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Dollar General Hulk (2016)


Alright, I posted this monstrosity on this blog’s Facebook page earlier today after finding it at the Dollar General.  If you haven’t liked the page, feel free to (right here).  Don’t let the name of the store fool you – this horrendous, deformed version of the Hulk cost a whopping $7.  I couldn’t help but pick this up but I felt ripped off even as I pulled the currency out of my wallet.



Why would I buy such an expensive figure if I was totally unimpressed?  Well, that’s easy.  It’s the Hulk.  In fact, that reason pretty much rules all of my purchasing decisions.  This figure does have sort of a cool face – ruined by the googly eye.  The very skinny body looks even more out of place when combined with the too short arm stubs that adorn this figure.  The very cheap paint job combined with the pretty much non-existent articulation means this figure is really not worth the hunt – unless you are sick in the head like me and feel a unexplained urge to buy everything Hulk!


Large Hulk Figure (2014)

batism for the boy 047

Obviously, this thing is just a larger version of the dollar store Hulk figure that was released this year.  I do like the idea of these figures – most of the regular lines are geared towards collectors and have adult prices to boot.  I know I have gone on this rant before so I won’t get into it again – but good on Marvel for bringing out cheaper figures for the younger crowd!  The 3″ figure is decent enough as it is – but this 6″ figure is the absolute bomb!  It doesn’t have the articulation that any Marvel Legends did but it does look pretty nice.  It tops out at 4 joints (neck, waist and shoulders) but the sculpt is really fun.

batism for the boy 048

hulk stuff oct 009

It feels very hollow so it doesn’t have the weight that the Marvel Selects do – but I think that’s a smart move as well.  Listen, kids get angry and a lot of times they use whatever they have in their tiny hands to express that anger.  What do you want them throwing at you?  A 5 pound solid hunk of Marvel Selects plastic – or this thing that barley weighs a pound? Exactly.  Anyways, my LCS had these for a very reasonable $6 (compare that with $20-$30 for a ML) so I say to pick one up.  It’s worthy of taking up space in your man (comic) caves. Grade: B+

batism for the boy 049

hulk stuff oct 001

Dollar Shop Hulk (2014)

the boy 022

I am pretty sure that most people are walking right by these – and rightfully so – they are cheap looking, cheaply painted, no articulation and downright ugly.  So why do I get so excited over stuff like this?  I have no idea!  This is just a repaint of the cheaper Avengers Assemble line Hulk that hit big box stores last year.  Both lines of these series are cheap figures designed to release something more for children rather than collectors – which is fine.  Actually I am glad they made these – I even like the card art better than the Avengers Assemble backer card art – because it does seem that they are making these toys more for adults sometimes.  I am not saying any collector’s SHOULDN’T pick this up – all I am saying is that this figure has it’s place and I don’t think figure collectors collections.

the boy 023

Hulk Mashers (2013)

christmas 14 022

christmas 14 019

Today I bring you fine people the new Avenger’s Hulk Mashers.  This is in a set of figures that have interchangeable parts that can make some funked up looking characters.  The Hulk with Caps’s arms?  Thor’s leg and Iron Man’s… equipment?  I mean you sort of have to ask yourself, “Why?”  I am not so sure this was the way to go when you’re looking for new series to release.

christmas 14 021 - Copy

christmas 14 020

This figure comes with a few accessories, namely something that looks like a piece of armor attached by a hose and cannon that has a real firing projectile.  I didn’t think they made toys like that anymore – but alas I was proven wrong!  The action cannon makes up for the hokey theme of this series of figures.  Overall, I do like this figure enough to recommend it to any other collector’s out there.

christmas 14 021

Grade: C+

Marvel Legends Hulk & Valkyrie 2-Pack (2010)

ML Hulk and Valkyrie 2-Pack

Back of Package

THE POSITIVE: With the MU figures dominating the shelves nowadays it’s nice to see that Marvel hasn’t totally given up on their original ML line.  Nothing has beat the Legend figures – in terms of awesomeness!  The MU is on the way to surpassing the vastness of character selection – but the ML line is still the tops.  For these recent (I say recent – but it wasn’t that recent – these came out late last year) figures Marvel held an online vote where fans could pick which figures they would like to see released.  I can’t remember exactly – but I think the Red King was one of the figures up for the vote – which I would have loved!  Amazingly, Aquon was shafted once again… anyways, Valkyrie was the poll and I know quite a few collectors who were ecstatic that they could finally finish their Defenders displays.

