Wolverine and the X-Men / Deadly Enemies DVD (2009) – The Review

I saw this when it aired on TV – but boy am I glad they brought out this DVD rather then having to buy a WHOLE season just for this episode.  Because I would have!  This episode is pretty freakin’ sweet.  I never try to give away too too much in my reviews so thatContinue reading “Wolverine and the X-Men / Deadly Enemies DVD (2009) – The Review”

Hulk vs. Thor (2009) – The Review

I guess I will start by telling you that I was looking forward to these DVD’s for a while.  I also had to avoid the many, many inconsiderate people who post plot summaries and spoilers WAY before these were released!  I list spoilers – but I at least wait until the thing is actually out! Continue reading “Hulk vs. Thor (2009) – The Review”

When Monsters Meet DVD (2008)

Hulk’s 80’s cartoon was great for a few reasons – the music being one – the animation is one of them as well.  The stories – are not though…  This DVD has just one episode of the show – and 2 episodes of the Spiderman cartoon?  What’s up with that?  Give me more Hulk!  I mentionedContinue reading “When Monsters Meet DVD (2008)”

Incredible Hulk DVD’s (2003)

Most of these were brought out in 2003 to try to capitalize on the movie.  Too bad the movie wasn’t liked very much.  The Ultimate Collection has some of the best episodes from the television show.  The 2 animated DVD’s – the second one collects 3 or 4 of the ’96 animated show – and the firstContinue reading “Incredible Hulk DVD’s (2003)”