Hulk Plush Back-Pack (2008)

I found this last week at Newbury Comics.  They had the Hulk here and a Spiderman one.  Basically, when you wear this backpack it looks like the Hulk is getting a piggyback – which, isn’t that a bit embarassing?  Why would the Hulk get a piggyback from anyone?  Can you imagine the conversation that tookContinue reading “Hulk Plush Back-Pack (2008)”

Hulk Backpacks (2008)

Alright, settle in because I went a little backpack crazy… First up is this one with a jumping Hulk.  There’s another version of this without the Hulk in glossy plastic – but I liked this one better. This backpack also features a camouflage back round at the top and a Incredible Hulk logo at the top. Continue reading “Hulk Backpacks (2008)”