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Not Sick Anymore, Acquisition Thursday!

variant 009

There is someone out there, right now, looking at this blog, who was thinking to him or herself that they wish for the days that Bowen busts were all the rage.  Personally, I like them – but I never got caught up in the “completest” movement.  Well, actually, that’s not true.  I just never felt like I wanted to collect comic paraphernalia when there were so many comics out there that I wanted to read!  I will say this though… Bowen, even after all these years, is still the best.

variant 009 - Copy

He proves it again with the Maestro Bust (2012, $79.99) which I was originally not going to bother getting – mainly because having the Full statue was enough for me!  Then I saw pics.  Thanks to the many people who take fantastic photos on Statue Forum and Statue Marvels I could not deny how amazing the Maestro bust looked.  He needed to be displayed with the other Hulk villain busts!

variant 024

I guess my only complaint is the fact that the base on this is rather dull.  I mean, one of the reasons the FS is so epic is because the “fallen heroes” base.  Even putting a few pieces on the base of the bust would have catapulted this bust into the “must have” category for every collector.  Alas, we are left with this:

variant 009 - Copy (2)

Not too pretty… but it’s a base.  I do think Bowen missed the boat to make this bust a must have – just like the Wendigo bust.  The Wendigo himself is decent – but the fact he’s resting on a pile of human skulls makes that bust one of my favorites!  That is not to say that the sculpt, size and over all presence of this bust is not still imposing!  It’s a monster all on its own!  I still say it’s a must buy!

variant 022


Really Gentle Giant?!?!? I thought we were over this!

Ewww… WTF?

After the last successful Hulk bust – Gentle Giant is releasing a hideous new bust based on the Avengers movie.  I can honestly say I will not be in line for this one… ever.

Kotobukiya Exclusive Hulk Bust (2008)

Exclusive Hulk Bust from Koto

I was sent this a long time ago about a great guy and a former comment maker on this site named Grey.  He enjoyed this site so much and his comments made my posts even better with his addition to this place.  I know he still logs on here from time to time and – at least I think he still does.  Grey used to run a Red Hulk site but he stopped doing that a while ago.  There have been a few Red Hulk sites, some of the creators coming here to become part of this site, but they never seem to last.  Interesting is all…

Sexy Profile!

I might have gotten off topic a bit – but if you’ve been to this site before you know I do that often 🙂  When Koto brought these busts out I knew that they would have a tough time selling.  The sculpts are pretty mediocre compared to the giants of this industry and the exclusive bust was too simple.  I went ahead and picked up the “marquee” version on ebay for VERY cheap but the exclusive version alluded me.

That is… until Grey emailed me one day and said that he had this bust and was looking to send it to someone who would really appreciate it in their collection.  I took him up on the offer – and, as always – thank him graciously for his generous addition to my Hulk room.  I hope, if Grey does in fact still come around here, we hear more from him.  He was a good guy.  This bust, mind you, while it is not the best looking piece, is easily one of my favorite pieces in the Hulk room because of the story behind it.

The Two Kotos Together!

Planet Hulk Bust (2011)

Bowen Hulk Bust

The Good: There is a great 1:1 bust done as a commission – and some of them pop up on ebay from time to time.  This sculpt is so impressive that Bowen took notice and decided – with a few tweaks – to make it into a Bowen bust.  Man, am I glad he did – the 1:1 is over a grand – where the Bowen one is a little more affordable.  Also, the way the market is right now works out perfectly because an A-list character like this that usually has run into the 1000s has a bit more of a conservative run of 800.

PH #2

The paint application is fantastic on mine – and I love the color they used for the metal.  The damage they put on the shoulder plate is a fantastic detail from the storyline.  I have heard some pieces are a bit sloppy with the paint at the base – but luckily mine is not one of them.  The detail that Bowen went to with this bust is exceptional – even adding in the veins around obedience disc.

Love the detail in this piece! Just awesome!

The expression on his face is perfect - a smug mug!

Let’s talk about the base for a moment – the cracked column is very cool – but I would have liked to see something a little more wild and distinct to the storyline – like the base for the FS.  Maybe add in a little weaponry – Hulk’s big ol’e axe or something!  But like I stated before the base is still very cool and fits nicely with the character.

There are the eyes!

