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8-Bit Hulk Key Chain (2018)

hulkish 010 (2)

This key chain apparently comes with a card – a card that has the same little Hulk on it – but I was unable to see the Hulk card.  The card was made out to the little kid who gave this to me but he wanted me to have this.  It was such a sweet gesture!  I love the retro look of the Hulk and recommend everyone out there try to find this birthday card so they can acquire this too!

hulkish 012 (2)

New Hulk Key Chains (2018)

IMG_1279 (2)

While I know most people aren’t exactly clamoring for any new Hulk key chains I was happy to see brand new versions out!  Both, of course, were in blind bags.  While I was not that happy to see that I could not see the items I was buying I still luckily snagged a Hulk in both sets.

IMG_1281 (2)

The Avengers Hulk is a simple Hulk with the fancy Avengers pants.  And let’s not ignore that humongous noggin he’s sporting on those shoulders!  It’s good to have this figure to go along with the Thor: Ragnarok key chains.

IMG_1282 (2)

The other key chain comes from the newest Avengers: Infinity War movie.  These little sculpts hardly ever sport any real detail – while this Hulk has the broad shoulders and the pecs on full display!  The little Pacmans for eyes and almost subtle frown showcase a very aggravated little Hulk.

IMG_1283 (2)

This should be pretty easy to find – so good luck.  These two Hulks really are a fun pair and worth the pick ups.

Hulk Key Chains (2017)

IMG_0885 (2)

I should have started a category a long time ago just for the Hulk key chains – because, wow, are there a lot of them!  Hulk Key Chains come out more often than actual action figures!  This set includes two of the more recent offerings – one from Funko and the other is called the Hulk Icon Ball Key Chain.

IMG_0886 (2)

The Ball Icon can be purchased without a game of chance while the Funko figure has the added bonus of being enclosed inside of a blind package that’s impossible to tell what’s inside.  Trust me – I was trying for figure it our for easily an hour.  Man, I hat blind bags!  So I tried my luck and purchased two – one thankfully was the Hulk and the other was a Dr. Strange.  I’ll take that as a win.

IMG_0887 (2)

Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Key Chains (2017)

IMG_0947 (2)

I was pretty happy to happen upon two of these three figures in my local TRU.  The two helmet-less Hulks are available retail but the helmeted Hulk?  That little guy comes courtesy of the Marvel Collector Corps.  If you have yet to order this bad boy then you are missing out!  Go and order it now!  This is the littlest and not even close to the most awesome piece the MCC box has to offer!

IMG_0949 (2)

IMG_0948 (2)

These tiny Hulks are as detailed as the regular (and even oversized) Pops but come in a tiny little package.  You’ll notice the hilarious little mistake that happened while packaging.  The Hulk in “leisure” wear comes in the Loki package.  Not sure how these little snafus happen but they are unique enough to be interesting.  Very rarely do these kind of mistakes make the piece more valuable – but they are still kind of cool.

IMG_0951 (2)

IMG_0952 (2)

Go out and find these figures now as a lot of the Thor: Ragnarok merch seems to be disappearing out of the stores.  Having the Gladiator Hulk being such an integral part of Thor: Ragnarok’s success was a thrill – even if I wasn’t all that excited about how the Hulk was portrayed – because seeing the Hulk all over the place and offering up some of the more exciting toys is always the best!

IMG_0953 (2)

Hulk Key Chains… Key Chains EVERYWHERE!

princess party 050

If there is one things I know about it is certainly dressing your car keys to look cool.  I mean, it’s super important to have something dangling from your ignition while you drive… and also just as important to have some hard plastic or metal object jabbing into your thigh after you shove your keys in your pocket.  Since the Hulk doesn’t really have a logo – unless you count the very bland “radioactive” symbol – it’s pretty difficult to find a good Hulk key chain.

princess party 049

Some of the older ones shown like the metal Hulk face at the top is a decent start – based on the Herb Trimpe cover art to issue #116 – but a better, more fun addition is the silver Hulk fist – which is pretty solid and heavy.  I have seen that there is a colored version – but I like the silver colored key chain better.

 my boy 012  my boy 011

Of course, if you want to start having more fun then you can begin and end at the Lego store.  They released the exclusive Hulk figure as a key chain.  How can you go wrong with a Lego Hulk key chain?  I will confess – I’ve started a little collection of these guys – currently on my car keys is a Lego Batman, Lego Donatello, Lego Loki and Lego Hulk.  When caught in traffic I make them all battle.

princess party 047 princess party 045

I also have the TokiDoki Hulk key chain – I actually liked these so much I have 2 Hulks, Punisher, Surfer, Thing and Thor.  My LCS is pretty decent when it comes to these blind boxes – they actually open most of them up and display the hidden figures inside.  I have made it clear on this blog that I am not a fan of the blind boxes…

princess party 043  princess party 044

Speaking of which – I also have the Munny Hulk… I think that stands for mini-dunny – which isn’t actually a key chain – but a zipper pull instead.  Not interested in putting this on my hoodie – but I do like the look of this tiny addition to the Hulk room.

princess party 045 - Copy

Hulk Fist Key Chain (2012)

Hulk Fist Key Chain

This thing is HEAVY!  I rather have the Hulk’s face – but when I saw this thing I was psyched – the closed fist really does encapsulate the Hulk’s attitude and personality perfectly!  I should mention that having heavy key chains on your car keys is not good for the ignition – so choose something other than that.  Hey, what can I say?  I like to spread the knowledge – it can’t always be about the Hulk!  There is an outside world out there!

That being said – Hulk #1 comes out Wednesday!

Hulk Key Chain (2011)

Hulk Key Chain

This is the kind of key chain I’ve been searching out – a nice big Hulk color Hulk face!  They have been using this image a lot.  Not that I am complaining – it’s a classic image!  Unfortunately I have only found one – and in order to have one on my key chain I need to find another!  That’s totally normal, right?  You buy two of most everything?  One to store in the Hulk room and one to use – I refuse to believe that is not how everyone does it!