Marvel Legends Avengers: Endgame Wave 2 Hulk BAF (2019)

Here is THE most controversial Hulk figure that hit the stands this past year.  A Hulk-less Wave 1 hit the stands and I was okay with that.  When wave 2 was announced I immediately dreaded hearing that there would be a BAF Hulk.  We all knew it would be a movie version Hulk – butContinue reading “Marvel Legends Avengers: Endgame Wave 2 Hulk BAF (2019)”

Thor: Ragnarok 12″ Gladiator Hulk (2017)

Every Marvel movie has released electronic figures that can interact with each other.  Most of the time I grab a Hulk for the Hulk Room and leave the rest.  Of course, seeing this figure this past Thursday made me leap for joy!  I spent at least 20 minutes in the aisle having the Thor and Hulk figuresContinue reading “Thor: Ragnarok 12″ Gladiator Hulk (2017)”

New Hulk… Coming Soon!

Neca has a reputation for delivering some cool action figures – so the good news is that this figure is up for order!  This screaming Hulk is 2-feet tall and completely bad-ass!  Check out the paint up below – and click the image for the link to order it.  Click on the above image forContinue reading “New Hulk… Coming Soon!”

Avengers Hulk and Hulkbuster Iron Man (2015)

So, I was informed that the store that sold me the Avengers Hulk I showed off last week was not actually supposed to do that.  These had a street date of February 1st – I found this out when I saw this set at Toys R Us last Monday and tried to purchase it –Continue reading “Avengers Hulk and Hulkbuster Iron Man (2015)”

Shake and Smash Hulk (2014)

I guess I should just admit it now that I am still watching Hulk and the Agents of SMASH.  I am not totally proud of it – but not completely ashamed either.  The show is far from good – but the truth, as much as it hurts sometimes, is that my daughter loves it andContinue reading “Shake and Smash Hulk (2014)”

Acquisition Monday!

Still showing off pieces that I got for Christmas from my very loving wife and child! Even thought he figures were at the $10 price point, Target released this: the Target Exclusive Avengers 8-Pack (2012, $49.99).  Everyone is there – Cap, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Fury!  Oh yeah… Loki is thereContinue reading “Acquisition Monday!”

Acquisition Friday!

I do have a whole bunch of new product to show off – mainly due to my very generous and beautiful wife – but I thought I would give you a double shot of Marvel Select since these two figures sort of go together!  Unleashed Hulk is an amazing figure – but Barbarian Hulk (MarvelContinue reading “Acquisition Friday!”

Battle Action Hulk (2003)

On an impulse stop at Comically Speaking I saw this huge mother on the shelf. The sculpt of this figure is pretty great – and the best part – it’s not just “battle action!” There is Punching Action, Kicking Action AND Smashing Action! You take the joy stick provided and press the trigger to makeContinue reading “Battle Action Hulk (2003)”