanted to. For anyone lucky enough to catch this during the season the whole set was on sale for $30.

christmas '13 039 - Copy

The best part, for me anyways, and why I decided to add it to the collection, is that the re-painted the Hulk figure to have the purple pants he should have had in the first place!  It looks so much better than the brown/tan.  I am always a fan when they re-paint or make slight changes to a figure for a re-release.

These two totally did it...

These two totally did it…

Acquisition Friday!

christmas '13 044 - Copy

I do have a whole bunch of new product to show off – mainly due to my very generous and beautiful wife – but I thought I would give you a double shot of Marvel Select since these two figures sort of go together!  Unleashed Hulk is an amazing figure – but Barbarian Hulk (Marvel Select $21.99) may even beat that one!  It’s too bad that the figure comes from such a forgettable story line.  This figure, decked out in a skull necklace and tattered rags, is amazing!

It's what's for dinner....

It’s what’s for dinner….

The long hair and full beard even gives the extra volume to the head to make it look perfect on the body.  The paint job is top notch and sculpt is fantastic as well!  I guess, if anything, we should thank Aaron for writing a scenario where this figure was not only brought to life – but at a time where Marvel is making anything and everything they can to make a buck.  If you see this figure and do not pick it up I am going to have to assume it’s either because you are blind, poor or out of your mind.  Grade: A

christmas '13 045