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HULK CANDY!!!! Nom, nom, nom…

tone's first month 115

There are lots of Hulky sweets out there – deliciousness that should be able to quench ANY comic collector’s sweet tooth!  The little Hulk head is filled with a bit of yummy jelly beans – but the impressive part about it is more the sculpt of the Hulk head itself!

tone's first month 116 tone's first month 118


I know I should have taken a shot of the jelly beans to showcase but I ate them before I took the pictures.  Sorry.  Let’s move on!

hulk stuff oct 019

Another sticky Hulk treat out in the stores is a Gamma-mouthed lollipop.  It does seem that the Hulk has only one huge front tooth rather than the regular two – but I think this is a cool idea.  You can look as angry as the Hulk while enjoying a sugary treat!

hulk stuff oct 015

Speaking of Hulk Lollipops…

hulk stuff oct 002

Split this little Hulk head and you will find a strawberry flavored ball to suck on!  Did that sound bad?  It’s almost like you are eating his brain!  I wonder if people’s brains did taste this delicious if there wouldn’t be more cannibals.  Heck, maybe they do – and then everybody was trying to eat everyone and that’s why they had to outlaw eating people!  That, and the whole murdering thing…

hulk stuff oct 003  hulk stuff oct 004

Marvel Gummy Finger Puppets (2011)

Marvel Heroes Gummy Finger Puppets

Let me tell you something – when I walk into a store I am on the search for anything green – then the scope narrows from green to Hulk – then, even more so, to anything Hulk that I don’t already own.  Sometimes memory is a little fuzzy in that respect, but I digress, if I find nothing then I broaden my scope to anything Marvel.  When I do this I sometimes come across lamp shades, coffee mugs, notebooks that feature a whole slew of Marvel heroes.  I usually leave those items as I am more interested in things that are solely Hulk.  But every once in a while I find something Marvel that makes me chuckle or tickles my fancy enough that I pick it up.

What happened to Hulk's face?!?!?

This was a no brainer!  Gummy Finger Puppets?  Are you kidding me?  How awesome is that?  I hate fruit flavored candy though – so these went to my nephew who ate them all at once – except the Hulk – who he wore for most of the night “smashing” his cousins with his finger.  That is, until his mother showed up and told him to eat it or she would throw it away.  He argued that he couldn’t eat the Hulk, his mother asked why, he replied with “Because he’s the Hulk!” Classic.

The other crew from the box...

Hulk Candy Bar (2001)

Candy Bar

This was on top of another candy bar wrapper.  It was very wise to put the Hulk with the Peanut Butter and Chocolate bar – because both are the best of their respective kinds. I truly believe if all candy bars had a fight that the peanut butter and chocolate bars would come out victorious.