Hulk Free at Last!

The head sculpt for the Hulk is brand new and pretty great, seems very inspired by McGuiness, which works well with the re-used body.  It works well with the Red Hulk figure if your posing them together (for the record – I think the Red Hulk should have had black pants).  This Hulk towers over the other ML Hulks and most of the other ML figures which is perfect since the Hulk is suppossed to be large and in charge. 

New Head Sculpt Really Works!

The original price point worked well for these figures – and by original I mean the $24.99 – not the $29.99 and then $34.99 that it was when it hit the shelves.  Thankfully to the readers of this blog I was able to snag one of these figures off the TRU site for $24.99.  Thank you to the readers!


Close Up

THE NEGATIVE: Yes, this is the same body used for the BAF Red Hulk.  The body itself is fine – although it has two fists and I prefer one – only because it makes posing figures easier.  The paint application is a bit off… mostly because of the shading.  I liked the clean look of the Red Hulk figure – but with the Green Hulk figure here they felt the need to spray black into the folds between his muscles, on his fingers and hands, on his neck and the top of his feet.  I am really unsure why they – as it doesn’t look that good.

Red vs Hulk

Now, even though I love the size, as far as scale goes – and as far as I recall – since I don’t have the Saquatch figure I can’t compare – but Sasquatch is taller than the Hulk – and this figure is just as big – so the scale isn’t perfect – but what toy line is?  I don’t think we an hold that against them since we do have quite a few Hulk figures to choose from when displaying with other figures.

The Stare Down!

Conclusion: The 2-pack is a winner – absolutely!  It’s a must pick up!  Of course, looking on ebay, it seems that these 2-packs are selling for double the retail.  Makes me wish I still held on to my double.  And by double I mean double still in package – since I have one still in the package and then I have a loose pair.  Anyways, I hope you picked it up – how many of you out there were able to order it off of TRU before the price increase?  Grade: A

Hulk Plastic Figure (1991)

1991 Applause Hulk Figure

1991 Applause Hulk Figure

The bottom of this figure says “Applause” and what looks like “1991”.  Not sure where this figure came from – or if it’s from anything but it’s about 2 inches high and I’ve only seen it just once.  I thought I had all of the tiny Hulks out there but this one escaped me for too long!  I found this at Bedrock Comics in Framingham at the time when I scooped up quite a few Hulk comics.  I really love that shop – each time I go there it seems like I find something new which is really hard to do!  Most shops I visit have nothing new to offer in the Hulk realm – but this one does!  Almost every time I visit!  It’s made of solid plastic and – I’m amazed at what kind of detail they can make in these little guys – the rip in his pants, the rope around the waist, this little guy is just plain awesome!  Maybe it’s because since the movie I haven’t really found any Hulk figures anymore – so I was probably more excited about getting this than I should be.

Back of Figure

Back of Figure

With how popular the MCP review was that I did yesterday – next week will be a full week dedicated to all of the Hulk’s appearances in the series!  See you Monday!

Hulk Figurine (2005)

hulk figure

This little Hulk, and a few others out there that are like it, is a nice representation of the early savage Hulk.  There are some stats on the back including the real name as Robert Bruce Banner, 6 Foot 6 Inches and 1,040 lbs.  It also says his power is Super Human Strength.  Not exactly wowing facts – but I do like the figure.  There are a few others that are in some other poses – I think these were given with a book sold at Borders – but I am unsure.  

Hulk Figure