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Hulk Clock (2012)

Hulk Wall Clock

Much like the nifty Hulk lamp that my sister and mother bought for me – this is a new Hulk clock with the iconic image from Incredible Hulk #206.  In fact, I have a lot more to post with this image of the Hulk.  It seems that Westland Giftware has really set out to make a lot of merchandise with this exact image.  I will post more of the stuff from this company later and you’ll see what I mean.

Hulk Clip Clock (2003)

Clip Clock... yup - Clip Clock

So, yeah – it’s been about a week, maybe more, since my last post.  Well, it certainly isn’t due to having stuff to post – and I will tell you the absolute truth – I have been working on a few posts that are pretty involved and pretty long – but really fun.  So, bear with me – posts may not be coming EVERY day but I will post more, as well as getting the reviews out for the new books.  And yes, I picked up the new MU Avengers boxed set – and the Hulk is AWESOME!  But a more thorough review is on its way!  Wait… have I even mentioned the clip clock that’s posted above?  No?… huh.  That’s too bad.

Hulk Clock (2003)


Alot of stuff came out for the Hulk movie.  Including this Incredible Hulk Collector’s clock.  The little stoplight he’s holding does have actual blinking lights – and also doubles as the clock.  Goodness, what a mug they put on this toy.  You know how sometimes you see something so horrible – you wish you could help it in some way – put it out of its misery if needed?  Yeah, that’s how I feel about this monstrosity.