The Negative: The sculpting seems a little “soft” around the mouth – there is not enough of a distinction where his lips are.  Also, there is no scar – he is the Green Scar – and both the FS and this bust are scar-less!  This helmet is pretty much the same design, although this one is colored better – but the feathers at the top are closer together on the bust – and therefore when the paint was applied it looks a bit chunky – although it does look more comic accurate.

Bust with Comic

The Conclusion:  I had very few negatives to discuss as I was extremely happy with the way the bust came out – not only that it’s pretty damn large!  It might be a bit bigger than the 2008 busts that came out – but I forgot to compare.  But ultimately this is a must have for any Hulk fan – and even more so for fans of the storyline!  Grade: A

The PH Shelf in the Hulk room

New GG Bust?

Gentle Giant has released a prototype of the new bust that will be coming out.  I think it has potential – based off a Keown drawing – not one of my favorites – but still, the bust looks decent enough!  I believe the apparent seams will be filled in – I am not too worried about that – but GG doing full torso busts?  Cool!

Hulk Bust (2003)

DF Hulk Bust

DF Hulk Bust

I really was not going to get this bust – I thought they were asking way too much for a sub-par rendition of the Hulk.  There is a variant of this bust that was a Towers Records Exclusive – it featured the Hulk in mid transformation and there are just two words to describe it – UG and LEE.  As with most Hulk pieces I always think of a price that I would pay for an item – and full retail was $50 – it might have been more – but I certainly wasn’t going to pay that.  Here’s the thing –  it’s not the worst bust I’ve seen – it’s just no where near the nicest.

Side View

Side View

So where does this bust go wrong?  Well, let’s begin with the biggest issue, my biggest bone of contention…  The name on the front.  I hate busts with name plates.  If you need a name plate with your bust then you shouldn’t have the bust – just my opinion… but even worse – this name blends into the base so badly that it makes no sense to even have there.

The name plate... what a waste

The name plate... what a waste

Next is the amount – the production run.  There is no way this will ever be worth anything in the future with a high production run like this one has – how many did they make you ask?  Only… 7,500.  Yes, SEVEN THOUSAND and five hundred of these silly little things out there. 

Kind of reminds me of Buscema's Hulk...

Kind of reminds me of Buscema's Hulk...

It’s too bad too – because the face sculpt isn’t half-bad!  Ultimately, Hulksters, I would say if you can get a great deal on one of these, like I did, then go for it – but otherwise… leave it on the shelf.

# 2448 out of 7,500

# 2448 out of 7,500

40th Anniversary Hulk Bust (Green Version)(2003)

Dynamic Forces 40th Anniversary Bust

Dynamic Forces 40th Anniversary Bust

I have an affinity for a certain color and sculpt of my Hulk items.  Sometimes, just sometimes, a Hulk sculpt lends itself to both colors very well.  I have the grey version of this bust – I love it so much I made it a personal quest to acquire the green version.  Funny enough… the green isn’t as easy to come by.  I found the grey and got it for a present and then set out to get this one.  Every time I found one or one popped up on ebay it quickly climbed to a price that I wasn’t comfortable paying.



Then this auction came up.  Funny enough it had a unique twist to it.  It seems that the owner of this bust took it to get it signed by Herb Trimpe.  Not the bust itself, mind you, just the box…  Why would someone get just the box signed?  Boxes are always nice to have, sure, but usually you put them away in your attic or your basement, but the point is… it’s not something you display… so… why?  Here’s a shot:

Herb Trimpe Signature

Herb Trimpe Signature

So, yeah – Trimpe signed the box.  That’s awesome.  I guess.  I could really care less because now the box is in my attic where no one sees it.  The bust, however, is displayed right next to it’s grey partner.  Notice the green version has the book turned upside-down.  That’s because the green Hulk is actually stalking a girl across the room and trying to hide behind the book – but he’s not good with details.  The girl is totally going to look over and see the him.  She’s going to be like “Oh my God!  Is that the f@*$in’ Hulk?  I totally have a restraining order against him!”  Hulk’s busted.

Close Up - look at the Book!

Close Up - look at the Book!

Actually, I love this bust.  It’s so great – I am psyched to have both versions of this beautiful sculpture.  Dynamic Forces hit it out of the park with this one.  DF didn’t always have the best product (What?  Abomination bust anyone?  People have a real hate for that bust.  I’m just saying…)