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Gladiator Hulk Hands (2017)

IMG_0716 (2)

I have to be honest, as much as I wanted to look forward to a new set of Hulk hands all I could think about is how they would screw them up this time.  2003 gave us the first (historic) set of Hulk hands.  For a very reasonable $20 you could get a huge set of green, roaring Hulk hands that were also soft enough you could slam them into your best friends face and they wouldn’t even lose a tooth.

IMG_0718 (2)

Over the years the Hulk hands have gotten smaller, lost the sound aspect and even changed to cloth for a small while.  Of course, they’ve also gotten more expensive.  What can be said about the newest Hulk fists?  Well, the good news is that they are fists!  The last version was open handed Hulk hands – which was a refreshing change – but I am glad the fists are back.

IMG_0717 (2)

The sound effects are back as well.  You can create the sounds by motion or by pressing a button to create the Hulk growling sounds.  Honestly, these are a step up from the Hulk hands – but only slightly.  The gladiator motif makes them different enough that they are not a simple retread (like the Avengers 1 & 2 hands were) but the $30 price tag should certainly makes you pause before purchase.  Overall, I have a complete set of Hulk (and Hulk villain) hands so I’m glad to get these but I can’t go as far as to say I recommend buying a pair.

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Hulkbuster Iron Man Hands (2015)

lex play 034

To this day, the most brilliant idea any toy creator ever had was in 2003 when someone said “Why don’t we make humongous hands, paint them green and make them growl?”  That man should have been made a medal!  Well, almost like a welcoming tradition, with every Marvel movie that featured the Hulk there were accompanying Hulk fists of some kind.  The first, of course, are and will always be the best – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves!  This post is about the latest offering of “Hulk” style hands.  The Wal-Mart exclusive “Hulkbuster” Iron Man Hands!

lex play 035

If you use these pair of hands with the original it is so much more fun for the Hulk fans – but these are more on par with the 2012 Avengers Hulk Hands.  You could also use the Gamma Grip Fists – but let’s stop messing around – use the originals!  They are somewhat disappointing in size – but that’s to be expected at this point as each new version continued to shrink and came with less features.  The first loss was the foam – and a soundless fist – as they made the second release out of cloth.  They went back to foam – but took away the sounds with the next set!  That was a huge bummer… but I got over it.  Then they just got rid of fists all together and gave us open Hulk Hands.  We have to get give them slight props for offering us something new… but the originals are still King!  Thank you to Gammapup for supplying me with an unopened pair of the originals!

Let’s try to list all the versions here:

2003 Hulk Hands (Original)
2008 Hulk Hands (Cloth)
2008 Abomination Fists (Cloth) (Wal-Mart Exclusive)
2012 Avengers Hulk Hands (Cloth)
2012 Avengers Hulk Hands (Foam)
2014 Red Hulk Fists (Foam)
2015 Avengers: AOU Hulk Hands (Foam)

And a gratuitous shot of them all in all their glory:

lex play 033

Avengers: AOU – Gamma Grip Fists (2015)

Antone 1 old 034

Since the original 2003 release of the Hulk Hands there has been a steep decline in quality.  The originals were so brilliantly conceived and sold so well that they keep trying to capture that lightning in a bottle craze while at the same time cutting costs and charging us more.  At least this time around they’ve decided to give us a little something different.  No more are they clenched fists of rage – they are slightly closed hands… of rage!

Antone 1 old 035

They are called Gamma Grip Fists and while it is nice to see something new I was hoping to see a return to the original size – huge massive hands that even adults can enjoy!  Oh well, Hasbro strikes again with their cost cutting measures and has released a product that will be not as great and not as gang busters as the originals were.

Antone 1 old 036

Red Hulk Fists (2014)

memories1 008

Another Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. piece – this time they have just recycled the pitiful version of Hulk fists released with the Avengers movie and colored them red.  I have made it abundantly clear how disappointed I was with all of the cost cutting corners that they have made with the new Hulk fists released.  It’s too bad too because the original Hulk fists from 2003 are one of the best pieces of Hulk merchandise you could ever ask for!

I figured that since I have the Abomination fists (in the first disastrous revamp of the Hulk fists when they made them from cloth) I mine as well pick up the Red Hulk fists too.  They were $20 at Toys R Us  – another questionable aspect of these little clenched hands – the green Hulk versions are $27.  Anyways, I will someday look to be battling my family in an arena, Thunderdome style, tournament with everyone wearing Hulk fists – and I will be donning the 2003 classic versions and be handing out the rouge’s gallery fists to others so that I may destroy them… as it should be!

Superhero Squad Hulk Hands (2012)

SHS Hulk Hands

I am a big fan of the Superhero Squad show – the run they had was funny, exciting and suitable for children.  One of my favorite parts was how they incorporated all of the villains of each hero.  Abomination was classic!  They made a few costume pieces and one of them was Hulk hands!  The only issue I have is that, because the hands are based on the cartoons, there are only three fingers.

Throw your hands around the world

Three fingers (and one thumb) makes the hands look pretty alien rather than cartoony.  Also, the inside of the hands have no details – just fabric.  Other than that… these are pretty sweet!  The best thing about these though are the exaggerated fingernails and the big sausage fingers!

Hulk Manicure

Gamma Green Smash Fists (2012)

The New Hulk Hands... sadly...

Yes, so far most of the Avengers Hulk items have been pretty disappointing – BUT – I figured that there was no way to screw up Hulk fists!  I mean, even the fists that came out in 2008 – although inferior to the 2003 fists – were still pretty good.  With 2012 you’d think that we’d get something amazing… instead we get no wrists, smaller hands and – adding insult to injury – they make no noise.

The look good... but are way too small... and way too quiet

You read that right – they make NO HULK NOISES!  Why?!?!?  What the hell is up with that?  That’s the best part of the original two Hulk fists releases!  You hit someone and they growled!  They smashed!  These do nothing of the sort.  Is Hasbro even trying here?  Comeon!  Well, at least we have the Lego set to look forward to!

Hulk Fist! And it's little brother?


This week will feature great covers with the Hulk battling HUGE EVIL HANDS!  Starting with Hulk #192!