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Gamma Blastin’ Glove (2014)

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I can’t substantiate these claims because I can’t locate every last review out there – but when Hulk Agents of S.M.A.S.H. premiered it seemed to be universally panned.  There are a lot of problems with the cartoon and I can’t even tell you how many cringe-worthy moments that the cartoon created – but, I’ve said it before, my daughter actually loves this cartoon.  If it can help make her a Hulk fan then it can’t be ALL bad!  They’ve released a bit of toys and figures based on the short-lived show and I did pick up a few of them.  This Gamma Glove is actually really cool – even though it has nothing to do with the Hulk!  I can’t even remember seeing the Hulk use a “glove” to blast villains in any episode.

But hey, they don’t make a whole lot of dangerous toys anymore – and this is as close as we get to awesome toys that can take out an eye – so I’m all for this!  It says that these are a Toys R Us exclusive – and another reason I worry about the future of the toy giant – when you hitch your wagon to properties like this you are never doing your company a favor.  That being said – this piece is worth the pick up!

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Shake and Smash Hulk (2014)

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I guess I should just admit it now that I am still watching Hulk and the Agents of SMASH.  I am not totally proud of it – but not completely ashamed either.  The show is far from good – but the truth, as much as it hurts sometimes, is that my daughter loves it and we watch it together.  She asks me questions about the characters on the show and I have a grand time answering.  Fin Fang Foom?  Yeah – my daughter knows who that is now… all due to this terrible cartoon.  So, I don’t totally hate it.  Either way though, this new Hulk figure came out with hollow, rubbery arms.  When you shake him he says “No one shakes the Hulk!” even though you literally just shook the hell out of him.  This figure was found at a Target near me – but have not seen anything else from this show on the shelves here.

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Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. – A Quick Review

As much as I wasn’t looking forward to this cartoon, it’s the Hulk, so, of course I watched it.  There is a few positives to this new series – the first, and most obvious, being that the Hulk is front and center in his own show again.  The Hulk being in his own cartoon will hopefully get the kids watching and the more exposure of the Hulk to the new generation the better.  I liked the cartoon being geared towards kids as well.  I know that many adults are watching these shows and are probably disappointed that they went in this direction – but I think it’s a good thing.  That is unfortunately where the good points end…

The characters in the cartoon are so far off of what the comics provide I have this problem believing that this cartoon is a good thing for the comics themselves.   Instead of working the characters into the show the way they appear in the written series they have them as sort of a non-team that comes when Hulk calls for it (not that he wants to).

The Red Hulk and real Hulk play off each other like an unfunny odd couple (but I do have to give credit to the producers for not calling the Red Hulk the most moronic, fan boy christened name for any character ever: “Rulk”) and She Hulk is just sort of there – the biggest disappointment is how they have portrayed poor old Rick Jones and his new persona… A-Bomb.

As bad as it was in the comics – it is 10 fold here – with A-Bomb being the sole comic relief on the show.  I felt myself cringing with every bad joke or Seth Green-ism that A-Bomb released.  Even worse was the constant reminder that this character really has nothing to do, other than being a mistake, as he constantly is either in the way or getting himself in trouble for Hulk to come and save him.

I did like the sort of twist ending – providing us a peek at the real villain pulling the strings – and also am interested in seeing how they explain how and who Skaar is.  I will keep tuning in, I mean, my daughter found it very entertaining.  I just worry that she will start to think the Hulk on the show is how the Hulk should be… that is scary enough to give me nightmares!

Grade: C-

Sooo….. This isn’t looking any better

Ummm… from Comics alliance:

“The clip from Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. showcased how they plan  to distinguish the five ‘Hulks’ on the team. Hulk is Hulk; She-Hulk has  energy-projecting punches; A-Bomb is the team joker who can turn into a rolling  wrecking ball; Skaar has a sword; and Red Hulk has guns”

I used to get excited about new Hulk projects… *sigh*  Is there anyone out there who is actually looking forward to this?