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Tiny Avengers: AoU Hulk Bobblehead (2015)


Avengers sequel merchandise was very hit and miss.  This Hulk came in a 4-pack with some of the other Avengers but I really didn’t want to get the whole set.  This what happens when merchandisers go crazy with popular films.  In 2003 we saw such an influx of Hulk merchandise it was hard to keep up!  Same with Avengers.

I didn’t want the whole set – and from what I remember the set ranged in the $25-$30 area.  I certainly wasn’t willing to pay that much for just this little Hulk figure.  This is when I am happy that eBay exists!  I was even happier to realize I didn’t buy full price when I saw that this little guy is, in fact, a bobble head.

A Week of Rocket Raccoon – Day 2

season '14 062

I’m going to have to catch up here at some point – I missed Monday’s post.  So it’s supposed to be day 3 and I am still a day behind.  Anyways, Funko has a line of Marvel inspired tiny bobbleheads.  It’s as frustrating to me as it is to you, I’m sure.  Because of the deal with Mighty Muggs Funko could not make these little figurines they way they did with the Turtles, horror and Sci-Fi line.  I was bummed that they were little bobbleheads – but it’s better this way, I think.  I didn’t have to go crazy getting them all.  I just got the ones I liked – like Rocket… and his friend Groot from the Guardians line.

season '14 061

Hulk Grab Zaggs Bobble Head (2014)

hulk what 002

Haven’t heard much from the Grab Zaggs line much… in fact I pretty much assumed it was a two trick pony with a Marvel and Avengers release… and then that is it.  But it seems they decided to do a bit more with the mold instead of just tossing it – they released this cheap little bobble-head figure.  My wife picked this up for me when she went out shopping.  It’s kind of cool.  Not sure there is much to be said more than that!

hulk what 003

Avengers Hulk BobbleHead (2012)


Avengers Hulk Bobblehead

Let’s try and get things back on track here!  I have plenty of Hulky goodness to show off – and very little time to post it!  But this is a great piece that I think 465 mentioned a while back – and I’ve had for a bit of time now!  It’s another bobblehead – and I know what you’re going to ask, “Why do you need ANOTHER bobblehead?”  Well, in truth, you don’t.  But this is a pretty damn cool one.

Great look – worth the price!

Mainly because it doesn’t look like a bobblehead when sitting on the shelf.  It doesn’t have the elongated neck that most other bobbleheads seem to suffer from.  Not to mention  – the entire sculpt is pretty bad ass!  I am not so much a fan of the Avengers base:

Avengers Base

But I can live with that.  It’s not like you buy something to look at what it’s standing on!  The rest of the sculpt is pretty top notch with a great paint application to compliment it.  It is oversized – so it is a bit larger than any previous bobblehead – in fact, if they had made the head smaller this would have been a great mini-statue.

The last two bobbleheads I picked up

Avengers Hulk Bobblehead (2012)

Avengers Hulk Bobble Head

I have no idea why it surprised me so that I found a whole set of Avengers Bobble heads – has this trend not run its course yet?  People still buy these things?  Oh – wait… I did, so I guess the answer is yes to that question.  Yes, people still buy bobble heads.

A Comparison Shot

I was worried when I first saw this sitting on the Newbury Comics shelf that it was the same bobble head we were given a few years back.  But alas – I purchased it anyways – and was pleasantly surprised when I found that it has a new paint job AND a new body mold!

New Body Mold

So, I can’t give this a resounding “hell yeah!” that you should pick this up – but I was happy to find this sitting on the shelves.  As always, this bobble head will be sitting in the box – as I have no desire to see his head do not one bob.

Who is picking this one up?

Pop Marvel Hulk Vinyl Bobble Head (2011)

Pop Marvel Hulk

Man, what is it about bobble heads?  They are the fad that refuses to go away!  And it’s not like there is a shortage of Hulk bobble heads to go around!  What makes this new line so unique is the design of the figures.  Much like the Mighty Muggs and the Marvel Plushies they have a distinct style to them that really stands out.  I would like to see a few variants – a Grey Hulk (a Mr. Fixit would be ideal) and a Merged Hulk – they’ve never done either in a bobble head and, heck, it’s time for a little change up!  I get that they need to do the A-List set of characters – but I think everyone enjoys a little diversity!

Huge head... I've heard that about the Hulk...

Hulk Bobblehead (2003)

Hulk Bobblehead

So – apparently the header on the blog has made a little ripple with one particular Hulk fan.  The one and only Sean Anderson.  If you remember, Sean is an amazing customizer who has shown his amazing work on this site over and over!  He asked about the body of what looks like a Hulk statue above… well, sadly, it is not a statue – and even worse – they put a big goofy head on it!  But I had the same reaction that Sean did when I took this out of the box.  I thought the body was fantastic – but why did they waste the sculpt for a bobblehead!?!

It is a heavy, heavy piece – but all the same – it’s a freakin’ bobblehead!  This was scored on a trip to a comic shop where I walked into the shop and the person behind me walked in with a box full of stuff to sell – this was in the box.  I offered the guy $5 for it before he even had a chance to talk to the owner of the store – and I snagged it!  Sorry if this dissapoints you Sean! 

Hey you guys!