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Hulk Fuzzbies (2016)


Who can resist a cute, fuzzy little guy like this?  It’s an inflatable ball surrounded by a fuzzy cover.  The best part?  It’s designed to look like the Hulk! I like the wild mane of hair the best


The adorable angry look combined with the nose-less face makes this perfect for the young or even better for the stylized art collectors of today.  With artists like Skottie Young and C.P. Wilson III making very unique Marvel art these days these kind of pieces can easily fit into the most serious collectors vaults!


Hedstrom Hulk Ball (2016)

meme 90th 051

It’s amazing what you can find strolling around your local toy shop.  Usually I don’t get lucky these days with new Hulk merchandise being so scarce.  The focus right now is on Civil War and they didn’t seem to find a place for the Hulk to join in that slug-fest (not that I’m complaining – GREAT movie!) so we aren’t handed as much green treasures as we’d like.  This ball was a welcome find then seeing as most of the merchandise you see are Avengers themed rather than solely featuring the Hulk.  As an added bonus it seems they went the extra mile and featured either side with a different illustration.

meme 90th 052

Hulk Balls! (2012)

One Hulk Ball... so lonely...

I am not sure what to say other than I bought some Hulk balls!  These little balls are based on the bubble head toys we were given last year – except now?  They are squishy and you can throw them at people!


And why not?  Who wouldn’t like a few Hulk balls flying at their face?  I could easily put both Hulk balls in my mouth – they are that small!  It’s easy to carry the Hulk balls where ever you want to go – and let me tell you – nothing says cool like having a set of Hulk balls!

Separated at birth!

Is that enough double entendre?  No?  One more?  Okay… Now that I have a set of Hulk balls I want to go play with them!  There that should do it!

Hulk Football / Mini-Basketball (1996)

Hulk Balls

No one touches Hulk’s balls!  These are Hulk’s balls!  Only Hulk get to play with them!  Imagine the kid on the playground screaming “Don’t touch my Hulk Balls!” and everyone in on the joke but him.  I got these as presents for Christmas one year.