New Hulk Key Chains (2018)

While I know most people aren’t exactly clamoring for any new Hulk key chains I was happy to see brand new versions out!  Both, of course, were in blind bags.  While I was not that happy to see that I could not see the items I was buying I still luckily snagged a Hulk inContinue reading “New Hulk Key Chains (2018)”

Hulk Key Chains (2017)

I should have started a category a long time ago just for the Hulk key chains – because, wow, are there a lot of them!  Hulk Key Chains come out more often than actual action figures!  This set includes two of the more recent offerings – one from Funko and the other is called theContinue reading “Hulk Key Chains (2017)”

Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Key Chains (2017)

I was pretty happy to happen upon two of these three figures in my local TRU.  The two helmet-less Hulks are available retail but the helmeted Hulk?  That little guy comes courtesy of the Marvel Collector Corps.  If you have yet to order this bad boy then you are missing out!  Go and order itContinue reading “Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Key Chains (2017)”

Hulk Key Chains… Key Chains EVERYWHERE!

If there is one things I know about it is certainly dressing your car keys to look cool.  I mean, it’s super important to have something dangling from your ignition while you drive… and also just as important to have some hard plastic or metal object jabbing into your thigh after you shove your keysContinue reading “Hulk Key Chains… Key Chains EVERYWHERE!”

Hulk Fist Key Chain (2012)

This thing is HEAVY!  I rather have the Hulk’s face – but when I saw this thing I was psyched – the closed fist really does encapsulate the Hulk’s attitude and personality perfectly!  I should mention that having heavy key chains on your car keys is not good for the ignition – so choose somethingContinue reading “Hulk Fist Key Chain (2012)”

Marvel Universe Hulk Key Chain (2010)

I know some of you won’t consider this “rare” but I had a heck of a time finding it!  In fact, to date I have only ever seen one – and that’s the one I am showing off here.  I consider myself very lucky to get it – I picked it up at a Newbury ComicsContinue reading “Marvel Universe Hulk Key Chain (2010)”

Metal Puzzle Keychain (2007)

My Mother-in-law picked this up for me for Christmas.  What a sweet woman she is.  She told me she wasn’t sure if I had it or not (I did not) and she almost didn’t pick it up for me.  Then she thought that if I did have it I could always use a second oneContinue reading “Metal Puzzle Keychain (2007)”