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Hulk Hair Hat (2012)

Hulk Hair Hat

While I agree with some, the ones who have said that the SHS Hulk hands were…  sort of blah… I think THIS item, the Hulk Hair Hat, is just plain awesome!  I have been wearing this consistently for the past month and a half since I bought it!  It makes me feel young again – like back when I had hair – and it keeps me head toasty warm.  These recent items that have come out remind me of the more classic hey day of toys.  Looks like they are trying to think a little more out of the box – which is nice – rather than seeing cookie cutter type merchandise.  Kudos!

Look at that little face!

Hulk Baseball Hat (2010)

Hulk Hat

Checked into Lids this past Christmas and snagged his puppy for a cool $5!  That’s right, a measley honest Abe!  I like the hat – the front depicting a huge Hulk face – and the back with the Hulk logo.  As much as I like the front of it – it’s a bit much – so I choose to wear it backward.  The issue with Hulk apparell is that the Hulk doesn’t have a great logo like Spiderman, Batman, even Iron Man’s new hand logo.  They are all cool – but Marvel never came up with a great Hulk logo. 

Ain't I pretty!