Hulkbuster Iron Man Hands (2015)

To this day, the most brilliant idea any toy creator ever had was in 2003 when someone said “Why don’t we make humongous hands, paint them green and make them growl?”  That man should have been made a medal!  Well, almost like a welcoming tradition, with every Marvel movie that featured the Hulk there wereContinue reading “Hulkbuster Iron Man Hands (2015)”

Avengers: AOU – Gamma Grip Fists (2015)

Since the original 2003 release of the Hulk Hands there has been a steep decline in quality.  The originals were so brilliantly conceived and sold so well that they keep trying to capture that lightning in a bottle craze while at the same time cutting costs and charging us more.  At least this time aroundContinue reading “Avengers: AOU – Gamma Grip Fists (2015)”

Red Hulk Fists (2014)

Another Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. piece – this time they have just recycled the pitiful version of Hulk fists released with the Avengers movie and colored them red.  I have made it abundantly clear how disappointed I was with all of the cost cutting corners that they have made with the new HulkContinue reading “Red Hulk Fists (2014)”

Superhero Squad Hulk Hands (2012)

I am a big fan of the Superhero Squad show – the run they had was funny, exciting and suitable for children.  One of my favorite parts was how they incorporated all of the villains of each hero.  Abomination was classic!  They made a few costume pieces and one of them was Hulk hands!  TheContinue reading “Superhero Squad Hulk Hands (2012)”